Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Topps Magic Football 2012 Blaster Box

After seeing many hits from this product, including retail, I knew I had to get my hands onto some. The only way I could get it was in blaster form.

Here are my thoughts.....

Box Break Down:
  • 8 Packs Per Box
  • $20 a Box 

    BASE CARDS: Topps sometimes colorful cartoonish looking base card designs don't usually work. They used it in both high end and low end products. I prefer real photography and action shots. But in this case for this kind of product its attractive. The base design in general is. With the lack of gloss as well these cards would only look good done this way.

    INSERTS:  Other than anything in chrome style setting, minis are also a favorite of mine. They fall almost one per pack. There are also mini black bordered versions like the Stafford one we pulled that fall 1:24 packs. The other inserts were really lacking in design. They were extremely lame and very unexciting to pull. They remind of something you would use as a subset and not an insert. However, when pulling the Blackmon Rookie Enchantment that was a pretty impressive card. The photo has a purple frame around it. The picture is embedded. Very attractive card and this picture does not do it justice.

    AUTOGRAPHS: N/A though the odds are in your favor at 1:25

    OVERALL THOUGHTS: With odds of pulling an auto at a rate of 1:25, minis, rookie cards, for the $20 its worth the risk. I would also assume the rack packs for $10 would also be worth the price as well. Other than the lack of design on the inserts, very well done product by Topps.

    RATINGS:  Bloggers Note: Our ratings are based specifically on the blaster, box or packs we opened and do not express what the overall product could bring. Ratings based on a 1-5. 1 Being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
                    Packaging: 5
                    Base Design: 4
                    Insert Design: 3
                    Memorablila/Autographs: N/A
                    Blaster, Hobby Box, or Pack Value: 4

    FANdom Card Of The Day: 2009 Topps Allen and Ginter Autographs #WE Walton Glenn Eller

    2009 Topps Allen and Ginter Autographs #WE Walton Glenn Eller
    Like what you see? Follow the link to buy this card!

    Wednesday, February 27, 2013

    Review: Big Bang Theory Seasons 3-4 3 Retail Packs

    Love the show...and these stare at me every time I walk by them. I finally had to get my hands onto some form of these cards. Though, I didn't hit it big, I don't regret my decision.

    Here are my thoughts.....

    Box Break Down:
    • 5 Cards Per Pack
    • $2.49 Per Retail Pack

    BASE CARDS: If you love the show, like I do, You will love these cards. Scenes that you can never forget are shown and displayed on a piece of cardboard history. Such as the card above this. Who can forget when Sheldon tried to take the Lord Of The Rings necklace off from Penny with the grabby claw? She awakens punching him in the face. Every card brings you those memories and funny moments.

    INSERTS: Out of three packs only one insert. And if I read it correctly, it states that they are tough pulls at 1:300 + packs. Ouch. That would be the only downfall to retail

    AUTOGRAPHS: N/A The autographs though are still really hot from Series one. If you are buying this product to hit an auto..well hobby suits you better with really hard retail odds to overcome.

    JERSEY/PATCH CARDS:N/A They have wardrobe cards, but once again tough pulls in retail.
    OVERALL THOUGHTS: I am gonna recommend this product. If you love the show, you will love the cards. If you are aiming for the big hits, don't buy retail. Stick with hobby. If you are buying the cards to have some and maybe put a set together, retail is for you. I am actually hoping to go back and try some more.

    RATINGS:  Bloggers Note: Our ratings are based specifically on the blaster, box or packs we opened and do not express what the overall product could bring. Ratings based on a 1-5. 1 Being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
                    Packaging: 5
                    Base Design: 5
                    Insert Design: 5
                    Memorablila/Autographs: N/A
                    Blaster, Hobby Box, or Pack Value: 3.5

    FANdom Card Of The Day: 2012 Topps Magic Rookie Enchantment #RERG Robert Griffin III

    2012 Topps Magic Rookie Enchantment #RERG Robert Griffin III
    Thanks to Jammin JDcards for providing this card for us to share!

    Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    FANdom Card Of The Day: 2012-13 ITG Heroes and Prospects Jersey Patches Silver #M33 Nick Baptiste

    2012-13 ITG Heroes and Prospects Jersey Patches Silver #M33 Nick Baptiste

    Thanks to Jammin JDcards for providing this card to us.

    March Monthly Giveaway

    Well...since this is Sport Card Collectors one year Blogversary we thought we would mix up this months contest to one big twist. You have to defeat me. Thats right. March means Beat The Blogger. If I place in the Top 3 whatever spot I get into it takes away that spots prize. So try your best and beat me!

    Unlike past months...this month will run for 25 days instead! We had an overwhelming response of yes to expanding the amount of days on it. 

    Speaking of the prizes.....

    The combined estimated value of this months lot is: $75-$90.

    Good Luck to everyone!! Remember, the more contestants....the more prizes!! If we can AT LEAST 20 contestants playing on a daily basis..there will be three place prizes awarded! But would love to have a ton of people participate. The more competition, the more fun! If we don't get the 20 contestants a day there will be only one prize awarded.

