Monday, August 5, 2019

Stocking It Up

With my big insert sorting project underway, I needed to stock up on some supplies and make sure I have enough stuff on hand to use when I finish sorting each sport.

Baseball inserts are close to being sorted by team, so it was time to be ready.

And ready I will be.

I grabbed a good handful of BCW Card Sleeves, two different sizes just in case of those thicker inserts,which should hopefully do the baseball inserts.

While I was at it, I have another baseball sorting project afterwards but needed these to do it. I will let you know what I do with these 15-Card Hinged boxes when I get to that project.

One of the biggest needs was shoe boxes and shoe box houses to store all of the outgoing inserts from binders. These should work perfectly for me to put them by team for every sport. Or at least baseball and football hopefully May need another for hockey and basketball.

I like the shoebox houses as it keeps the card room more neat than having storage boxes all over the place.

Stay tuned as I will continue to update my sorting project as 2019 as I move closer by my 2020 goal of being completely revamped and organized.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some great Penny Sleeves check out BCW's wide variety of them HERE.

And if you want to clean up your card room of boxes, go check out the shoe box with shoe box houses HERE.


  1. I've wanted one of those shoe box houses for quite some time now, but my wholesaler never seems to have them in stock.

  2. I wish I had the room for those shoebox houses