Saturday, August 31, 2019

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2019 Topps Heritage High Number

Well, it's that time of year. Baseball is starting to wind down to the playoff stretch and football season is upon us. This time of year also means some end of the year product releases and some of the series of products closing up such as Topps Heritage. Every year there is a Low Series and a High Series and just recently the High Series made its way on the market once again flashing that 1970's feel.

Let's see how I did in  my break of it,

 Every box of 2019 Topps Heritage High Series baseball comes with 24 packs of 9 cards each. You will find one box topper and one hit, either a memorabilia card or autograph card, per box on average. Boxes currently run just under $100.

My boxloader was a Topps Super Baseball! There is also a Poster Box Loader as well.

Not too shabby of a find in Christian Yelich. He has hit a few baseballs the last few years.

The base cards bring back the 1970's design you found in the first series but with different players this time. There are 225 cards to collect in this round including 25 Sp's.

The base contain both veterans and rookies like Vlad Jr

Once again determining those Sp's will be done by not only the card number itself, but the CMP code at the bottom of the card helps as well.

Here are the CMP. Remember, you just need the last two digits to determine what you have. It's easier than trying to match up cards and seeing if one is or isn't a variation.
  • Base  321
  • Base SP 329
  • French Text 322 or 330
  • Silver Metal 340
  • Error 341
  • Trade  342
  • Throwback 343
  • Action Image 344
  • Team Name Color 345
  • Nickname 346

 These are the base card Sp's. You will find at least 8 per box.

And whoa! Is this a Action Sp? Well, yes, yes it is. And look at the! Best Sp I have ever pulled.

CMP code. Action Sp's fall roughly 1:26 packs.

The cards side by side. Right is the variation.

Let's throw some chrome on these bad boys! Topps Heritage chrome is back again and fall one per box it seems despite the 1:49 odds.

These also have refractor parallels of, Hot Box Purple, Base Refractor /570, Black /69, Gold /5, SuperFractor 1/1.
Mini parallel. Haven't ever seen one of these before. Numbered to 99 and is a tough pull at 1:482 packs.

Cards side by side

 Rookie Performers has 15 cards to collect that fall 1:8 packs

 Award Winners falls 1:8 packs and has 10 cards to collect

 Now and then has 15 cards to collect at 1:8 pack odds

Hammerin' Hank Greatest Hits falls 1:24 packs

And finally, Play Baseball scratch off falls 1:24 packs and has 15 cards to collect.

And as my usual, I pull a relic card which is 9 out of 10 times the case. And for me oddly once again it's Albert Pujols. Why couldn't this have been an auto this time!?

Other hits not found in my box but could be in yours include
  • Real One Autographs
  • Real One Dual Autographs
  • The Hammer’s Greatest Hits Autograph
  • 1970 Cut Signatures including celebrities!
  • Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Quad Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics
  • Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relics
OVERALL: Well, as always Heritage is a fun rip to see new guys in old designs. However, if this break didn't have the Action Sp of Vlad that would been a tough swallow of  a relic card for $100. I would like to see a one auto and one memorabilia kinda deal with this product for value wise. Other than that, it was once again a fun rip. Definitely has that aspect and for someone like me who doesn't really collect vintage it's fun to see these designs in hand and come to life. It makes you crave wanting to do some vintage as well and compare.

If you want in on a box break of this product without paying box prices, I suggest Midwest Box Breaks as they pull fire!

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the giveaway on Twitter I am hosting. Please follow me there to enter @SportCardCollec. Also follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well

Friday, August 30, 2019

I Get The Eli-Sation....

Every time I rip into a @Brent3323 mail day I get the Eli-sation that I am floating on air above the stadium where the Giants won this upcoming years Super Bowl. Well, one can dream can't they?

Once again @Brent3323 sent my mail day before I was expecting it. I have been trying to prep a return for him but now will have to hurry my way faster. Every Brent mail day comes with some surprises as well which always gets my attention.

Let's check out what he passed along this time.

A great assorment of Giants in which he also hand wrote a note wishing us a great season. He is a fellow Giants fan as well.

One of my favorite TE's ever to watch. This guy could easily control a game with his aggressive play. A lot of people didn't like him, but I did. He could shove a guy to the ground and run for 40 yards.

 A couple more Giants and a couple of new 2019 rookies

 Ryan Lindley who looked pretty solid in the game vs the Giants, my first card of his and D.K. Metcalf who a lot of people, especially Seahawk fans are excited about.

 These are so shiny...they gonna make me kick my hiney

 Mr. Jones!

This was a pretty cool surprise...some kind of parallel from Rookies And Stars of Andre Williams numbered 4/5!

I don't know if it's the Strata autograph relic why I wanted this or the fact I have at least another 4 West autos that I thought would be fun to add another. Either way, it's here.

This guy has looked solid with the Patriots. I traded away another auto I had so wanted to add another

This guy will be soon out of the NFL. Even for the Redskins he can't block. I hope he stays so he faces the Giants but I don't think he does. I collect Giants cards so no matter if he is a bust or not, he is a Giant and I will add him.


