Friday, July 1, 2022


A Forgotten RAK

I have been buried in posts after dealing with Covid for a couple of weeks and had forgotten that back in March that @therealkeck4 was going to send me some cards as a RAK. Well, I got them during my sick timeframe and now just getting to posting them.

I welcome all Allen And Ginter cards like this or the funky ones. They make great additions to my non sport PC.

Thanks again to @therealkeck4 for passing these along!

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments!

Eli's Cardboard:2017 Panini XR Orange /75

Without having my Eli Manning collection on TCDB or on a spreadsheet, it has grown to the point that I have no clue what I have or don't have unless I physically look through two binders and a box. 800 plus cards is hard to remember.

So, when I go to add more, I try to chase numbered cards as those are the easiest to remember that I have or don't have.

In a recent shopping on Burbank Sportcards, that was my approach.
That's where I found today's card. An "eBay" 1/1 with this being the first orange parallel card out of the 75 made from Panini XR 2017.

Back of the card is the same.

I have many others coming up from this mail day as well.

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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Show Me The Way: 1998 UD Choice Prime Choice Reserve /100

Welcome back for a new Show Me The Way.

Today, I am showing you my latest numbered Way I landed in a mail day from Burbank Sportcards Beckett Marketplace.

I don't know if you are a 90's player collector or not, but I am finding it tougher and tougher to land some of the parallels and inserts for my player collections as prices have been driven up.

So, today's card, I felt $8 was a little steep for, but with only 100 out there and only 2 I have ever seen listed, it was better to snatch it up before it becomes a missing piece.
I couldn't find the odds-on landing one of these 1998 UD Choice Prime Choice Reserve parallels, so I assume they were randomly inserted.

The card features a shiny overlay with the words Prime Choice Reserve and the number 100 written.

Back of the card has the numbering. This one is 80/100.

This was one of two new pickups from Burbank. I have more on the way soon as well.

Remember, you too can order from Burbank Sportcards Beckett Marketplace and Save 15% off your orders from Burbanks Sportscards on Beckett Marketplace. Use Code: 15BURBANK at checkout to do so! Also spend $50 and you will get free shipping. BOOM!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Last Minute Grab

I am so far behind on making this post, I grabbed this lot back on my birthday ten minutes after getting an eBay gift card as my gift.

Normally, I don't like to spend those that fast. I like to drag it out a little bit.

But, when I went to searches for my daily check in and my Eli Manning one popped up with a cheap lot ending, I took a chance and was shocked to had won it as cheap as I did.

For $10.75, I landed a 6 card Eli Manning lot that included,
A rookie year, 2004 Fleer Platinum Youth Movement

2005 Zentih Spellbound /100 (I really want the other two letters now)

2005 Playoff Honors Accolades /699

2008 Elite Elite Stars /800

2006 Prestige Xtra Points /100

And then the card that really had me at hello,
2004 Playoff Honors Rookie Quad relic (rookie relic) /250

Back of card.

I don't know about you, but this was a steal. Try looking these up individually and see for yourself.

I will need to update my Eli Manning card numbers soon.

Thoughts on my steal of a mail day and if you have had any recently in comments below!

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Kerry's Cardboard:2003 Fleer Mystique Awe Pairs Dual Game Jersey w/Jeremy Shockey

Kerry's Cardboard finds a new home again as the Giants only portion of my Kerry Collins collection makes it way on here.

Today, I am showcasing a game worn dual jersey card that I landed for less than $5.

Today's card features two of my favorite Giants of the 2000's. I think a lot of people forget about the impact that Kerry Collins had on the Giants passing game after signing with them. He also had an impact on Jeremy Shockey when he came into the league in 2002. They were an unstoppable force for a couple of years before the Giants released Collins in favor of Kurt Warner/Eli Manning in 2004.

So, there is a lot of cards that feature the two on them. This is the only copy I have seen of this card listed.

This is the back of the card. Only 199 of these were produced.

There are two other variations of this card which are in form of inserts. There is a base insert and a gold parallel which is extremely tough to find.

Thoughts on today's card welcomed in comments.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Single Card Mail Day:2005 Topps 50th Box Topper Tribute Tiki Barber

As I stated in one of my previous posts, I have been starting to add a few Tiki Barber cards here and there when I can. I mostly try to stay with cooler ones such as relics, 90's inserts and anything that shines.

Today's card from Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday fame falls into one of those categories.

I don't have a lot of detail on these cards, but I assume being a Box Topper it must have been included as one in 2005 Topps football.

There appears to be 50 cards in the 50th anniversary set, makes sense doesn't it, and each card is numbered to 1199. Tiki is card 26 in the set even though I would have slated him as card 21 myself.

