Friday, July 31, 2020

Say Hey To The Mail Day

I have been having fun working on a few smaller sorting projects and have been using some of the cards for fun tweets on Twitter.

When I posted a lot of Max Scherzer rookie cards, @thesayheykid95 saw the tweet and inquired about if I was selling the cards. I said I don't sell, but I would be down for a trade, so we did a trade. Our first. First trades are always tough because you really want to having everything go right so you will have a new trader to your circle.

And this one went that great. I got my mail day, he got his, and no hiccups.

My mail day landed me this Aaron Judge Optic rookie. I regret letting go of a good portion of my Judge PC about a year ago and have been very snail slow adding some of those back. Judge, Gleyber and Jeter are my Yankee PC's at this point.

2020 has opened me back up to collecting a lot more basketball cards and RJ Barrett is one of those big new PC's I have accomplished. I am still lacking an autograph of him which would be a key piece to my collection hopefully at some point.

Thanks to @thesayheykid95 for the trade and hope we can do more down the road!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Wes' Secret S(t)ASH

Once again, I was flapjacked by the great Wes!

I am starting to think he has a secret stash of Giants he has never mentioned to me before.
Today's pancake was a Tyler Sash autograph from Donruss Elite.

Sash was a 6th round pick of the Giants in the 2011 NFL Draft. He played for the Super Bowl squad but didn't play a lot for the Giants at all only getting 25 tackles and 1 forced fumble in his two year career.

It was sad to see that Sash passed away in 2015. I won't get into that on here but you can look up the story on him on Google.

Thanks to Wes for another great Giants autograph add!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Arrivals:2020 Score In The Zone Saquon Barkley

Another new cheap Giants add I needed for $1 is today's post.

It even came with some freebies

Here is the actual card I grabbed. I can't remember which number of Barkley's I have now but will hopefully be able to update everything when I get the chance to.

The pink and blue look spectacular!

Back of the card.

There are still quite a few cards I need from 2020 Score for Giants along with many other 2020 products I don't have much of. Hopefully will be able to trade for some.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Cards Over Coffee Prize Pack Winner!!

There were 70 entries into this contest, by far my biggest and most time consuming contest I have had to run on But, it was worth it. My biggest goal of that contest was to continue building up the Cards Over Coffee blog while this one slowly comes to it's end.

Enough with that though. Let's pick a winner.

I seeked Twitters advice on how many to random this list by and it was by 7 as chosen by my good friend Mike. So I did so.

There were 70 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. APetrelak
  2. Tracy LeVeaux
  3. Dennis
  5. Shane
  6. Stephen Furlong
  7. Unknown
  8. Stephen Furlong
  9. Brett Alan
  10. heatwave16
  11. Spm18
  12. night owl
  13. Tim B.
  14. Fuji
  15. Tim B.
  16. Dennis
  17. Fuji
  18. Tracy LeVeaux
  19. Shane
  20. Corey
  21. Stephen Furlong
  22. Dion's IP Autos only
  23. NormC
  24. The Diamond King
  25. APetrelak
  26. Dion's IP Autos only
  27. Tracy LeVeaux
  28. Dennis
  29. heatwave16
  30. Jason
  32. Fuji
  33. Mike
  34. Rippin Riders Cards (mssg me on Twitter)
  35. Trevor P
  36. PlainviewMafia
  37. Dennis
  38. Dennis
  39. Jason
  40. The Diamond King
  41. Dennis
  42. Mike
  43. Stephen Furlong
  44. Corey
  45. NormC
  46. Bulldog
  47. hudsonfan15
  48. heatwave16
  49. Mike
  50. NormC
  51. Mike
  52. acrackedbat
  54. Tracy LeVeaux
  55. PlainviewMafia
  56. Jason
  57. Fuji
  58. PlainviewMafia
  59. APetrelak
  60. PlainviewMafia
  61. hudsonfan15
  62. @TheReaDpan
  63. Shane
  64. heatwave16
  65. The Diamond King
  66. Dennis
  67. Unknown
  68. Unknown
  70. Dion's IP Autos only
Timestamp: 2020-07-28 11:48:22 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to APetrelak on the contest win. Please email me at or DM me via Twitter your address. Thanks to all that entered. Apetrelak, you will have 48 hours to contact me with your info or it will be re-given away. PLEASE SHARE YOUR WINNINGS ON TWITTER and tag @paniniamerica thanking them as well.

