Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Wes Sends Some Giants

 This past Christmas, Wes sent a box packed with so many treasures it was always hard to post them all. So for today, I wanted to sum up most of the NY Giants he sent. Well, at least most of the hits he passed along.

The first card was one on my want list and my first relic card of Greg Comella.

The back of the card features Packers FB William Henderson.

The next ones I will try not to wipe my sweat on,
Davis Webb Towel Swatch cards. It made me look further into possibly adding more of these. How cool would a lot of these look together? By the way, Webb recently was signed back to the Giants to play 3rd, possibly 2nd string QB. Interesting.

Another Andre Williams auto for that massive PC.

Hefty Lefty QB! RIP!

Tiki Barber relic. I don't own a ton of Barber hits so any I get in is always a nice add.

Plax. If only he hadn't had the leg incident, that 2009 Giants team could have repeated as champs.

Always like a cool patch card.

Jesse Palmer is another one of those Giants draft picks that was supposed to be the future of the organization. NOt so much.

Another nice Webb swatch, this time a patch one.

Don't get in his way! Brandon Jacobs could run over anyone.

My first relic card of Super Bowl hero Kevin Boss. Many forget about his momentum changing catch.

Ike Hilliard relic. I don't have a lot of Hilliard either, really need to get his auto at some point.

Thanks again to my buddy Wes for the mail day. Hope to post the rest soon.

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comment.

Random Cardboard Of The Day:1997-1998 Ex2001 Michael Finley


Friday, February 4, 2022

The Grady Chronicles: Junior Ending

We have sadly hit the finale of my Grady mail day today. So I ended it out with some Ken Griffey Jr if that's okay with you?

How about this silver Optic Mythical. It's quite Mythical isn't it?

One of my least favorite inserts of my favorite baseball player.

Can't believe I didn't already have this....

I WANTED THIS!!! So glad to have it now.

Prizm Old School base inserts and Red, White, Blue.

And the final cards of this mail day, well that I am showing off, is a Prizm base and a Green Prizm Parallel.

I was very happy to find these Juniors in the boxes especially the shiny ones.

Thanks again Grady for another excellent treasure dig. I appreciate all that you do for me and have done.

Thoughts on my Grady mail day overall welcomed in comments!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Grady Chronicles:Puck!!

If you saw my post a few months ago about my love of the new Fleer Metal hockey product after opening up a blaster box, you will know I was floored to find these cards in the Grady Boxes.

Flashbacks to the Metal Universe in the 90's.....yeah baby!

The inserts are stunning. I am getting the itch to collecting the sets of these three, so if you have any, I will take them if I don't have them!

Parallels. They don't quite shine as much as you would expect, but they give you just enough.

Not only was there metal,
but more of these awesome Dazzlers which I can't get enough of.

And more shiny stuff too!
(this Marchesbault looks soooooooooooo cool with the under water look)

(tiger king?? Nice)

And red shiny to end it.

That does it for another part of this Grady mail day. One more to go, so come back tomorrow to see how I finish this bad boy up.