Thanks to Shane for the latest addition to my Big Blue and Tiki Barber collection.

Thoughts on this card is welcomed in comments.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Rodney's Cardboard: 2021 Panini Illusions /10

Hello! And welcome back to the latest Rodney's Cardboard.

Last week's newest addition didn't view too well, so I guess I will post another just like it haha!

Last week I showed off the /25 Illusions card and today I am tackling one that is a bit tougher to find, the /10. Which is actually an eBay 1/1 with a 10/10.

There isn't much to these cards when it comes to telling them apart as it's only the background shine that really changes. This one looks like a sunburst.

The card back remains the same.

Once again, here are the ones that I know exist and I will cross off the ones I have with every post. The ones that are offered are, /35, /25, /10, /5 and 1/1. If there is any others outside of those, that information would be new to me.

Thanks to my buddy Shane for the assist on landing this card.

Thoughts on today's card and the Illusions parallels welcomed in comments.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Eli's Card: 2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear Next Generation

Today's latest Eli Manning is brought to you by the letters MD. That's because the nice folks over at MD Sports World sent me a little surprise RAK a couple of weeks ago.

It's sometimes challenging to find an Eli Manning that I don't have unless it's numbered or a rookie card.  MD Sports World must have known this as they sent me a need.

I don't know much about this product or insert line, but looking at the fact the product name is in rainbow foil I can only assume this is a parallel as I assume the base version of this card would be basic or basic foil.

The card numbering also may give that away as it's /25.

Thanks again to MD for the Eli card.
Here is a plug-in for them as a thank you to them for sending me the Eli. Their eBay store has tons of fun stuff including some more NY Giants cards I have on my radar.

Thoughts on my latest add is welcomed in comments.

Friday, June 24, 2022

My First Full 90's Rainbow

In the 90's, we didn't have 35 parallels in any set compared to some of today's products. Even the chromed products had only a couple at most. 

When I was recently checking out Burbank Sportcards Beckett Marketplace, I ran into a product I didn't know had some many parallels.

1999 Playoff Prestige SSD was a product loaded with parallels for its time. There were five to chase overall and was probably the most parallels I have seen in a product since Pinnacle Certified.

The base card, which by the way looks spectacular as is, was not numbered.

But, all of the spectrum parallels were randomly inserted into packs and numbered to 500. 

Gold Spectrum

Green Spectrum

Red Spectrum

Purple Spectrum

Blue Spectrum

All of the cards look spectacular side by side. Graham was the only Giants player I could find on Burbank that had the entire run.

If you want to search Burbank for a rainbow like this for yourself, check out their Beckett Markeplace HERE and make sure you use the code 15Burbank to save yourself 15%!

Thoughts on this fun discovery is welcomed in comments and if you chased any 90's parallel rainbows?

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Show Me The Way:1998 Topps Stars Silver

I have introduced Rodney's Cardboard, Kerry's Cardboard, then Eli's Cardboard yesterday and today I am Showing You The Way!

The fourth major player I collect gets his own segment on Big Blue Cardboard as well.

One of my three newest Charles Way pickups from Burbank Sportcards is this Topps Stars Silver parallel.

The set comes with Base, Silver, Gold, Bronze and Gold Star Rainbow. 

The only difference between the cards is the foil used on the front.

And the numbering on the back. The silvers are numbered to 3999.

Thoughts on my latest Charles Way addition welcomed in comments.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Eli's Cardboard:2014 Elite Aspirations Die Cut /90

Welcome to the first Eli's Cardboard post on here.

I have picked up quite a few Eli's recently but wanted to start out with a decent one to kick off this segment on here.

Panini has been known never to put odds on their inserts, parallels or hits like Topps does, so I don't know the odds of pulling today's card, I only know it can't be easy with only 90 of them in existence.

This is a 2014 Elite Aspirations Die Cut numbered to 90. I really like the blue shine it has and any cards that match team color are spectacular.

However, I see I will need to be very careful with the corners on this one when I transition it to my Eli Manning binder.

Back of card shows one-year stats and a write up.

Thoughts on my latest Eli Manning add or the card design always welcomed in comments!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Mosaic Addition!

You are in for a shiny Tuesday!

I was in trade talks with someone for my very first Kadarius Toney Mosaic card and the trade talks fell through as I didn't have quite what the trader needed. However, this wasn't the end of me landing the Toney. Being the kindhearted person @lordremix876 was, he ended up sending me the Toney along with a few friends as well.
Here is the Toney, it's the NFL Debut subset and a silver Prizm. These look so sharp in person!

Mosaic Camo Pink of Giants legend Tiki Barber.

