Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Catch Heard Around The World

Eli is back to throw, tosses it up deep over the middle....TYREE WITH THE GRAB! How did he ever catch that between multiple defenders and with the ball pinned to helmet and Rodney Harrison hanging all over him??!

We will never fully know.

I think it was God's hand helping hold that ball there.

No matter how you feel that ball stayed there, it did and it drove the Giants to the biggest upset in Super Bowl history beating the 18-0 Patriots.

It's a game and moment that will live on in my mind forever.

When my buddy Valley Of Cards passed along this gold Legends card from 2019 Plates and Patches, it began to move me in a rainbow direction. It was such a moment I would like to watch over and over again. So I will through cardboard.

I then looked for the rest of the parallels. Found this blue /60

Purple /35

and the red /10. Which has a fun story behind it. When this card popped up I immediately offered the seller the starting price on it which was $4. They declined and countered with $15. I countered with $8 and then they countered with $10. I just didn't feel the card would go that high knowing it's David Tyree so I played the waiting game which I was hoping would pay off. Well, it didn't. The seller won the battle and I landed this for $12.50 which was more than I thought it would go for.

All I am missing from the rainbow is the Green /25 (I have this one now since I typed this up) and Gold 1/1.

Hopefully they will pop up at some point and come reasonably.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Missing Pieces:2016 Cryptozoic Ghostbusters

Welcome to the new plug-in series here on Sport Card Collectors. This series will take you through every single project I am working on and what I am missing from that project. I am hoping it may also spark some help for what I am missing.

It's been 4 long grueling years of chasing down the Master Set of Cryptozoic Ghostbusters which is why I made this the first post in the series. It took me five to do Psych and hoping I can do the same here. The only difference is I won't own every single 1/1 card from the Sketches and Animation Cels in this product. I will take any and all of those I can get my hand on though.

Currently, I sit at one Animation Cel and two sketch cards.

In my opinion those don't count as apart of my Master Set chase since they are 1/1's. Nobody can own all of those as most probably aren't even uncovered from unopened boxes yet.

Recently I have been knocking down some needs for my chase and have narrowed it down to three  TWO insert parallel sets to owning the Master Set of Ghostbusters.
First Missing Pieces, Character Bio Silver Foil. I do have the Dana Barrett silver foil, but not the rest. So I need C1,2,4,5,6,and 7.

 Second Missing Piece, the entire foil set of Sing For Your Specter. So 1-9 is needed.

Third Missing Piece, the toughest of the three, the Tricks And Traps Cryptonium parallel set. I own the foil set, just not this chromed version. Each card in this set fell 1:56 packs so they are not easy finds and not easy to hunt down. Especially for a product that is four years old.


I also may look for these below at some point, not needed, but would be fun add-ons

PROMO cards
  • P1NSU Magazine JUN/JUL 2015
  • P1Cryptomium variant - multiple conventions Summer 2015
  • C8Gozer – Ghostbusters the Board Game Launch Party Kit Winter 2015
  • C9Mr. Stay Puft - NSU Magazine JUN/JUL 2016
There you have the first part of this series. I have so many projects spread across multiple sports that this could be a long time filler series til things get back to normalcy again. If they do.

Some of the sets I will be featuring on here you have seen before. Maybe even multiple times. So you may not have. Thanks again for reading and til next time!

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Multiple Mail Days Keeps The Blog Chugging

With everything going on in the world, the hobby is the one safe place we have. The hobby is that friend that sits beside you and gives you a pat on the shoulder when you need one. The hobby has a bunch of great collectors who are there for you when you need them. The hobby doesn't need to stay 6 ft away from you or wear a mask. It's always right there when you need to turn to it.

I have spent more time actually collecting recently than ever before. I have spent a lot of time self reflecting on what I want to or should be collecting for myself while trying not to fall into the hole of "buying the next best thing".

And this has been a huge help. I have been more focused on finishing up projects more than ever and not moving from thing to thing.

One of my projects I would like to tie up is my 2019 Panini Optic football set. I haven't tackled a "new" set in almost five years as I prefer things in the past more. But, I ended up with a bunch of it in my lap and said hey, let's do this. So I have been trying to finish it up.

A little while ago on Twitter I was fortunate that two followers saw my tweet for help on my set chase.

Up first, a trade with @PattonCards who had a few of the key rookies I was missing such as Sanders, White and Grier. Thanks again for the trade!

And then a RAK from @SportsNerd34 who passed along four needs. Thanks man!