    2nd place prize is Abby Wombach 2011 Upper Deck Promo Card (these are limited and were only a certain amount made that were handed out)

    3rd place: 5-6 card lot of rookies and inserts

    Also, as a bonus this month to thank all of you for supporting this blog you can win this!

    8x10 autograph
    Now you are asking how do we win this...well for every day entry you put puts you in for an entry to win this 8x10 autograph. The more days you enter, the better chance you will have to win this autograph photo of Phil Villapiano of the Oakland Raiders. We are hoping this will be the biggest and best monthly prize month yet! And who knows what else we will do to celebrate!

    Rules: There will be a daily entry posted such as March 1st 2013. You will pick the winner of the game posted. You will earn 2 points for the right answer. 1 point for the wrong. The contest runs for 25 days. The Top 3 people with the most points win a prize. The person with the most wins the big prize. There are twist days in between and point gambles at the end and Newbie days where you can earn big points to join the contest. You can join in on this contest at any point except the last 3 days. Anyone can win even with 1 point cause you never know which gambles will pay off! 

    Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to the blog so you don't miss an entry!


    March Monthly Standings

    Here are the standings for March's Giveaway:

    1st place

    2nd place

    3rd place


    @KentRitchie1                                                                     0 points
    Sport Card Collectors                                                          0 points
    @yorkcounty46                                                                    0 points
    Thomas Young                                                                     87 points
    @Seahawksfan605                                                              35 points                                                           0 points
    Jamie B.                                                                              95 points
    @badbrad1987                                                                   0 points
    @jeffgehringer                                                                   16 points                    
    J.J. Hernandez                                                                   0 points
    @mikewcarreiro                                                                 1 points
    @strowyrm                                                                         1 points
    Super Tom                                                                          4 points
    Jeff Hoyle                                                                         146 points
    Aimee Hoyle                                                                    152 points
    Miami Vice                                                                         0 points
    Harold Tourjee                                                                  0 points
    Ed                                                                                       1 points
    KMH.                                                                                22 points
    @markloftus                                                                     0 points
    Mark DeBarge                                                                   3 points
    @Jdoggnoland                                                                 0 point
    Scott N.                                                                              0 points
    John Webb                                                                        0 points
    @BigNoah                                                                        0 points
    Logan W                                                                            0 points
    chrisdawg7                                                                        0 points
    wandamc7                                                                         0 points
    7jennifer                                                                            8 points
    jeremy ledbetter                                                                76 points  
    DustinV765                                                                      66 points
    Sam Gordo                                                                         3 points
    arron stout                                                                        26 points
    @band234                                                                         2 points
    Jonathan Hoffman                                                           20 points
    @CashItHomie                                                                   2 points
    Jammin JDcards                                                               17 points
    @paulschiling                                                                     9 points
    @nastyboysclub99                                                             1 points
    @TheWillFerret                                                               134 points
    Mariner1                                                                            1 point
    32faf762-1403-11e2-af9e-000bcdcb8a73                          1 point
    @JustinRoss_                                                                     1 points
    @gogshbears                                                                     11 points 
    Everett Tourjee                                                                16 points 
    @sfgmoney                                                                        2 points 

    Sunday, February 24, 2013

    Random Card Of The Day: Scottie Pippen Stadium Club 93-94 High Court

    Preview: Upper Deck Football 2013

    2013 Upper Deck Football releases in April and brings back some favorites from last year such as the College Mascots as it continues the series of them. It also brings a pretty impressive autograph list including the possible #1 pick in Geno Smith. The card set is 50 base cards and 200 rookies.

    In a box you should find:

    6 cards per pack
    20 packs per box

    Product Arrival Date:
    April 9, 2013

    Break Summary: (on average)
    Three (3) Autographs in every box!

    Get Four (4) 1995 SP Football or 1995 SP Prospects cards per box!
    One (1) rare parallel numbered to 10 or less per case!

    To find more info on this set..visit Upper Deck on Facebook

    Thursday, February 21, 2013

    FANdom Card Of The Day: 2011 Topps Supreme Autographed Relics Red #SARSR Stevan Ridley

    Stevan Ridley had a break out season this year. It will be very interesting to see what he brings to the table next season.

    2011 Topps Supreme Autographed Relics Red #SARSR Stevan Ridley #01/20
    If you want to own this card go to this link:

    Thanks to Jammin JDcard for providing us with the FANdom Card Of The Day

    MLB World Series Prize Group # 1 Revealed

    We finally put together the winnings for Group #1 of our MLB World Series Contest. Group #2's will be similar to this. The value of this lot is around $70. We tried to make it worth your time. Good Luck and we hope you enjoy!

    Those of you involved in this contest right now in Group #1 are listed here:

    Unopened Donruss 1990 pack
    4 base cards from Golden Age..just because they look nice
    A lot of 80's and 90's stars

    Jeff Conine Gold Parallel from Upper Deck '09 numbered to 99.
    This is the Pink Error card.

    Random Card Of The Day: Tommy Lasorda Topps 1983

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    MLB World Series Team Results!

