Sunday, January 15, 2023

Rodney's Cardboard: Signed Cleat!!

When I told you earlier this week that Blog Reader Oren blew my socks off with his Christmas mailing, I should have said he blew my shoes off first.

As soon as I opened up his box, this incredible piece met me.

The autograph has faded some, but that's okay because it is strongly assumed and believed that this is a game used/worn cleat by Rodney.

Here are a few other looks at the cleat that may be evidence it was actually his.

I had messaged Rodney on Instagram with some pictures hoping he would confirm it, but he hasn't read it or confirmed so. When he does or if he does, I will be sure to let you guys know.

Either way, this is really cool. May be one of my favorite pieces in my Rodney Hampton collection.

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE THANKS TO OREN for this incredibly kind gift. I love it.

You know what I also love, Playoff football. Today the Giants take on the Minnesota Vikings. I am not sure if they can win or not, but I am just proud of this team and happy I get to actually watch a playoff game. It has been far too long.

Thoughts on my latest Rodney add is welcomed in comments!

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Christmas Cards Part 2:Dennis

It's time for the second Christmas mail day package I got. This time it's coming from Dennis from Too Many Verlanders blog fame.

Dennis always sends a nice variety with his Christmas packages. He succeeds as nailing every aspect of my PC every time.

Let's start with some 90's refractors. I don't give a hoot who the players are, these hit a sweet spot in my heart and in my collection. Nostalgia rules collecting.


I used my lightbox to really show you the impressive nature of these cards.

After the 90's, Dennis found some numbered G-Men for me. The best way to send Giants my way because I have so much base it's hard to find new ones.
Paul Perkins team color match

I can be honest and say I have never seen this die cut before. Cool card!

Odell I hope he comes back Beckham Jr parallel from Topps Fire

Back Flips from David Wilson are even cooler in refractor form.

Then came a couple of cards I claimed he had up for trade.
I must apologize but for some reason the front of the Andre Caldwell rookie didn't upload. However, at least the photo of it being a 1/1 did. Dennis found this in a very cheap bin that the seller must have missed. I am still considering chasing the rainbow.

Autographs with inscriptions sometimes catch my attention. This one did.

Unique relic cards are another side PC. This one is a piece of the Goal Post cover. As much as I despise the Patriots, I wanted this one.

Towards the end of my package opening, I found a stack of hits once again aimed towards my main collections.
Andre Williams on card auto I didn't have. That is impressive looking at my numbers.

Sterling Shepard relic

Rueben Randle autograph. Can't remember if I have this one as well.

Sweeeeeet Hakeem Nicks rookie dual patch.

Then you can't have a Christmas package without some Christmas cards,

2020 Donruss Rookie Sweaters. Even though I have the entire 2020 set, besides two of the dual relics, I welcome these cards. I just love Christmas and Christmas cards. I did just notice that the 2020 Donruss Rookie Sweater tab I have on here isn't updated to the one my phone has for some reason. I have updated that and added my 2021 needs to that list as well. There are many of those I need still.

Thanks again to Dennis for this awesome mail day. Really appreciate it and you my friend.

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments below!

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

I Live In A Metal Universe

I can make a Top 10 list of my favorite base card designs of the 90's, and I guarantee that 1996,1997, and 1998 Fleer Metal Universe all make the list.

That says a lot.

When @dan_haas found out my passion for this product, he said he had some to send me and did so.

When the mail day arrived I couldn't wait to open it up. How cool of a way to ship this to me? Original box (which I am keeping)

And the cards inside of the packs still. I am keeping an empty wrapper as well.

Here is a look at some of my favorite images from this group that Dan passed along to me.
Vlad always played like he was out of this world.

I wouldn't mind being left alone in the woods with Pedro if a bear attacks. He would just throw a fast ball and we would be good.

Tim Salmon under the ocean sea. Makes sense to me though I think adding an actual salmon to the background would have been even better.

If I can imagine the perfect card for a Seattle player, this is the one.

And I am showing Tino, just because. Tino was one of my favorite Yankees.

I need to update my set needs for metal now that these have arrived. So far, I am chasing sets for all years of baseball and football. Haven't decided if I can do the basketball ones with MJ and Kobe prices and hockey since that's my least favorite sport.

Thanks again to Dan for the mail day!! Really appreciate the set help.

Thoughts on your favorite card above or if you like Metal Universe in general in comments today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Christmas Cards Part 1:Oren

Yes, I do realize it's January 10th and I still mentioning the word Christmas in a post.

Get used to it.

This past Christmas I got exactly what I had hoped for, many mail days coming in all at once which led to me opening up some cards on Christmas.

And none of these mail days disappointed. NONE.

They all provided so much heat, I could barely keep my hands on them.

To kick off today's First Part, I am tackling a mail day from Cards Over Coffee blog Reader Oren.

I am going to say, his box, yes box, had a HUGE MASSIVE surprise inside of it that you will have to wait and see what that was Sunday. That should give you a hint alone.