I have another contest coming up very shortly so stay tuned for that one!!

Everyone else, once again, go follow Cards Over Coffee and add it to your blogroll!

Arrivals:2017 Panini Day Glove Relic Wayne Gallman

First off, I will admit, I am one who loves freebies from an eBay seller even it's un-useful junk.

Today, I actually liked what the seller sent and have use for all of it.

I love these non sport inclusions in Allen And Ginter

Rookie card binder Carr will go

And this Harden is a beautiful card. Wished Panini had done more like this one.

And here was the card I got. Wayne Gallman glove relic with a 3 showing. I have another relic similar to this one somewhere I will have to compare the two.

Back of card is bleh, but I do like the Giants colors are a nice touch.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Arrivals:2020 Playoff Turning Pro Daniel Jones

Usually, I am not a fan of single color relics unless they really have a good design to them.

And today's card, I grabbed for that single purpose.

For less than $5, I scored this Turning Pro jersey from 2019 playoff of Daniel Jones.

I love the color and the black and white photo in the background. The Giants blue goes really well against it.

Back of the card looks just as good. It didn't need anymore than this.

I like the little pickups I can get sometimes more than the bigger ones.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Bucs Stop Here CONTEST!

Love an easy contest? Well, I have one for ya! Go check out The Bucs Stop here blog and see his contest for the baseball season and make your predictions for a shot to win some Series 2 or some Bowman! Both of which are not easy finds.  Actually is any retail easy to find right now?


CALLING ALL CONTEST ENTRANTS: Win Some 2020 Bowman or 2020 Series 2!

While I also have your attention, I am holding a contest as well over at Cards Over Coffee. Win some cards for just commenting on the last four Coffee Breaks on there.  Earn one entry per comment. Also add it to your reading list. As I have said, this is the final run of Sport Card Collectors with just a little over 30 posts to go.

Rodney's Cardboard:1995 Pacific Crown Royale 17th National VIP Badge

In what is I believe the final Rodney's Cardboard on here as I don't forsee anymore incoming to my mail box, I thought I would end it with something unique.

This VIP Badge recently popped up but had a tall asking price of $27 (wonder where he got that price from. If only Rodney was number 3 on the Giants) that I couldn't afford to grab but didn't want to see it go. So I worked behind the scenes and found a trader willing to snag it for me for some cards I had. I hated to give up some stuff for the asking price, but this could be the only time I ever see this one pop up and if it sold, I would feel awful knowing I had first chances.

A few days later, I found it in my mail box.

This is a great piece for my collection. I have added quite a few oddballs to it this year and it's helping me become a more well rounded super collector.

The only things I am still really missing are the Starting Lineups. I still don't have any of the three that Rodney has. Of course I would only take them sealed, that's the only way to right? Hopefully some day I will be able to.

So I hope everyone has enjoyed seeing my Rodney Hampton collection grow on here. All future Rodney Hampton adds, if there are any, will be posted over on Cards Over Coffee. If you haven't still followed that blog, added it to your blogroll, subscribed to it, what are you waiting for?!!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Autograph Of The Week:LeVar Burton

Butterfly in the sky....

Owning a LeVar Burton autograph is fly...

Take a look...

You won't have to read a book

It's Sport Card Collectors

I... Can.....Collect....Everything

Just take a look

It's Sport Card Collectors

Sport Card Collectors.....

Friday, July 24, 2020

Arrivals:2020 Score First Score Darius Slayton


Once I landed that Daniel Jones a few weeks ago for the 1st Score, it was without a doubt that I needed his future tandem partner in Darius Slayton once I found out he had one as well in the set.