    We know there was some confusion with our contest rules. We had people picking teams, not realizing that the contest is open to US Residents only (all of our contests are like this due to shipping costs and a couple of bad experiences with shipping out of country. We apologize profusely for this rule but we have got to keep it in place) below every contest post it says this. If any of participants in group one missed this direction please let us know.

    Now onto the good news! Here are the 30 involved in our World Series promo! If we get more entries, great! We will start a second group. But the group would have to hit 30 to count. But if it did we would award two prizes. So keep spreading the word and enter!

    Here are the 30 participants in Group 1:

    Group 1:
    jeremaih johnson
    Harold Tourjee
    Thomas Young
    J.J. Hernandez
    Scott N.
    Jamie B.
    Miami Vice
    Super Tom
    John Webb
    William Rose
    Mark DeBarge
    Max T.

    Here are the results after 3 times randomizing:
    There were 30 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
    1. @Seahawksfan605
    2. Jamie B.
    3. Super Tom
    4. @band234
    5. jeremaih johnson
    6. John Webb
    7. @markloftus
    8. @fitchjr1
    9. Scott N.
    10. Chunter
    11. J.J. Hernandez
    12. @scottsupra
    13. @yorkcounty46
    14. Max T.
    15. @BigNoah
    16. @wphilpot20
    17. William Rose
    18. @KentRitchie1
    19. Thomas Young
    20. @R5eightlane
    21. Miami Vice
    22. frostee12
    23. @cincyboy1976
    24. @JdoggNoland
    25. Harold Tourjee
    26. @dwebb24
    27. Mark DeBarge
    28. @jeffgehringer
    29. @strowyrm
    30. KMH
    Timestamp: 2013-02-20 17:58:37 UTC
    You have randomized this list 3 times.

    Now what happens, is the first person on the list gets to pick ANY MLB team they think will win the World Series. Once that team has been chosen, they are off the list. Then the next person chooses a team and so on. Please do not pick a team until it is your turn. We will publish any team selections immediately so you will know whos been chosen.

    As for the prize, we will hopefully post a picture on here soon. Look for updates we will post when we have a prize lot picture ready.

    Good Luck and get your teams selected below here in comments. First pick, @Seahawksfan605 you are up first!

    *Contest Open To US Residents Only! Sorry!

    Here is the list of MLB Teams remaining: We update this daily.
    • Arizona Diamondbacks-Chunter
    • Atlanta Braves-Scott N
    • Anaheim Angels-Jamie B
    • Baltimore Orioles-William Rose
    • Boston Red Sox-@JdoggNoland
    • Chicago Cubs-Harold Tourjee
    • Chicago White Sox-Miami Vice
    • Cinncinnati Reds-Super Tom
    • Cleveland Indians-@R5eightlane
    • Colorado Rockies-@jeffgehringer
    • Detroit Tigers-@band234
    • Houston Astros-@strowyrm
    • Kansas City Royals-KMH
    • Los Angeles Dodgers-@fitchjr
    • Miami Marlins-Jamie B
    • Milwaukee Brewers-@KentRitchie1
    • Minnesota Twins-Logan W
    • New York Mets-@dwebb24
    • New York Yankees-Mark Loftus
    • Oakland Athletics-@scottsupra
    • Philadelphia Phillies-Thomas Young
    • Pittsburgh Pirates-@BigNoah
    • San Diego Padres-@yorkcounty46
    • San Francisco Giants-J. Johnson
    • Seattle Mariners-Frostee12
    • St. Louis Cardinals-@yorkcounty46
    • Tampa Bay Rays-Max T
    • Texas Rangers-J.J. Hernandez
    • Toronto Blue Jays-John Webb
    • Washington Nationals-@Seahawksfan605

    Trade on Twitter...

    Recently made a great trade with a great guy I found on Twitter known as . If you haven't followed him yet, you should. Loves to talk sports and the hobby. I don't normally trade and usually when approached I tell them that. But I do consider it sometimes. Its hard to know who to trust in this online world without going to specific sites such as Beckett to let you know if the person is a good trader or not.

    This time with a persistent inquiry about this card I decided to take the chance. Glad I did despite some ups and downs with it. By this I mean the USPS system almost killed this trade and my reputation by almost losing my card. His cards to me got to me within 3 days, mine took over a week and the tracking for mine never showed up until the day of delivery. And because of this, I don't think I will trade again online with the risk of it almost being lost. I may reconsider again in the future, but for right now I probably won't.But it was great that understood and waited.

    Embedded image permalink
    This is the one that he wanted desperately for his Topps Chrome auto collection and rookie QB PC. So he threw me a few offers and we were able to come to terms after I gave it much, much thought because I really did like this card. So he got the Osweiler Black refractor auto #25 and a few Topps Chrome refractor set needs and I got the following:

    New Rueben Randles to increase the PC:

    Another Eli relic.I only have 2. Now three :)

    2 bonuses he threw in:
    And one of my favorite cards from the lot despite having been released from the Giants # to 10

    This was a trade I couldn't refuse. It helped both of us with our PC's. And I recommend to anyone to trade with him as well!

    Let me know how you have done online trading outside of specific sites. And have you found bad traders? A bad time with USPS? And thoughts on this trade as well. Did you think this trade was even or one sided?