But, that didn't mean the rest of the mail day wasn't tremendous as well.

Two brand new Kadarius Toney cards for my Giants collection. I don't seek his cards now that he isn't a Giant, but I more than welcome them as long as he is wearing blue. He seems to be the weapon in the Chiefs offense the Giants were hoping he would be.

Kenny Golladay. Did you hear his name on social media somewhere this weekend? You didn't? Well, it took two seasons, but he finally caught his first touchdown as a Giant and what an incredible catch it was. You should YouTube it if you missed it.

Oren knows my passion for 90's inserts, and sent a good chunk of the Power Players insert set. For me, the shinier the better for these inserts.

New Breed relic of Ryan Nassib

Elements rookie autograph of Darius Slayton who has played well this season. Maybe will earn himself another contract with the Giants.

Other than a pretty face, Morena Baccarin played on the hit show FireFly. I never have seen it but have many friends who said the show is amazing. Maybe should be one on my list to see down the road. Despite not watching it before, this makes a great card for my non sport PC.

Speaking of non-sport PC, how cool of an addition is this to my Christmas Vacation collection? I didn't have this variation of it. I have the other two.

Also in the non sport department were two packs of cards. For some reason the Bingo The Movie packs didn't upload but the X-Men ones did. I always watched the X-Men cartoon though it never really quite caught on for me. I haven't decided when I will open this up but will be sure to post when I do. Hope to find an insert!

And the final card from this Christmas mail day...
Wooooooooooo. This is a beautiful autograph card of Kadarius Toney. Look at that patch!

And once again, I want to remind you to come back on Sunday to see the final and last mega piece to this mail day.

Thanks again to Oren who has become more than just a reader of this blog. He has become a good friend.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Rodney's Cardboard: 1994 Pro Line Live Printing Plate

It's Sunday and the final week of the NFL regular season. A day I used to dread the past six years knowing the Giants season was coming to an end. But, not this year.

The Giants are on the road in Philadelphia in a pointless game for them and I am hoping they give their starters some rest. Though I would love to beat Philly and make them lose the number 1 seed, but we have a playoff game we need to be healthy for.


Let's move on from that topic as that could turn into a blog post alone and tackle today's latest Rodney Hampton add which came thanks to a gift from my buddy Wes formerly of JBF blog fame.

He not only sent today's Rodney, but seven others that took a trip with it in my Christmas mail day. 

You read that right, SEVEN.
Out of those seven, four of those were printing plates or as they called them in the 90's, Press Plates.

This one is from 1994 Pro Line Live, a one-year product.

Thoughts on my latest Rodney Hampton add welcomed in comments and a thanks to Wes again for the add.

Good luck to your NFL Teams and I hope the Giants can pull off the upset with backups.

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, January 5, 2023


WE ARE IN!!! (and I celebrated by snagging this siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicck Andre Williams)

For the first time in 6 seasons, the New York Football Giants are in the playoffs again after crushing the Indianaoplis Colts this past Sunday 38-10.

The Gmen have a surprising 9-6-1 record and claimed the NFC's 6th seed with a Wild Card playoff matchup most likely against the SF 49ers or Minnesota Vikings.

How did this team of what some call misfits make it this far?

Well, it wasn't because of their 72-million-dollar cheerleader that's for sure. On a positive note, when someone doesn't play well their /12 autograph cards can be found for $3.

The main reason for the Giants success has been coaching. Brian Daboll has been amazing along with the rest of his staff in player development and basic coaching skills.

Not to mention a solid draft.
WanDale Robinson has a promising future, but like a good portion of the roster this season, has dealt with injuries and is out for the season.

But, despite the injuries, this coaching staff takes the phrase "next man up" and uses it to perfection.
A former Bill and 6th round pick of 2020 NFL Draft has become one of the premier receiving threats in the offense.

And Darius Slayton who was rumored to be traded this past offseason, took a pay cut to stay with them and is their leading wide out.

Do I think this team of misfits has a Championship drive in them? I can't answer that, nor would I want to curse it. All I can say is the future is bright and I am proud once again to call this team my team.

We Are In.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The Revival

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday season! Thanks again to Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown for this "Christmas Card".

I know my holiday season was crazy busy. 

Family visited from Tennessee and Massachusetts, my wife took an almost two-week vacation, and there was just so much going on that I am glad that I had taken a break from blogging. Even though posts were on here, it was because they were pre-drafted and scheduled ahead of time.

By now I think you may have figured out what my post title is about. I am reviving this blog. It's been a long two-year vacation away from putting up real posts on here and now I am back and ready. I have learned a lot the last two years in my journey away and hope that will show in my new content on here moving forward. This is why I took so long to put a new post on here this year, yes 4 days is awhile for me, I don't plan to blog every day anymore.

Along with that, I also took some time updating the blog adding a Top 10 Want List, Who I Collect, Player Collection Links to TCDB, and completely updated my Set Needs list as well. I will continue to tweak the blog as I go.

Thanks again for being patient with me on here and hope you come back to read more.