Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Too Many...Nah Give Me More

Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders blog fame,tweeted out a picture on Twitter that some packages were hitting the mail box and that I was one of the fortunate recipients. He also hinted on a post from a mail day I had sent him that this Giant mail day would have a Michigan connection.

Once I got the mail day and ripped in, I figured out quickly what he meant by that.

We will discuss that in a second. First, let's talk about the other part of the mail day.

This Thunder Clap card looks amazing. I really wished my camera could have captured it better but I am thinking this one will have to be added to my set needs.

And Thunder Clap wasn't alone,

I need these Wave Of The Future cards as well. The liquid inside is pretty cool and absolutely surprising that these have stood the test of time.

Dennis sent a small stack of Yankees but it was this Mo that stood out

It's soooo shiny.

Then came the huge stack, I mean  YUUUUUUGE,  stack of Giants cards. All of players that played All makes sense.
I pulled out Tyrone Wheatley to showcase from the stack but there were many other players as well. There was also a huge stack of one guy but I will save that for CARDS OVER COFFEE. So if you still aren't following that blog, you are missing out and will miss out on that stack. 

These Topps Chrome dual serve both for Giants PC and for sets I am chasing.

Same goes for this card

but not this one, well for set purposes. This one is just here for appeasing for your and my eyes. Upper Deck did sets right.

And to finish up this post some more set help from Dennis
Two cards for my 1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions set. Who doesn't appreciate a little more dufex in their lives?

Big thanks to Dennis for the trade and can't wait to pile it on for the year end mail out Christmas spectacular mail day I will send out in November.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Well Dressed With A Cup Of Coffee

*just found out today is a National Day of celebration for the one and only, coffee. Takes a sip*

My wife just informed me today is a very important day.

So grab a friend and celebrate #NationalCoffee Day. Is there really any better day? Not that I need a reason to celebrate more coffee in a day but here we are.

I took advantage of the free coffee with purchase at Dunkin' today and enjoyed a nice hot brew of the coffee form,

I know it's not straight up decaf (if you missed why I have to drink decaf in a previous post it's because I get tachycardia now with caffeine) plain coffee, but I was feeling a bit excited so I went a little off course.

*takes another sip. Mmmm the mocha is where it's at today folks!*

Another exciting thing about today is my sharing of the latest mail day I had from Too Many Verlanders blog that may have led me to another chase. It seems his mail days have done that to me TOO many times.

Right here is a huge stack of.....Amani Toomer cards. 
Amani Toomer or as Chris Berman nicknamed him "well dressed" was a 2nd round draft pick Wide Receiver of the NY Giants in the 1996 NFL Draft. He had 668 Receptions, 9,497 yards and 54 touchdowns in his career all with NY. He retired in 2008 after winning Super Bowl 42 with the Giants and is apart of the Giants Ring Of Honor in 2010, He also holds double digit team receiving records that I doubt will ever be broken. Unless Darius Slayton really turns it on.

I have always been fond of Amani and have always felt he was underrated despite the numbers and the big catches in important moments like in the 2008 playoff game vs Dallas where he took a short pass 52 yards for a touchdown. However, my fondness of Amani has never quite translated over to cardboard
Well, that's until this mail day came.

Thanks to Dennis and this big stack of cards, I will officially put it out there that I am seeking Amani Toomer cards and will add him to my list of players I collect. Bring them on!

*takes another sip...or two...before showing off some goods*

I won't dive into the entire stack that Dennis sent of Amani, but will show off the ones that caught my attention immediately,

Don't tell me those didn't catch your attention as well.

I will have to update my Amani Toomer collection numbers at some point and see where I am at. Will also need to download a player checklist to avoid duplicates which there were some in this stack.

*takes another sip and actually chugs the rest before it gets cold and so this post can be concluded*

Thanks to Dennis for the mail day and for sending me yet on another quest. It's not like I needed another PC to chase but same goes for my coffee as well. It's not like I need another cup, but I always go for more. A day like today though with the celebration of coffee, I gotta grab another cup or two.

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay

Set Help:1995 Summit Backfield Stars

1995 Summitt Backfield Stars HAVES

Monday, September 28, 2020

Freshly Perked:Oooops, I Forgot

Its been close to a month now since I received today's dual mail day threat and I am ashamed that I hadn't shared this or thanked those who sent them yet.

The first mail day came from the great Cards On Cards who had mailed out my freebie claims on one of his Friday giveaways. I have no idea who any of these guys are but saw the shine so grabbed them.

(actually this one wasn't just for the shine, it was for the Nationals part that I have a trading buddy who would enjoy it)

Thanks again Cards On Cards!
My next mail day came from @Jake1725 who is unloading his Aaron Judge PC as he is no longer collecting him. Since Jude is one of the only three Yankees I collect, I looked through to see what he had and three caught my eye.