I paid even less for this Slayon than most listed. Think it was under $2 and shipped pwe. It took a little while to come but finally arrived.

the front of the card tells us his first score was against the Vikings and I remember it well. Though that is a game I like to forget about.

Slayton burned by a Vikings defender and Danny Dimes was about to get slammed to the ground, a common sight with this Giants oline, before he let go a beauty of a 35 yard throw right into Slayton's hands.

Slayton put up some solid numbers for a late round pick last year and expectations at least from me are high for 2020 (please let us have a football season)

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Arrivals:1996 Pinnacle Pinnacle Power Joe Carter

Being a big time 90's insert collector, I always look for cards that offer the best deal. Whatever is cheapest and shiniest and coolest usually wins my heart.

When I stumbled upon this 1996 Pinnacle Power Joe Carter for $1.25 I thought it was a steal. The card looked amazing and I have always wanted to get my hands onto one. For that price I couldn't go wrong.

These Pinnacle Power cards fell 1:35 packs back in 1996.
The cards feature embossing all over including the "power base" in the back that is a bright beautiful rainbow foil.

Back of the card shows a smilin' Joe

I was happy when I snagged it for that price but even happier once I got the card in-hand.

(full disclosure, the problem with adding a card like this, I really want the set now. So if you have any that's not Joe Carter, send em my way!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Arrivals:2016 Panini Black Friday Tools Of The Trade Towel Relic Sterling Shepard

I bend over backwards for unique relics and when Panini came out with their special programs like Black Friday and Father's Day, we began seeing more of them.

One of those unique relics is towel swatches. Yup, we can only hope that a player sweated on these. Or do we? That would definitely take player worn/used to a whole new level!

One thing that towel relics bring is a lot of cool colors and neat looking patches. The one today for the price I got it for, I couldn't turn down.
It's not too often you find one of these relics as a piece of the Gatorade logo that I have found. You combine that with the Cracked Ice look and card design layout and this card pops. Even if you're not a football fan, not a towel relic fan or even a Panini fan, you gotta agree on that at least.

Back of the card.

I am pretty excited about this one and hope that Sterling can avoid anymore injuries as I think a big year could be ahead.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I Was Stacked By The King

Wes has been flipping flapjacks everywhere again as The Pancake King of RAK's sent out a stack of PWE's recently and I have seen these fly all over the country.

Never did I ever expect one for myself however.

Well, Friday showed me differently as I had a mail day with a very familiar address attached to it.

Inside, I found this,

Including an autograph worth grading. That alone was worth the mailing.

 However, after removing that, I found a 2018 Score rookie red parallel of Saquon Barkley! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

That's one great card!

Thanks again for the flapjack Wes! This will look great next to the other versions of this card I have. much appreciated!

Monday, July 20, 2020

The End Details Have Arrived

2020 has been such a roller coaster year so far. Most of it has been a lot of downside, but there have been a few positives I try to poke from it. But, when it comes to my hobby way of life, it seems there is one kick in the face after another thanks to Covid-19 and my collecting way of life.

With that being said, I am announcing the end of Sport Card Collectors blog is near such as I teased on July 4th. After much thought, consideration, back and forth with myself, and many signs, I have finally come to that conclusion. It's been a couple year decision and this year finally felt like the right time.I mean unless something DRASTICALLY changes, and I mean it would have to be drastic to save it at this point.

What does this mean exactly? I feel 2020 has played a role in my posts on here. My content is no longer interesting, my view numbers and comments tell me that. I can also feel it myself with the passion I no longer to have to post on here. I feel like its becoming more of a job to keep up with posting then it is for fun which is hurting my content. I also won't have a lot of new content down the road with less and less cards incoming expected as some things have changed to cause that and with no incoming reviews (except a very few recently I have posted over at Cards Over Coffee), that doesn't help either.

