Sunday, April 7, 2024

Rodney's Cardboard:2023 Certified Base Autograph /199

I have been trying to find a place to post my Rodney's Cardboard segment.

Big Blue Cardboard, even though is my NY Giants blog, doesn't get the views or the comments to spend the time posting these. Cards Over Coffee is pretty much the same. I had considered doing just a Rodney Hampton blog and posting all of them all over again there but another blog is so much effort and I don't have that effort in me anymore.

However, the one place where Rodney has succeeded the most is here.

So, even though this blog was technically retired, I am bringing back the Rodney's Cardboard segment until I am out of new Rodney's to post.

Which this year may be a little while since there have been a ton of new Rodney releases.

Today continues where I left off on Big Blue Cardboard with displaying my 2023 Certified chase.

Today's card is the base version. This was actually one of the last ones I added as I added the tougher ones first. Much different approach for me this time as I normally start biggest to littlest but found this new approach to be better.

Card back looks the same as the rest in the series. Such a boring backing.

Here is an overall look at the chase in 2023 Certified for Rodney,
Base /199, Bronze /99, Pink /75, Orange /50, Red /35, Blue /30, Teal /25, Gold /15, Purple /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1.

The 1/1 just popped up recently and I have an eye on it. Hopefully I can land it with some assistance from friends.

Here are the cards I have posted so far from this run,



More from this run and others to come. Hope to see you back next Sunday for the next one!

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