Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Too Many...Nah Give Me More

Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders blog fame,tweeted out a picture on Twitter that some packages were hitting the mail box and that I was one of the fortunate recipients. He also hinted on a post from a mail day I had sent him that this Giant mail day would have a Michigan connection.

Once I got the mail day and ripped in, I figured out quickly what he meant by that.

We will discuss that in a second. First, let's talk about the other part of the mail day.

This Thunder Clap card looks amazing. I really wished my camera could have captured it better but I am thinking this one will have to be added to my set needs.

And Thunder Clap wasn't alone,

I need these Wave Of The Future cards as well. The liquid inside is pretty cool and absolutely surprising that these have stood the test of time.

Dennis sent a small stack of Yankees but it was this Mo that stood out

It's soooo shiny.

Then came the huge stack, I mean  YUUUUUUGE,  stack of Giants cards. All of players that played All makes sense.
I pulled out Tyrone Wheatley to showcase from the stack but there were many other players as well. There was also a huge stack of one guy but I will save that for CARDS OVER COFFEE. So if you still aren't following that blog, you are missing out and will miss out on that stack. 

These Topps Chrome dual serve both for Giants PC and for sets I am chasing.

Same goes for this card

but not this one, well for set purposes. This one is just here for appeasing for your and my eyes. Upper Deck did sets right.

And to finish up this post some more set help from Dennis
Two cards for my 1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions set. Who doesn't appreciate a little more dufex in their lives?

Big thanks to Dennis for the trade and can't wait to pile it on for the year end mail out Christmas spectacular mail day I will send out in November.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Freshly Perked:Oooops, I Forgot

Its been close to a month now since I received today's dual mail day threat and I am ashamed that I hadn't shared this or thanked those who sent them yet.

The first mail day came from the great Cards On Cards who had mailed out my freebie claims on one of his Friday giveaways. I have no idea who any of these guys are but saw the shine so grabbed them.

(actually this one wasn't just for the shine, it was for the Nationals part that I have a trading buddy who would enjoy it)

Thanks again Cards On Cards!
My next mail day came from @Jake1725 who is unloading his Aaron Judge PC as he is no longer collecting him. Since Jude is one of the only three Yankees I collect, I looked through to see what he had and three caught my eye.

Blue parallel. It's so shiny.

What I haven't mentioned yet, I gave up collecting Aaron Judge last year at some point and traded away all of my Judge cards to him. Some of the ones he is moving on from are ones that were once in my collection. I wished I could had grabbed back the Topps Chrome purple and pink refractor rookie cards I had but those went elsewhere. However, I was able to snag back two I hated to lose in the first place.

Players Weekend Manu Relic

Stadium Club Instavision that was a case hit pull I pulled myself. These are more impressive in person compared to the picture I took for this post.

I went from not getting any cards in the mail to getting an onslaught at times where it's been really hard to keep up and being able to post other segments that are not mail day related. So if you haven't seen your mail day from me being posted yet, just remember it's somewhere in que and I will get to it.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:1993 Action Packed 1000 Rushers Uncut Sheet

It's not often you will find someone posting about their Super Collection that involves an uncut sheet in back to back weeks. But, I lucked into finding them.

When you have such a vast collection already of a player, it begins to get tough to find new cards for your collection. At one point, I had every card that was listed on eBay and there was no new ones to find. Since then, a very-very small few have popped up that I needed.

That's why it is very important to find oddball items to fill in the time. I could really use his Starting Lineups (unopened of course he has three) and autograph memorabilia such as photos, jerseys, footballs, etc. That will come in more desperate times I suppose.

Today's uncut sheet features a group of Super Star running backs from the 90's along with my homeboy Rodney.


We have names like Emmitt, Barry, Waters, Warren, and Thomas to go along with some lesser known names. 

For the most part this sheet is in pretty good condition other than a small crease near Barry Sanders but it's hardly noticeable.  I will take it regardless.

Next week I will show off a new card from a new product that caught me by surprise.

Until then, have a great rest of your Sunday and Go Giants! Beat the 49ers!

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Malone and Mantle

A new thread popped up on Twitter recently that was a lot of fun. It's sort of trading, but not.

It's simply offer up a card you don't need for your collection via PWE, if someone claims it, you mail it to them and they must offer up a freebie themselves for others to claim including yourself. Same goes if you find a card you want, you can claim it but must also throw up a freebie yourself.

The first week I joined in I claimed two and gave away six. That's just because I hate shipping one card PWE. The other card hasn't arrived yet that I claimed but this one did just two days later.

Karl Malone was a must need once I saw it and was my first claim from the thread. Mainly because I showed up late and a lot of other stuff had already been claimed. But, you combine 90's insert and the mail man, it was an obvious connection.