 A couple of really sweet patches of Andre Williams. One is an extra points parallel /100

And the final card is a Kenneth Dixon auto jersey. NFL Prospecting for me I guess. I also liked the Phoenix auto cards.

And that's it for another awesome Brent mail day.

Thanks again Brent for the mail day. I wasn't quite ready for it yet but it was exciting to see. I have still got to hit you back here sometime with a bigger one when I get shipping funds and sorting done.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Daniel "Dimes" Jones RAK

It was draft night 2019, I sat by the TV watching pick by pick and messaging my sister in law who lives just a few minutes away from where they held the draft. I told her I assume the Giants would take a QB of the future here and it was too bad she wasn't actually at the event to grab me an autograph.

Up to that point, I was all on board with the Giants taking Dwayne Haskins at 6 but something in my gut told me and from hearing reports over the past few days prior, the Giants were going to pass on him and take some guy named Daniel Jones.

I don't watch college football whatsoever so for me I just go by general numbers and consensus of experts on who should be drafted and where. And the most I had seen of Daniel Jones name was a quick video of him Vs North Carolina where he tore them apart on the ground and through the air.

So there I sat fingers crossed for Haskins, who seemed to be the obvious choice after Murray was taken at one. I even would have been happy with DE Josh Allen sitting there as well as the Giants desperately needed pass rushers.

Then came the commissioner across the screen......With the 6th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the NY Giants select, Daniel Jones QB Duke. And I just like every Giants fan at the time fell to the ground in disbelief.

However, my disbelief didn't actually last that long unlike many other Giants fans. I began to warm up to the idea and welcomed Jones to the Giants. Once you are apart of Big Blue Nation, why would you ever tear apart a guy. Give them a chance and root them on. You gotta have the faith and hope is everything your team thought he was by drafting him with the 6th pick.

The next day I began finding myself requesting Jones cards to trade for but it wasn't that easy. Nobody had any to trade or if they did, they asked an arm and two legs for them. And I wasn't about to give that up for a guy I wasn't sure on yet. Unlike Saquon that I gave up lots of great stuff for.

I did manage a few base cards here and there. Then I finally wanted an autograph really bad. That's when all of a sudden I went on a streak of adding some through trading and then today's that came via RAK from the great Valley Of Cards. Incredible guy and incredible card. My first Giants uniform autograph relic of Jones.
 Numbered to 99!

Jones has played well so far this preseason. No interceptions, two touchdowns and some really nice accurate throws. Of course it is preseason and he is playing against second team defenses , so its still hard to completely judge him yet, but his accuracy alone and ball placement is at least a sign of a bright future.

Well there you have it. Big thanks for the RAK goes out to  Valley Of Cards. If you haven't yet, click on the link I included in the previous sentence to check out their website with a vast of unique memorabilia items and check out their eBay stores here for you collecting needs,
Click the link above to visit Valley Of Cards website or check out their eBay stores here for tons and tons of great stuff

Check them out on Twitter as well @ValleyOfCards

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Trade Shaped By Baseball

Recently Mike over at thew blog in the blogoshpere, A Life Shaped By Baseball, contacted me about a trade and introduced himself in the process.

I always try to play it cool like Phil Simms when someone new approaches me about wanting to trade. I mean I don't want to act overly excited? That may be weird to someone new and they may not come back. So I kept my cool and we worked out a pretty fast trade.

From the sounds of it, Mike collected in about the same time frame I did with some of the cards he passed along and he told me ahead that he covered different parts of my PC in the trade process.

We have some Rodney's. Wonder how close I am to 100 Pro Set Rodney Hampton rookies.

 Some more G-men.

 Some Tiki.

Junior! Despite how much I love football, I still collect Griffey. It's probably my only real baseball PC right now.

More Griffey. These are all new to me but I need to update my Griffey spreadsheet again since I got new additions from Mike and Shane.

 He also tossed in some Yankees including my all time favorite Yankee, Derek Jeter.

Then Mike hit up my want lists for set needs and I couldn't have been happier about that. So many needs on those lists and so many more coming when I update the whole thing.
 The Big Show from Collectors Choice

 TD Sensations

 Turf Champions

 Pro Files by David Robinson

Man do I love these Rookie Exclusvies

 Hardwood Leader help. Still a ways to go on this set

 swweeeett additions towards my Countdown to Impact set. Two All Time NFL greats QB's.

 Another one of those Spx 1996 baseballs gone. Chipping away little by little

 Another set that is slowly being chipped away on

MVP insert adds. Yes, that is a dupe Rodney because I need one for the set and one for my Rodney Binder

Same Game, More Attitude for these players. I haven't knocked any of these off in awhile so here it goes.

This wasn't even all of the set adds he sent along or all of the cards. I only featured a few on here.
However I feel like this after realizing how far behind I am on set needs on here.

Hopefully soon I will be able to take some time out and sort everything then update my needs on here.

A big thanks goes out to Mike for the trade and for contacting me to do one. I will hopefully update everything on here soon so we can trade again. If you haven't checked out Mike's blog, A Life Shaped By Baseball,do so and add him to your blogroll. While you are at it, do a trade.