Friday, August 16, 2019

Shane Delievers Cardboard Again!

I recently made a big trade with my friend and fellow 90's wax buster Shane. He is the one who runs the Cheap Wax Wednesday and Other Stuff where he breaks boxes that cost under $50 from 80's, 90's and today.

In my trade, I got some cheap wax boxes to bust open, something you will be able to see down the road on here (they are currently being posted on another blog but there is a reason for that and other things that are changing) so for now let's check out the other part of the trade. Today's is a little preview, but believe me, Part 2 will bring the fire!

Let's for now see what Part 1 has for offerings.

9 new Terrell Davis additions. Lot's of great stuff mixed in and yes this photo uploaded upside down and I couldn't fix it. I guess the best I can caption this is that's probably how defenses saw him coming and going when Davis ran.

Dikembe 90's insert

Some G-Men I didn't have. Shane did a great job snagging me some new ones.

Speaking of some new ones, check out this First Down parallel /10 he grabbed for me! Lauletta is most likely on the chop block, but he has looked decent so far in preseason. Maybe a future stud somewhere else. Miami..... you calling....

Some 2007 Ginter non sport

More non sport

Some new Griffey inserts for me PC. I really need to update my numbers on here. Just haven't had time.

More Griffeys. I really like the Upper Deck ones that shine

And one more.

One more final piece for today is this box loaded with 90's goodness. I will show this all off at a later date. The Dan Marino I show is a set I am chasing in 1996 Playoff Illusions. Hopefully will have those updated on here soon as well.

This is only Part 1 of this mail day. Just a little simmer before I bring it to a full boil in part 2. That post will be up next week so remember to come back and see what else I landed in the trade.


  1. Can't wait to see what other cheap wax you picked up!

    1. It's been posted on Now That's Some High Quality Cardboard but I decided to move those posts over here now and probably do away with a second blog and a third one with Snagging Cardboard. Too much work on very little interaction and views.