Andrew Thomas Optic silver. Thomas is still the anchor and the best player on the Gmen's offensive line. I hope he can continue his growth this year, Daniel Jones needs it.

Speaking of Daniel Jones, a pink camo Mosaic of him. This is a big break or make year for Jones under the new regime. He has got to show something or he will be gone.

Thanks again to @lordremix876 for the newest additions. It made my week.

Thoughts on these additions or the players welcomed in comments.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Single Card Mail Day:2021 Playoff Rookie Wave Red Kadarius Toney

Welcome back to another Playoff Rookie Wave mail day of Kadarius Toney!

Hopefully by now you are not bored with these.

Today's colored parallel took a while to arrive as I am not sure if the seller took forever to ship or is USPS took forever to get it to me. It made me nervous for a little while but it's in hand and all good now.
So here is the red which matches parts of the Giants away uniform. Looks really sharp. You can tell the differences in parallels for these by looking at the sand color.

Back of the card as well which also tells us it's a Prizm parallel.

So far, I have the following, Base, Blue, Die-Cut, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Gold /10, and Touchdown 1/1.

Here they are all together, and yes, I forgot to showcase the blue on here, but check it out below.
Don't tell me you don't think these look cool whether you are a Giants fan or not.

I actually have at least one more on it's way and more updates to come. If you see any of these I don't have, please let me know. I am hoping for the rainbow, but I never get my hopes up for that.

Thoughts on today's addition and my rainbow beginning is welcomed in comments!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Rodney's Cardboard:2021 Illusions /25

Welcome back to the latest installment of Rodney's Cardboard.

Today, we will be kicking off a streak of Rodney Hampton Illusion adds. Well, are they technically Rodney's? They are to me.

The player featured on here is Saquon Barkley so technically it is his cards, but Rodney is featured in the background.

From what I have found information on, there are five cards to be chased. I don't know if there is more as this checklist is completely messed up and confusing.

Here are the ones I know that exist so far, /35, /25/ /10/ /5 and 1/1. If there is any others outside of those, that information would be new to me.

Today's card is the /35. As you can see, the main part of the card features Saquon.

But there is some faded Rodney in this card along with his name on the back as well.

Your thoughts are welcomed on the lastest Rodney Hampton add in comments.

Saturday, June 18, 2022


I must apologize right off that if you clicked this link hoping to see a post about Phil Collins songs, this isn't it. I do enjoy listening to I Can't Dance, Land Of Confusion and Hold On My Heart.

Today's post is about my first Mosaic Genesis parallel thanks to a trade with @NekBone860.

I have been wanting one of those parallels for a while as they look really sharp from what I have seen and when I saw that @NekBone860 had one from my beloved Giants, I needed it. 

Luckily for me, @NekBone860 and myself have a long history of trading and quickly worked out a deal.

Along with the centerpiece of the trade, I also landed a couple more Golladays.

Swagger insert Prizm parallel

Silver Prizm base card parallel

Mosaic Mosaic base card parallel

And now onto the biggie from the trade....
GENESIS! Giants blue against the Genesis background is stunning.

Glad I finally have one of these! I have one more of these than Golladay had touchdowns last year. Let's hope for a better 2022 season for him.

Thanks to @NekBone860 for the trade and hope we can do another soon.

Thoughts on my newest addition is welcomed in comments along with your favorite Genesis song.

Friday, June 17, 2022

A Fun Trade Concept

In the world of "values" and worrying about every nickel and dime, it's nice to see someone break outside the box and trade in a unique way I haven't seen before.

Yes, I have seen plenty of mystery trades such as people posting cards to be claimed and you sending back a surprise from their PC list, but to have a trade that is just send back whatever you find equal, is interesting and fun.

I was tagged in this fun trade thread hosted by @tonyaces by a fellow Giants fan that spotted a card he thought I would enjoy. Of course, he was right.

Along with that card, I found a couple more I needed for my collection as well.

I traded off most of my Jasson Dominguez collection regrettably, so I am now trying to rebuild it. This was a great piece to start with. I must also apologize for posting a non-Giants card on here.

I don't know what these parallels are called in Rookies and Stars this year, but they are pretty stunning. This was the card that the fellow Giants fan tagged me for and was the one that started my claims. I was not going to say no to this one regardless of Saquon's future status with the Giants.

And my final claim was this die cut parallel of Daniel Jones. I didn't find much Select, one hanger box last year, so there are lots of Big Blue gaps in my collection.

Thanks goes out to @tonyaces for this fun trade thread and I have got to gather your return cards still. I may have to steal your idea and use it too. I liked it that much.

Thoughts on this form of trading and my newest pickups is welcome in comments!