So I have put a end date of the 5,000th post on this blog as the end. I can't exactly pinpoint a date as sometimes I do more than one post a day on here.

It's not just this blog circumstances themselves causing this decision either. I have found myself using all of my free time to blog and neglecting the hobby I blog about. I have a huge mess in my card area that could really use my assistance so I think the less I am on here the better for that as well.

(This is only a third of the disaster)

I even made a list of sorting projects for myself, it's a long road ahead as you can see and this is only a few of them.

What does this mean for my other blogs and myself blogging? The Rodney Hampton one, Snagging Cardboard and Sets Talk will also come to an end for good with this one. I am not fully retiring from blogging however. You can't get rid of me that easily!!  Cards Over Coffee, I Have been suggesting you go follow as it's a blog I have created and become quite fond of. I think it has my best writing, most creativity, and is a fun one that shows off my personality more. That will be my one and only blog with brand spankin' new posts. However, posts won't be daily like on there as I put a lot of effort in each post and I don't want to take away from anything I have created there. They will be when I can squeeze one in type of posts as I go along. That could mean once a week, twice, or maybe once every couple of weeks.

What does this mean for trading and will I be posting mail days? Nothing changes with trading as I am still collecting and my address is still the same for you that have it. I will be on Twitter and still have my email and will be actively trading, as long as everyone still wants to. As for posting mail days, unless I can create a way to do so on Cards Over Coffee with a segment or something (once again trying not to take away from what I have done there and definitely don't want I got this type of posts) I will probably just tweet it out or send a thank you note if you have email. I will have to see what the mail day is first and whether I can create some content around it. In the meantime though, any mail day I get from here til the end of this blog will be posted on here.

There is still roughly 40+ posts left to this blog so a little ways to go. I can't promise how the content will be for those, as I said I don't have really anything incoming to post about, but hopefully I can end the blog in a good way.

This hasn't been an easy decision and I am not one to usual take a risk and change things, but I think it will be for the best. Thanks again for those of you who have been reading from the beginning, middle and maybe even the end this year. I will have much more to say in the finale post but for now will leave this as it is.

    Sunday, July 19, 2020


    You like giveaways don't cha? Well, head on over to Cards Over Coffee and comment on this post,

    Coffee Break:2020 Chronicles Draft Picks Football

    This will mark your first entry into a big prize lot that includes cards from a few reviews coming up on there. You can earn three other entries by commenting on rest of the Coffee Breaks that will be posting over the next week or two. You must have a U.S. address to enter.

    Prize pack will consist of 8-9 hits, numbered cards, parallels, inserts and some star base cards. It will be a good mix of baseball and football.

    So I suggest you go follow that blog already, add it to your blogroll and don't miss out on more exciting content!

    Rodney's Cardboard:1994 Stadium Club Super Bowl

    And, the right one finally popped up.

    What do I mean by that, well, I have bought the wrong card (friends have picked this one up for me as well and it wasn't the right one), of the 1994 Topps Stadium Club Super Bowl Rodney Hampton.

    Everyone kept listing it wrong, so I can't blame myself or my friends. I tried to Google the difference and it kept saying embossing. But, when everyone of those listings looked the same, it was hard to tell if any of those were embossed.

    That's when a new listing came up. The card had the same description but the card looked different. Finally, it was the right one.

    What I didn't know, was that it was invisible embossing and not the gold Super Bowl logo that was the usual find on these cards.

    up close

    Back of the card. I have seen this back way too much.

    Glad to finally have completed this rainbow. At some point, I will do a full gallery of them. Some days I consider doing a separate blog of Rodney's and showcasing everyone I have all over again because some I showed on here have not been the full card. But, I don't plan on doing that anytime soon. I already have three blogs to keep up with, I can't add another.

    Saturday, July 18, 2020

    Autograph Of The Week:Alfonso Ribeiro

    This may not be a big name to most of you, unless you really recognize the name from the 90's or maybe today I suppose. It depends on what you watch.