My other project, sticking with collecting Kerry Collins cards. I have had my doubts some days, but I keep pushing on through and picking up needs.
 @asalek77 saw that I was looking for Collins cards on the weekly Sunday giveaway thread and passed along these two Pinnacle Mint cards. As everyone knows, I always have had a crush on those cards and coins combo. Thanks for passing these along!

Up next, another mail day from Rod over at Padrographs. He had three cards up for grabs one day for my PC so I luckily was able to land em.
 1993 Classic Best Derek Jeter who is one of three Yankees I collect anymore, once again focus. Didn't have this one so claimed it.

 One of the greats, plus hologram plus 90's, sign me up! Focus.

And something about this Puckett told me to add it. I do have a small collection of Puckett cards so I will add it to that. Okay, went off focus for a tad, but that's okay.

Thanks again Rod!

Being focused and getting a few mail days in has helped keep this blog flowing for now. I could run out of posts at some point once things completely dry up for me but we will see what I do when that happens. Thanks to some advice from a fellow blogger, I won't be doing filler posts so let's hope something keeps coming in.

Thanks again to everyone I mentioned above. I appreciate it truly and thanks for keeping me on task as well.

Monday, April 27, 2020

RJ's Cardboard:A Cheap Mixed Lot

I love a good deal.

Once in awhile I will stumble upon one and win an auction with seconds left.

Today's lot, I won for $1.04. Yes, you read that right. Plus $3 shipping but for under $5 to grab this lot I think is a heck of a deal.

 A mixed group of Knickerbockers including my boy Patrick Ewing. Who I consider the greatest Knick of All-Time though I know they have had some great ones.

RJ Barrett winter Hoops Tribute

Donruss Rated Rookie and Great X-Pectations

 Arriving Now which is a new PC card I didn't have before.

And we finish it up with a solid Kurt Thomas auto. Thomas played 8 seasons for the Knicks, including quite when I used to watch basketball more die-hard. He was a defensive stud.

I am glad to add some more Barretts to the PC, not sure how many I am up to now, but it was also great to add the few extra cards that came in the lot especially the Thomas auto. That's a nice looking card and he has a solid signature.

Til next time!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:1995 Pro Line Classic Game Of The Week

90's cards were simply fun.

There was so much interactive games going on in the hobby from different ones from Upper Deck including Predictor and Crash The Game to ones like today's I hadn't heard of before in Game Of The Week brought to you by Pro Line.

The Game Of The Week cards were inserted one-per-pack. They featured two teams that played each other throughout the season and on the back there was a V or H prefix to let you know if the card is predicting a Home or Visitor winner. Be one of the luck first 1000 participants who submitted 21-30 different game cards with the actual winner of the game, you would get to receive the first prize which was a complete set of 30 NFL Pro Line winner cards printed on silver foil board with the final score of the game foil stamped on the front.

Hence this card. And if figures the Giants would lose back then,

The game also had a huge prize of a Jerry Rice or Steve Young game worn jersey from the season. But, you had to collect all 30 winning cards and then mail them in for that slight chance. I wonder if anyone actually did it.

These are only two of the four Rodney Hampton cards in the set. I am still missing two more which are the opposite of the ones I have. If any of you see them around, let me know!

This is a set I hadn't heard of til I found these despite being someone who busted a ton of Pro Line. But, glad I have them now!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Autograph Of The Week:Mark Harmon

Welcome back to another Autograph Of The Week.

This week I scored an autograph via email of one of the greatest actors on television right now.

I have watched NCIS with my wife from the beginning. There is no other show that has so many unexpected twists and turns like this one does. Their season finales are some of the best out there.

Mark Harmon plays the lead as Leroy Jethro Gibbs who is a top notch special agent who has a rough exterior, but a big heart. He cares for people especially his NCIS family he would go the distance for.

I scored this autograph by email and the turn around was within weeks. I didn't expect it for months. I always like the ones that are inscribed to me so I know it's not a preprint. I also matched his signature up against others that were listed and it seems to be as real as can be.

This is a great add to my non sport PC that continues to grow.

Thanks for the auto Mark and taking time out for your fans. Not sure if you will see my thank you but it's here! 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:2000 Sp Authentic Buyback Autograph

I have some great Kerry Collins autographs, but one of the cooler ones I have is this 2000 Sp Authentic Buyback auto.

I had my eye on this card for sometime and finally messaged the seller who had it listed for the longest time and made an offer and they took it. My guess was they wanted to unload it so they just took the offer so they wouldn't have to re-list it again.
The autograph is on card and numbered to 202. there is a lower numbered version of this one as well. I believe that's on a different card signed.