Blue parallel. It's so shiny.

What I haven't mentioned yet, I gave up collecting Aaron Judge last year at some point and traded away all of my Judge cards to him. Some of the ones he is moving on from are ones that were once in my collection. I wished I could had grabbed back the Topps Chrome purple and pink refractor rookie cards I had but those went elsewhere. However, I was able to snag back two I hated to lose in the first place.

Players Weekend Manu Relic

Stadium Club Instavision that was a case hit pull I pulled myself. These are more impressive in person compared to the picture I took for this post.

I went from not getting any cards in the mail to getting an onslaught at times where it's been really hard to keep up and being able to post other segments that are not mail day related. So if you haven't seen your mail day from me being posted yet, just remember it's somewhere in que and I will get to it.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

FALLing For Ginter

 *takes a look out the kitchen window where this latest post is being composed and can see all of the beautiful colors of fall. Figures has to share those with his cup of coffee this morning. Time for a new Cards Over Coffee*

It was only a short time ago, a week or so before fall actually began on September 22nd, that I took these photos of the trees trying to kick into foliage gear.

There was some color showing at the top
and a few straggler leaves on the ground. 
Then it seemed that week passed by and out of nowhere....
My pumpkins were ready to be picked

And the colors of fall were in full bloom,
(current view out my kitchen window)

Some years foliage in my area can be dull but other years, like this one so far, it can really pop. Lots of oranges, reds, and yellows make this one of the most colorful years we have had in some time.

2020 had to get something right, didn't it?

Actually it got two things right.

The latest release of 2020 Allen and Ginter, my favorite Topps product, came out and I was biting my nails in anticipation that my Walmart would get some in and have some left for my father to grab for me. In which it did.

I was able to get a blaster and a three pack cello as well. It appeared that the one product that flippers weren't buying was the one product I wanted the most.

Today, I will show off my blaster box results. I will tackle the three pack cello another day.

Only one thing to do now...

*takes a sip, begins to rip*
Each blaster box of 2020 Allen and Ginter has 8 packs of 6 cards. There are no guarantees in a blaster other than a good time. Each one sets ya back $20.

The favorite part of Allen and Ginter to me is the least favorite part to everyone else, the non sport oddities. It's the only reason why I like it.

This years 350 card base set, 300 base and 50 Sp's, comes with quite a few names I am chasing base, mini's, relics and autographs of. The names include, Chip Gaines, Ken Jeong,Spike Lee, Ludacris, Paul Rudd and RL Stine. Cool Stuff or as in the 90's I would call it, Cool Beans.
Tino was the first card I pulled from the blaster so it has to be shown off. Still need a Tino autograph in my life. In a Yankees uniform of course.

My two rookie card pulls from the blaster. Not too bad.

I don't know who this is....

This one gave me Goosebumps.....One down from my wants

Sp's in this product are pretty easy to pull falling 1:2 packs, these were my finds,
If anyone needs them for their set chase, just let me know.

*takes a sip, feeling good about this rip so far after finding Stine. Continues on*

One of the only negatives about Ginter for me, the mini's. Minis cover base and some inserts in this product. They fall one-in-every-pack and are a pain in the butt to store. I have been sorting mine by sport/non sport and sticking them into 800 ct boxes.
A couple of decent names here

and not too shabby of a pull here, 1:131 odds of finding a black border Sp mini. I gotta find a Tigers fan that will enjoy this more than myself.

Then a few other minis which are inserts. I do enjoy the mini non sport inserts more than the base ones.
Citadels and Safeholds

Behemoths Beneath

And my new favorite one that glows in the dark....
Where Monsters Live. So need this set now.

*takes another sip*

The rest of my inserts were full sized ones.
Longball Lore has 50 cards to chase
A Debut To Remember has 30 cards to collect. Not too shabby of  a player I landed.

Digging Deep has 20 cards to chase
Down On The Farm is pretty cool being someone who grew up on a farm. Which probably explains my animal nature. There are 15 cards to chase in this set.
Field Generals has 20 cards to collect
Reach For The Woody from Toy Story says or as an insert for Allen and Ginter, whatever comes to mind first. There are 15 cards to collect.
*takes a sip before clo....oh hold on...what's this...a last pack hit..*
Yup, last pack relic hit. Not someone I particular know an wanted. I kind of wished it had been a non sport ones I wanted, but hey, beggars can't be choosers. These fall 1:82 packs.

*now takes the finale sip*

This was a solid blaster break for me. Pulled a tough parallel short print, a hit and landed one of the non sport characters I am chasing. Stine is actually the first autograph I really want from this product. I will have a list of all my wants from this product soon on the side of this blog and cross them off as I go.

Hope that all of you have a great Sunday and are having a hot cup of joe while you are reading this.

*grabs a second cup of coffee, begins researching Allen Ginter names I need to make a list of for this blog*