    To me Alfonso will always be Carlton from the The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air but he played on other shows and hosts Catch-21 on Game Show Network along with hosting the long running Americas Funniest Home Videos. Yeah, it's still on after all of these years. To me that show isn't the same without Bob Saget.

    As you know I collect a lot of autographs that pertain to my childhood nostalgia and nothing was better than when Alfonso did the Carlton dance. The song and dance play over and over again in my mind.

    I wanted his autograph for awhile and wanted the regular Leaf version, but it wasn't as cheap as I found the Family Guy one for so I settled. Was almost half the cost.

    I have looked at other autographs from the show, most of which are affordable but can't seem to find a Will Smith. Though I am sure he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy out of my range.

    Friday, July 17, 2020

    Arrivals:2020 Leaf Autograph Carter Coughlin

    Earlier this week, I posted my first NY Giants autograph of the newest class, now I will post my second.

    The Giants did a lot of defense and offensive line drafting this year which leads to a lot of less interest on my end for grabbing a lot of it. However, I would like at least a few cards of each player. That would be nice.

    My second autograph of their class has no relation to Coach Coughlin but it's good to see a Coughlin name back on the Giants again.

    Carter was a 7th round draft pick of the Giants and plays linebacker. A spot that should have a nice open competition for.

    This card was less than $2 to grab so it was something I could actually afford.

    Good luck to Carter when and if the season begins, I can't wait to watch you hit the field.

    Thursday, July 16, 2020

    Profiles Sent By Padrographs

    Man, do I ever miss being in the 80's and 90's with so much going on in the world right now. Those were good times for me and there wasn't a lot of stress and worries.

    Unlike today, it's full of it. It makes you either want the world to end like in Revelations and have Jesus take me home or lock myself in a closet in the house forever. It's a better ending then stepping outside or even turning on the news most days.

    I may not have a time machine, but at least through cardboard, I can travel back to the greatest times of my life.

    Thanks to my latest mail day from Rod over at Padrographs as I claimed two cards in one of his latest giveaway posts that takes me back.

    These Topps Profiles came out in 1996 Topps at 1:12 odds. It features Topps spokesmen Kirby Puckett  for the AL and Tony Gwynn  for the NL and has them give opinions on players within their league.

    Here is a Cal done by Puckett

    And a Thomas done by Puckett.

    I didn't get any from the NL. But, man, I love these. Topps did these for every sport back then.

    Padrographs even added in a new piece for my bloggers PC. Yes, I have a thing like that. I keep the notes, stickers, business cards, etc that any of you send me and store them in a box for the memories.

    Speaking of memories, 2020 won't bring out many great ones for myself, but there is still a lot of the year left to make some.

    Thanks again Rod for the mail day!

    Wednesday, July 15, 2020

    Arrivals:2020 Score 1st Score Daniel Jones

    When the NY Giants played the Tampa Bay Bucs in Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season it was a game to remember.

    The Giants looked like they were going to have another lost season as they started out 0-2 and knew it was time for a change at QB as Eli Manning's successor was sitting behind him on the bench.

    It's time to see what they had in this high draft pick that nobody saw coming.

    Jones brought the Giants back from an 18 pt halftime deficit and scored two touchdowns through the air and two more on the ground including a 4th down game winner and his first NFL TD which is what today's card is all about.

    Here is the details of Jones first TD play. He faked a running play to Saquon and took off to the outside pylon for his first Touchdown or in terms of this card, his first Score. Catchy title for a Score card.

    I didn't know about these jersey cards at first, but after seeing one I knew I had to have it. It's a nice looking card and commemorates what could be a solid career for Jones.

    Tuesday, July 14, 2020

    Arrivals:2020 Sage Hit Premier Draft Autograph Tae Crowder

    With the final pick of the 2020 NFL Draft.....

    The NY Giants select....

    Tae Crowder, LB Georgia.

    Which also makes him Mr. Irrelevant.