The one thing I find off about this autograph this time is the fact that Kerry usually signs with his jersey number and this time didn't. Maybe he went through a stage of not doing so.

The autograph also came with this certificate of auth and

matching number sticker on the back of the card so you know its real.

Well, that does it this week for another Kerry's Cardboard. More to come!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

NFL Draft Break:2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Hanger Pack with AUTOGRAPH!

The excitement of the NFL Draft is tonight. Finally some sports to watch. Even though this years draft will be quite different than any draft we have ever seen, it's an important part of the NFL's future including my NY Giants who draft at 4.

What am I hoping to see the at 4, well, Giants have needed a defensive play maker for a very long time. VERY LONG. Isiah Simmons would be a mistake not to draft at that spot. He fits exactly what they need even though its rumored more and more of an offensive tackle at 4. Please, don't draft an OT there. This draft is deep with those, grab one in the second round.

No matter who the Giants draft, it appears I won't do much with 2020 football cards and Giants pickups since I am more of an QB, RB and WR collector for them. Not that I don't try to at least grab a few cards and one autograph of any person they draft.

Speaking of 2020 football cards, it was appearing this would be the first year I wouldn't have a single card of 2020 stuff before the draft. Without Walmart access and much for funding, the path was dark. That's up until my father finally packed up my end of our trade from months ago to send out (more on the trade and why it took so long next week) and tossed in a pack of 2020 football cards for the wait.

Thanks pops!

I shared my results of this break already on Twitter, but it didn't appear many eyes viewed it so thought I would share it on here as well. Not to mention, it also helps fill in another day on here.

Let er rip!

Each hanger pack of 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks football NOW has three packs. It used to have four. Now it has two packs of 6 cards and one pink pulsar pack of three cards. The price of these also went up to almost $12.  Cost more, less cards. Hmmmmm..

 I don't know a lot about this years draft class other than the big names I hear passed around, but I was glad to at least find one of those in Pack 1 with CeeDee Lamb. I also found a nice looking Green Crusade of Watson

Second pack...BOOOM Autograph find. I have never pulled an autograph from a Prizm hanger before. I haven't ever heard of this guy and it's not an offensive player, but still pretty cool to find. I also found a Crusade subset card of Daniel Jones so that rocked as well.

And my pink pulsar pack had these including Amari Cooper. Think I know of a bama fan who will enjoy that one.

Not a lot of big names found in here but at least I have a few rookie cards for my binders to start. I will still need to find the bigger names to have at least one card of for my collection like I do every year and of course chase down a few singles of whoever the Giants draft as well.

Who are you guys hoping to see your team draft tonight?

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Filling In Days

This week is the last full week of posts I have planned for this blog right now. Next week I have my usual segments of Autograph Of The Week, Kerry's Cardboard and Rodney's Cardboard but other than that, my blog has open slots without any thoughts yet on how to fill them.

With Covid-19 playing a role in all of this, I may have to get very creative and possibly lazy about filling in days. However I promise no Caption This and Random Card fill ins.

Luckily, a few days ago to fill in today's spot, I got a mail day from Rod over at Padrographs.who is giving cards away left and right. It's been a lot of fun despite my bad timing on checking it out late every time-Still kicking myself for showing up late for the Abby NCIS relic and Sean Harmon auto I really wanted-but I have been fortunate to claim a few cards.

This time I was able to target a couple of 90's cards he had posted. I had no rhyme or reason to claim other than the fact they are from my favorite time of collecting.

This is a 1996 Bowman Best Cut Insert of Andruw Jones. Who doesn't love a good die cut?

And this is a 1996 Finest Silver

 of Mike Piazza. These were uncommons inside of the base set. Meaning they were a tad harder to find than the others. I have always liked 90s Finest especially unpeeled ones.

Next up is this 90's Disney promo pack. I have no plans to open it as I find it cooler sealed. I have no idea overall these cards look like or are other than the top card, but I like it any way for my non sport PC.

Big thanks to Rod for running these daily giveaways. I look forward to that everyday right now and it's very inspiring to see (and takes mind off of the world). I may start to join in on the fun of doing these down the road like many other bloggers have (Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary and The Collector) because of what Jon over at A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts started.

But, it will be a little while until I can get stuff together and some more stamps to do so.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Trevor Bumped Into Some Set Needs

Trevor over at Bump And Run Football Card Blog recently sent me some set needs in a surprise PWE.

I am always working hard on keeping my set needs updated on here, I am a bit behind as the writing of this on April 3rd, but hopefully I can get all of that updated very soon.

