Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Trade Shaped By Baseball

Recently Mike over at thew blog in the blogoshpere, A Life Shaped By Baseball, contacted me about a trade and introduced himself in the process.

I always try to play it cool like Phil Simms when someone new approaches me about wanting to trade. I mean I don't want to act overly excited? That may be weird to someone new and they may not come back. So I kept my cool and we worked out a pretty fast trade.

From the sounds of it, Mike collected in about the same time frame I did with some of the cards he passed along and he told me ahead that he covered different parts of my PC in the trade process.

We have some Rodney's. Wonder how close I am to 100 Pro Set Rodney Hampton rookies.

 Some more G-men.

 Some Tiki.

Junior! Despite how much I love football, I still collect Griffey. It's probably my only real baseball PC right now.

More Griffey. These are all new to me but I need to update my Griffey spreadsheet again since I got new additions from Mike and Shane.

 He also tossed in some Yankees including my all time favorite Yankee, Derek Jeter.

Then Mike hit up my want lists for set needs and I couldn't have been happier about that. So many needs on those lists and so many more coming when I update the whole thing.
 The Big Show from Collectors Choice

 TD Sensations

 Turf Champions

 Pro Files by David Robinson

Man do I love these Rookie Exclusvies

 Hardwood Leader help. Still a ways to go on this set

 swweeeett additions towards my Countdown to Impact set. Two All Time NFL greats QB's.

 Another one of those Spx 1996 baseballs gone. Chipping away little by little

 Another set that is slowly being chipped away on

MVP insert adds. Yes, that is a dupe Rodney because I need one for the set and one for my Rodney Binder

Same Game, More Attitude for these players. I haven't knocked any of these off in awhile so here it goes.

This wasn't even all of the set adds he sent along or all of the cards. I only featured a few on here.
However I feel like this after realizing how far behind I am on set needs on here.

Hopefully soon I will be able to take some time out and sort everything then update my needs on here.

A big thanks goes out to Mike for the trade and for contacting me to do one. I will hopefully update everything on here soon so we can trade again. If you haven't checked out Mike's blog, A Life Shaped By Baseball,do so and add him to your blogroll. While you are at it, do a trade.

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