    I am obviously hoping that he will be Mr. Relevant once he hits the field. The Giants need all the help they can get on defense and they definetley made sure to take a lot of it in when they did the 2020 draft.

    I don't have much of anything for the Giants 2020 draft class so I took to the NGTcollectibles Sunday giveaway thread and @KevinSpollen saw my needs and passed along my first autograph from the rookie class.

    Kind of a weak signature, but, hopefully he will make a big impact.

    Card back

    Thanks to Kevin for another great card. Very excited to add my first Giants 2020 draft auto.

    If you guys haven't joined in on giving back in the NGTCollectibles thread go do so.It's a lot fun to be able to make someones day during these challenging times.

    Monday, July 13, 2020

    Forgotten Claims

    Awhile back, I must have claimed some cards over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts blog and had forgotten until they arrived last week.

    Which is nice as I do like surprises, who doesn't?

    Let's see what rolled on in,
    A year after Super Rookie and a 1990 Score Hampton rookie towards my 100 card chase.

    A set need! Anytime I can cross one off it's exciting.  I still need to do some updating on here for some sets.

    I was always a fan of these Steel cards from Leaf, cards printed on metal. This is only the second one in my collection as Griffey is my other.

    I can never turn down a refractor. NEVER.

    Thanks to Jon for the mail day. I know it was from a freebie Friday claim but I will hit you back with something at some point. I hit up a few folks this week I felt I owed so I have a few more to go as well. I need to get better at making my lists again as I have been slacking.

    Sunday, July 12, 2020

    Rodney's Cardboard:2019 Panini Legacy Cyan Plate 1/1

    Well, well, well, will you look at this.

    My buddy Wes hit me up with a sick Rodney.

    I hadn't seen any plates for the "newer" products Rodney was in until recently when this one Wes grabbed for me showed up and then another a couple weeks later, which I didn't grab. It popped up at a bad time and was gone within what felt like five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. I want to know who I am competing with but that doesn't make me happy. It was probably because it was listed so cheap.

    Anyways for better news.

    This is a Cyan 1/1 plate from 2019 Legacy football


    The other plate I saw that went in five minutes was a Legacy plate as well. Kicking myself for not at least trying to make an offer on it and locking it up so I wouldn't lose out on it. Big mistake by myself. Hopefully it will pop up again at some point.

    Thanks again for the help Wes!

    And what do you guys think about printing plates?

    Saturday, July 11, 2020

    Autograph Of The Week:Alex Borstein/Patrick Warburton Dual!

    Hello readers!
    For a few months now I have been staring at today's autograph card in my watch list. You know, watching it but more in the literal sense.

    My main goal of this card was the Patrick Warburton part as I already had an autograph of Borstein but single Patrick cards list for much more. So I found this one cheap and watched it. I was quite surprised it didn't already sell and then the seller offered a markdown. How could I say no at that point?!

    Alex played on Mad-Tv with her star role as Ms.Swan and is the voice of Lois Griffith on Family Guy which is the show this card is based on. Patrick played on Seinfeld, Rules Of Engagement (underrated comedy series in my opinion with a star cast) and has voices in about a million shows and movies including Family Guy as Joe Swanson. His voice is one of those you will always recognize. Both actors I really enjoy and both have a part of my nostalgia so I needed this one.

    What is your favorite role for Alex and Patrick?

    Friday, July 10, 2020

    Throw Me A Link

    Once upon a time, Dennis from Too Many Verlanders blog fame sent me a link via Twitter to a cheap BIN of a Giants 1/1 Printing Plate.

    There were no words spoken. Just a link.

    The assumption I made was that I was supposed to grab this card and fortunately I had the money to do so at that time. It doesn't always work that way but it did that day.

    Here is that said card. A Prizm 1/1 printing plate rookie card of Kyle Lauletta

    It's a Cyan Plate according to the back.

    Thanks to Dennis for the heads up on this card. Glad it was able to work out for me this time. Not sure it will always but this time, yes.