Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Too Much Cardboard Goodness

Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders blog, hit me up with another sweeeeeet mail day and boy do I mean sweet.

There was some shiny, some 90's set help and some #GiantsPride. What else could I ask for?

Let's check it out.

 I don't have any of these Epix, I mainly have the 90's ones, but this is now one of my favorite Eli Manning cards. I may have to do some research to see if they make more than one variation of it.

Spx baseball 1996 set help!!!! Woo boy! This narrows my search down to just 10 or 11. I haven't taken these off my want list yet so hopefully soon. So excited!! This could be a big step in helping me in my 90's Spx project.

Also, another big add if you follow me on Twitter, was the addition of ALL BUT ONE 1995-1996 Spx basketball. I NEED MJ!!! Then that's another one knocked off the list. (by the way, going forward most of my mail days will be shown on Twitter so be sure to follow me there @SportCardCollec. I am way too far behind to keep up posting mail days on here)

I didn't know Press Pass made any acetate cards. This one looks great and has no fading which can be typical for cards signed on it.

Nice two color patch of Jernigan. My PC of his continues to grow big time. Maybe can be my new Rodney Hampton once I am done finding all of his cards available.

Then to finish it off a three color Sp Authentic auto patch of Jernigan.

Big thanks to Dennis for another great mail day. I hope you liked my return and I still have plenty more to send your way. Well, just a stack that's all ;) Will get them out piece by piece.

If any of you have the MJ Spx or some help in finishing up my 1996 Spx baseball set, contact me!

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  1. I don't have an extra MJ... but you inspired me to check out ebay. I purchased a 1996 SPx Gold basketball set back in 2012 for $60. A set w/o the MJ sold for $100. $200 with the Jordan. Who says cards can't be an investment ;)