Sunday, December 31, 2023

End Of 2023

It's late, I know.

And I am not usually someone who stays up late on New Years Eve, but I felt like I couldn't go to sleep without putting up some kind of year end post like most bloggers have.

In the past, I have put up a post recapping my best pulls of the year. Well, I opened no hobby boxes and very little retail this year and there wasn't anything special to post about. Literally nothing.

Other times I would post about my best card from a trade of the year, but I can't think of one card that really stood out above the others I acquired this year. It was a down year for trading.

So, what will I post about? Well, it won't be about my hobby financial woes of 2023 or how I didn't reach my goal of 1,000 Eli Mannings by years end or how I didn't complete any of the sets I wanted to or open any of the wax I had hoped for.

I want this year to end out on a positive note.

I want to look at the positive parts of 2023 in my hobby.

For one, I closed the gap on getting to 1,000 Eli Mannings. I was well over one hundred away and I got it all the way down to three.

Two, I got caught up on a lot of sorting. Some of those cards sat around for a year and a half!!

Three, I was able to finally begin my binder numbering project. This was a project I had wanted to accomplish for so many years and finally took time to do some of it.

Four, I was able to re-organize my card area and move things into better positions where I can access stuff quicker. This was big as a lot of my stuff was hard to access and now trading can come easier when opportunities arise.

And finally, the biggest highlight was being able to write for BCW Supplies and Beckett online. Speaking of which, here is my latest article on Beckett, 1996 Topps Chrome Football , if you haven't read it yet. Please check it out!

This may not seem like a lot of positive, but it's something and something to grow off of for 2024.

Oh, and just to have a card for this post. This is technically the last card that came in the mail to me in 2023. It's a 2023 Certified Piece Of The Game Saquon Barkley jersey card /50. I always have had a fondness for die cut team names with the jersey swatches within the letters.

I hope all of you stay safe tonight, make smart decisions and that you will be around to read a new post on here for tomorrow.

Happy New Year, God Bless and here is hoping that 2024 is better for all of us!

Saturday, December 30, 2023


I am driven.

This year I am driven to blog more than ever and it's all because of you guys.

Thank you.

When looking at the results of the latest Nachos Grande 3rd Annual End Of Year awards, I noticed something immediately under the blog awards. Not one of my three blogs made any of the lists.


Out of my almost 12-years of blogging, I don't think I have ever not made the list of blogging awards in some form or another.

Not that I am not happy for those of you who made the lists as some great blogs on here did, it just tells me I need to work harder like the ones who made it.

Here were the results to this years awards,

Last year, Cards Over Coffee made this list and pretty sure Sport Card Collectors may have been on there as well.

Same goes for Favorite Under The Radar Blog. Cards Over Coffee made an appearance on there as well.

And as you can tell here, Cards Over Coffee made this list as well last year. 

Well, there isn't much I can say about this one. Night Owl Cards always rules the day for Blog Of The Year in any contest. Congrats to Greg for another victory.

Because of these results I am driven to get my name back on these lists or at least one of them. As much as I would love to win Blog Of The Year for 2024, I know where that award will go again and that's okay. Just to be back on next year's list would be the goal.

So, I decided in order to get myself back on the list, I would go back home. By home, I mean Sport Card Collectors. As Daughtry sang, "Well, I'm going home, Back to the place where I belong" and since this is where it all began, this is where I need to go.

My focus in 2024 will be to get this blog fired back up and let my other two blogs go dormant. I know there were some fans of Cards Over Coffee, but the view numbers, comments going down and not making any of these lists tell me it fell out of favor last year. But don't worry, my coffee drinking days aren't over.

The positive thing is I have so much to share from Christmas on here with some amazing cards thanks to all of you. Hope you're ready to read because I am home, and I am driven.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Keeping Busy

It has been a really busy last few weeks for me and will be for the next couple as well.

So, I thought while you wait for new, witty blog posts from myself that I would keep you busy reading a few articles that I wrote for Beckett online recently.

My series on there is called Second Look where I take a dive into sets that you may have forgotten about, but I felt needed a second look at. 
The first one I did was on 1989 Upper Deck baseball that I feel is more than just a Griffey card set. Check that one out HERE.

The second article I wrote on one of my favorite All-Time insert sets in 1996 Zenith Z-Team football. You can check that one out HERE.

And the third published one is based on 1995 hit movie Batman Forever. I didn't think it was much of a hit movie wise, but the 1995 Fleer Metal Batman Forever was. If you don't remember those cards, you can read about those HERE.

I have four others that will be published soon. They haven't been on a weekly basis as I had hoped they would be, they publish randomly usually on Fridays. I would appreciate it if you guys could check these out, maybe leave a comment or click on a link or two in the articles to show support :)

When I have time to get pictures taken from all of the generous Christmas senders I had this year, there will be new blog posts. I also have a few new ideas to post on here as well.

Thanks again in advance and stay tuned for all-new posts on Sport Card Collectors! The blog will be back to full force in 2024!

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

BCW Holiday Supplies Winner!

Hey everyone!! I must apologize for my late announcement on this, but I ran out of time the last few days to pick a winner.

So, today I took some time to get this done and now one has been chosen.

One thing you will notice about the list is that some people are not on it. There were four that commented but did not leave their name. They were listed as anonymous so I can't put that on the list not knowing who they are and especially since there was more than one. That means anyone could claim the prize. One thing to keep in mind for future contests I host is to make sure if you comment as anonymous, you add a name to the comments as well.

Now that I have said that so nobody complains, let's pick a winner.

As always, I pick my winners on Random.Org and I randomed the list 7 times. 7 just seems to be a lucky number.

Here is what happened after 7 randoms,

There were 13 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. William Carter
  2. trsimmons58
  3. Beer Barrell Breaks
  4. Zeldafanatic15
  5. Trevor P
  6. @MCL723 on X
  7. Tracy LeVeaux
  8. hudsonfan15
  9. RJ Sahl
  10. Crocodile
  11. @stuffmiami on X
  13. Nachos Grande

IP: 2001:5b0:2c69:818:69c9:79b4:71f4:381a
Timestamp: 2023-12-12 19:36:24 UTC

Congrats to William! Please message me on Twitter or email me at with your address and I will pass that along to BCW as fast as I can. You have 48 hours to claim or prize goes to second place.

Thanks again to all that entered!

Sunday, December 3, 2023


 It's been a long time since I have hosted a giveaway and thanks to my friends at BCW Supplies, I can!!

And today is the day!!

Included in this giveaway was a BCW 1,600 ct. Card Bin, 2 packs of Tall Card Dividers, and 2 packs of Standard Toploaders.

To enter,

1.Follow CARDS OVER COFFEE HERE!!! underneath the followers section on the right side of the blog, pictured above. It's easy to do and if you already do, just say so in comments. I will check!! But, you are entered. THIS IS THE ENTRY!!!! WITHOUT THIS STEP YOU CAN'T BE ENTERED. Comment DONE when you have done so.

2. Thank BCW in comments and let them know your favorite product of theirs. Without them, there wouldn't be a giveaway. Please say thanks.

3. Have a Happy Holiday!


Oh and also just in case you didn't know....


Don't forget when placing your supply order during the holidays to use the code above to save yourself 10% off!!!! Whether you are ordering for yourself or a friend for the holidays.

To start shopping right now, I embedded the BCW Supplies link into the image for you to click on. Just don't forget to use the code Matt10 to save yourself money as well.

Thank you for reading this blog and my other blogs! And thanks from me to BCW for supplying (see what I did there) prizes for this contest!