Friday, August 9, 2019

Ginter Cardboard With Relics

Recently, Nachos Grande busted a bunch of Ginter then posted up some trade bait with it to help him finish some sets.

I went and checked it out hoping to find some non sport relics or autographs for my PC. And low and behold, there were some avaialabe. I wasn't able to help him much in 2019 Ginter, but did knock down some other past needs so we worked out a quick trade, mailed fast and here what arrived for me.

Graham Elliot who is a Top Chef but also has a wicked card collection if you follow him on Twitter at all.

Ben Schwartz who is an actor and voice actor who played on Parks and Rec, House Of Lies, Ducktales, TMNT and others.

And Travis Pastrana who is a daredevil of sorts.

Thanks goes out to Nachos Grande for the trade and for being so easy to trade with. I think that's an important piece as well.

I am now wondering...which non sport person were you chasing in Allen And Ginter?


  1. The two cards I want the most from this set aren't even people. It's the Bernese Mountain Dog (Collectible Canines) and the SR-71 (History of Flight) cards.