Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Nuts And Bolts and The Big Finish

Every so often I catch someone selling cards that become a big interest of mine and I try to do my best to pull off a trade for them.

@mydadscardcoll1 was running a sale of mid to late 90's basketball cards and I was watching carefully to see if something would catch my eye. Then it did and I pulled the trigger on inquiring whether he wanted to trade or not.

He wanted to see if they would sell first and since they didn't, there was a trade.

Anytime I see a 90's Jordan card, I find interest. Can't explain it, but I do.

So I grabbed these two complete subsets with MJ in both in this trade. Nothing huge or overly spectacular, but it's still MJ who is by far my biggest side NBA PC.

Let's check these out. ***note I didn't take picture of each card I got, I only chose a handful to show off in these subsets***

 These are from 1995-1996 Fleer Metal, Nuts and Bolts. Cool design. Much of the 90's was.


 Grant Hill in old school Pistons jersey

 David slamming one down

 Shaq doing Shaq

The next one is called The Big Finish from 1996-1997 NBA Hoops
 Seems like a great subset name for MJ, always finished big in games.

 David Robinson


 My boy Patrick Ewing. The good Knicks days

Allan Hoooooouuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssttttttttooooooooon

Karl Malone

Pretty cool adds for my 90's PC.

Thanks @mydadscardcoll1 for the trade! Hope we can do more down the road.


  1. I pulled that MJ from a pack and still have it! Definitely a cool subset.

  2. Whenever I see that Jordan Nuts & Bolts card I think it's an insert... instead of a subset. Very cool looking cards.

    1. It would have made a great insert for Metal!