Thanks to @ThomasLeeGreen for the mail day.

My next mail day came from The Diamond King who sent me a big surprise with some Shiny Mantles after seeing my post about the Chrome Mantle reprints I recently added.

Except mine weren't cool refractors like these.

2007 Topps Chrome /500

2008 Topps Chrome

2007 Topps Chrome /500
These are the coolest Mantles I own yet! I will have to update my PC numbers for him at some point but most, if not all of my Mantle collection is all new stuff. Only one vintage card I own of him.

Thanks to The Diamond King for the nice surprise!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Snagging Cardboard:2019 Unparalleled Hyper Eli Manning

 Eli Manning
 Parallel Card 
Card # In The Set 120 
Card #d 12/25 (sorry Gavin this one isn't for trade)
Total Card Count Of This Player Now:614
Card Acquired Via:Trade with 90's Niche Football Card Blog
(bloggers note: Snagging Cardboard makes it's first appearance on here and will be a regular pop in as I have narrowed all of my blogging down to this blog now)

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Better Experience

*coffee grounds in my coffee this morning, 2020 summed up in one cup. Guess I will have to brew another. In the meantime, let's talk about a real nice surprise Clark. Sorry inner Christmas Vacation coming out. I will cut it out with the early morning cheesy jokes and get onto a seriously good mail day*

The jury is still out on Trading Card Database for me, but, I recently had a very positive moment from the site that may give me some light about giving the website a second chance.

On my Set Help post for 1995 Fleer Prospects, I had a comment from Trading Card Database member jimetal7212 who said he had a couple of the cards for my set chase and just to contact him with my address. I was both caught by surprise, excitement and questioning it since I didn't remember ever having any interactions with him.
 (Steve Walsh understood my feelings)
But, I gave him my info and he sent the two cards and more along when the mail day arrived.

(if these don't scream 90's not sure what does)
Jack Jackson and Rob Johnson fill in two of my set needs for the 1995 Fleer NFL Prospects and I am slowly creeping towards this 20 card set as I am only 4 away!

Not only did he send those two, but also sent a bunch more set help,

1995 Ultra Achievement


 1995 Pinnacle
 1995 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion

 1995 Score Red Siege (I believe I am halfway there to this one)
1994 Fleer Pro Visions
I was blown away! Never had any interaction with this person but they took note of my bad experience to make it better. Imagine if rest of the world did this in the hobby or in real life. What a world we could live in.
*drinking a fresh hot cup of coffee makes this post even better* 
That's the kind of experience I kept hearing others talk/blog about when it comes to using TCDB. It surely wasn't like my first time there. I guess it is like real life. You just have to meet the right people. Or even maybe like a cup of coffee. Sometimes there is some coffee with creamer and other cups with straight up cup grounds in it like my first experience.

With this moment that had me feeling like this I may go back again give the website another try to see if I can have other good experiences.
Maybe the more good people like jimetal7212 I meet, my circle can grow from there. Who knows. I think the biggest thing is they have got to accept and take a chance on me but also realize I won't be posting any trade bait or doing collections. Like the meme that I see go around on Facebook all of the time, "Ain't nobody got time for that", I simply don't have the time to add in thousands of cards. I am a "what do you collect and let me see what I have type of trader" and do all of my cataloging on here which isn't up to date too often. I will need to add these new set adds to the blog soon.

Thank you again jimetal7212 for being a positive light in the darkness I felt on that website or in coffee terms, thanks for being the creamer and making my cup brighter.

*breakfast time with the next cup, coffee blogger out*

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 44

Let's talk about sets about them with me...lets talk about all of my needs...lets talk about sets....

Sets talk has arrived and has a new twist you can say. I will be using my sets talk platform for Set Help. Ever since I started posting my set needs instead of just letting them sit on the blog, I have had some minor help and at this point, any minor help is huge.

Today I grabbed three sets from 1996 that I need help with.

First up, die cut jersey from 1996 Pinnacle. I am a big die cut fan and think this card looks amazing,

1996 Pinnacle Jersey Die Cuts Haves
The second set is a follow up set to the 1995 Summit Ground Zero which is the 1996 edition. As most of my readers know, I am deep in chasing the 1995 edition which may be my all time favorite parallel-sorry refractors- and have really gotten it way under 100 left to go for that set. Only made sense that I chased the next best thing the following year that I have just gotten off the ground in chasing, 

1996 Summitt Ground Zero Haves

However if you have any of the 1995 ones, see if I need them please!!
The final set we are looking at today is 1996 Collectors Choice MVP silver. I am so close to having this one I can feel like an MVP soon.
1996 Collectors Choice Football MVP HAVES
1,2,3,4,5,6,7.8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, 17,18,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,31,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45

