Sunday, August 25, 2019

Golden Cardboard

A couple of weeks ago I got my very first mail day from weekly giveaway thread that @ngtcollectibles hosts on Twitter. That mail day was from @Metallicarl who is apart of the group.

I missed this past weeks entry to post on there and see what everyone else is looking for so I can send something along, but I think @Metallicarl must have taken note as he contacted me about some 1995 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallions he recently found in a collection he added since he saw on the blog I am chasing the set.

Let's check em out!

(double PC with this one have Strahan)

Whoa! I think all 12 are new but I will have to check. Right now I am a tad behind on adding set numbers to the blog I am needing. Hopefully will have time to update soon.

A thanks goes out to @Metallicarl for the mail day and set adds. I really appreciate it!

Hopefully I will be able to go onto next weeks thread and pay it forward which is the fun of the thread. Of course I wished people would post that I sent them something. Takes away some of the fun when they don't and I don't want to appear as just a claimer which I am not.

If you haven't joined in on those threads on Twitter yet, you should do so. There are some great people on those threads and nice guys like @Metallicarl


  1. Nice! I had to go ahead and mute this giveaway thread, I keep seeing it in my timeline, and I keep getting annoyed by it. So many people are trying to get rare and expensive things, and then go ahead and just offer up a couple of random beat up 1988 Donruss singles, if they even offer anything up at this. But I'm glad that it's worked out for you though :)

    1. I lucked out but I agree. A lot of beggars there and not many givers. I have given a few times and not one thank you so that bothers me. People don't even post it. But I agree, they ask for Trout and offer up Jose uribe. I just got lucky with this guy.

  2. 12 for 12? Nice. One of the goldest sets from the 90's.