Luckily, the set needs that Trevor passed along are ones I still need as I haven't added any to those sets as of recent.

Well, not til now.

1995 Score. I just love this design for some reason or another.

 Pro Line Classic with it's top notch photography. This is also a very deep set to collect.

One of my favorite photos from the new set adds was this James Washington. We don't get cards that look this good anymore.

Also found in my surprise PWE were some Giants cards.

Odighizuwa had a lot of potential, but the coaching staff was awful at that time and couldn't coach him the way he needed to be. 

 I feel Andre Williams also had more to go. Dude was a heck of a player at Boston College but fell off when he hit the Giants team. He had some moments but wasn't showing to be the guy quite yet. Needed more of an opportunity that he simply wasn't getting. Now he is playing the XFL.

And to finish up this mail day, Scoring Kings trio of some of my favorite Giants. I think if Plax hadn't gotten hurt, that Super Bowl 43 could have been on task for the Giants as they were playing lights out football til his injury of shooting himself in the leg. I was also a big Shockey fan. Loved how aggressive that guy played and was always around the ball.

Thanks again to Trevor over and Bump and Run for the mail day. I will be sending you out something once all of the craziness ends and once I get your address again. It keeps eluding me.

Monday, April 20, 2020

RJ's Cardboard:2019-2020 NBA Hoops Ugly Sweater

I know, I know.

Manufactured relic..worn by the player and not in the game....blah blah blah.

Now that we got that out of the way, I am excitingly here to show you the latest add to my RJ Barrett PC. The single relic version of the ugly sweater.

I knew once I had the dual relic in hand, I had to grab the single relic to go along with it. I am still quite surprised how low these go for. Well, not the one that features him and Zion. I won't ever be able to add that one. But, overall these cards are cheap fun.
Look at all those colors!

And for once the player is wearing the actual relic on the card we got swatches from.

I think Barrett is featured on a couple other of these as well. If I can find them cheap, well, I will add them. If not, I am happy with the two I got.

What is your guys thoughts on relics like this?

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Dazed And Confused

My first thoughts when I saw an affordable complete set of 1997-1998 Spx hockey was Alright, Alright, Alright.

I was completely happy to knock down another one of my set needs for my 90's Spx project.

That's until I got it in hand.

It was a cold Tuesday afternoon when my mail arrived. I yelled "Shotgun" , despite going by myself, and made my way to my vehicle to drive down the road a little ways to my mail box to get the mail. I usually walk it, but not when its below zero with a wind chill on top of it.

I grabbed the mail and bolted home.

I thought about letting it sit and getting done some housework done first, but I couldn't. I had to check out the set. So I ripped open the box it was sent in and took out the plastic box that was holding the card set.

It opened pretty easy and as always I began enjoying the cards as they were. As everyone I think would agree, the 1997 Spx design is one of the greatest ever.

Here's a few cards from the set,

 Peter Bondra

Ray Bourque. This was the only one athlete I have ever met.

Curtis Joseph

Hmmm..something different about this card. Why does the card have silver foil?

Wayne Gretzky! The Great One. One day I will own his autograph!

 Brian...hold on a minute...

John LeClair

Jaromir Jagr and his wonderful mullet

 Hmmm another one...

And Joe Juneau

As I began looking at the rest of the 50 card set, I began to realize more and more that something wasn't right. That's when I had discovered that the seller had replaced some of the cards in the set with it's parallels but sold it as a complete set.

Why couldn't he have just sent what I paid for. It would be a lot cooler if he did.

Instead I found myself with 13 now missing from the set.
Eleven of those are Steel parallels

The other two, Silver parallels.

Even though I want to chase down all of the parallels-etc at some point, I need to complete my base sets first and this was a complete disappointment.

You Cool Man....

No, No I am not.

And stupid me, I always leave feedback on an item as long as I received it and can see it in hand. I wished I had opened this up all of the way first.

Oh well, you gotta keep on livin'...L...I..V..I..N..

I got to thinking more about this later today and feel I got more value than I paid for in this lot because of the parallels. So if there is a positive to take out of this, that's it.

Now the next journey is to find the rest of my needs to complete this set. This is not the first Spx set I still need to finish up with 13 or less cards, the other, 1996 Spx baseball.

Not sure if the seller was Dazed and Confused when he made this listing as a complete set or if he knew what he was doing. Either way, I will be much more cautious down the road when I make another purchase like this. Maybe even message the seller ahead of time to find out if it's a real complete set.