Have any of these set needs? Contact me in comments or via any of my social media sites on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Coffee Break:BCW Modular Sorting Tray

*its the afternoon while I am typing this, the wind is brisk but the temperatures are holding in the 50s and 60s despite it. It feels like an afternoon coffee type of day. Let's brew....oh and I have a product to review. Can't wait to show this off and give it a go over some coffee*

When BCW released its one of a kind card sorting tray a couple of years ago I was madly in love. So madly in love my wife questioned our relationship when she saw me dancing with the tray every time I added another one. I have four now by the way and may need some marriage counseling.

In the past month or so, BCW teased a revolutionary new sorting tray that is supposed to put the previous tray to shame. I am not sure how they expect to do that when I love the previous one so much, but they did.

Meet my newest model Giselle. Sorry Tom, I mean, BCW's newest model, the Modular Sorting Tray.

*takes a sip of coffee, takes a box of the trays out*

The box teases a six slot tray

while the back talks about how slick it is and all other details about it.

*takes another sip, opens up the box*

Inside of the box you pull out the six cells split up into two sets of three.

Before I show you how these fit together, or the best way I can doing it on a blog, I wanted to break down a cell by itself and show you what it looks like and its hidden feature.

Here we have a single cell from the modular tray. All by it's lonesome and sad because of it. I guess I better hurry up the speech here and put it back with its family.

The card cells are large enough to accommodate cards in sleeves, toploaders, or magnetic holders. That alone is impressive.

On each side on a single cell, you will find grooves. These grooves or dovetail joints will be how you put your sorting tray together.

When you look on the bottom of the cell you will see a hole and what appears to be a push in part. The hole is for pushing cards out of the cell if you need to. I want you to go ahead and push it in. Take note of the double notch at the top of the indent in.

Magic! Just snap that notch into the top of the tray and your deep sorting cell is now half way deep and at an angle if your sorting less cards. Unlike myself who will just keep the cells as they are as I am in the middle of one epic sorting adventure.

(the video I am posting at the end of this post will show you how to do this as well) 
*takes another sip, then another. Time to discuss more about the tray and how it all comes together* 
I put the cell I took off and added it back to its group of three leading us back to two groups of three.

Notice that each sides when flipped the right way have different sized dovetail joints which interlock into one another once you slide them together.

These dovetail joints slide together and move easier than mine do at age 37.

Here's a couple of much up closer pictures of the dovetail joints sliding in.
One important note of the Modular Sorting Tray that I need to let you know about is when the card cells are arranged into a tray, you need to make complete rows (or columns) and then slide those together. Do not make an L shape and then try to add a card cell into the center of the L, as you won’t get all of the dovetail joints connected. 
You can see that in this video here:

I will put a full instructional video at the end of this post so you can see it done first hand. But believe me, if I can handle doing this, you can too. This comes from someone whose wife won't even let him hold a hammer.

*takes another sip before showing off the next parts*

What I haven't mentioned yet, was the fact there was no way 6 cells was going to cut it for the size project I was doing.

So I tried six times that.
36 cells later slid together and you have what I consider to be the monster sorter model. It's my Giselle times six. 
These sorting trays are also very sturdy in comparison to the older model that was made of thin plastic. I took chances before carrying the old model up and down the stairs full of cards and hoping for the best which worked without incident. This model without a doubt I would feel safely to carry room to room without worrying about an impending disaster.

Another cool thing about this modular tray is you can shape it anyway you want or can fit in your card sorting area. There are many ways to build and use your tray including...

Stacking it to save space.
Let's say you build a monster version like I did and want to not use up all of your space, you can break it down to smaller sections and simply stack em as easy as Pringles.

As for me though, I plan on keeping it all together and put it to full use.

Like I have already done here.
This is only part of my project. The rest I had to use the old model for.

Just in case you haven't seen the old model they were using it looks like this,
It was very useful but didn't hold a lot of cards. Especially for bigger projects and a lot of the spaces were too thin.

The Modular Sorting Tray was a huge upgrade in comparison.

Kudos to you BCW on an excellent creation! I tip my coffee mug to you! I may need to add on to my tray still though looking at what I have to sort.

If this product is something that interests you, find it here BCW Modular Sorting Tray and remember the more you buy the better deal you will get.

And here is the Product Video that I hope will be a big help like it was for me in putting this together. And women say men can't do two things at once and listen to instructions...hold on, what was that honey I was typing? Guess I better go and hopefully she doesn't catch me giving Giselle a goodbye kiss.

*coffee cup empty, blogger out!*