Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The Time Travel Box

I always like receiving and giving a nice surprise mail day. I find those are the best ones.

Just yesterday I was a recipient of one completely unexpected, well til the day before when Jon over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts (still like his blog name a lot) mentioned something heading my way, but it was still unexpected of what was to come.

He also said the package could be tracked so you know it wasn't going to be a PWE and knowing how much we have in common, I had no idea what was arriving.

When I saw the mail carrier leave a bubbler and a box in my mail box, I at first assumed the bubbler was from Jon and the box was something for my wife. Well, turns out the bubbler was another mail day I will share at some point and that the box was from Jon. A box. What could he have possibly stuck in a box?

The box wasn't extremely heavy so couldn't be a bunch of cards or even a head, but had some decent weight to it.

Without further hesitation and wondering, I ripped open the box..... Hmmmm Treasure inside, who wouldn't want to see that...

Surprise for sure! Completely unexpected mail day and contents and also an unexpected trip back in time with VHS tapes from my childhood shows. I always envy Jon who always finds great movies on his shopping trips he posts about. These ones by far were my favorites from what he has posted on his blog.

So let's see what Jon sent.

The Mask Animated Series. I used to watch a ton of this but haven't seen it since. Now I can re-live what once was.

 There wasn't one Disney Afternoon watched without kicking it off with Talespin. OHEEAY!(talespin) OHEEOH(talespin)

DuckTales...WOO HOO! I watched DuckTales twice a day. It used to come on at 6:30 in the morning right after Rush Limbaugh and in the afternoon as well.

 Honey....I'M HOME. I haven't seen Dinosaurs since the 90's. I don't have any DVD's of it or never find it on TV. I also don't have any of those fancy streaming channels/services like NetFlix, etc so I can't watch classics like this.

 And finally.....LET'S GET DANGEROUS. Darkly Dawns The Duck is also the first episode in the series. Back when Drake Mallard, aka Darkwing Duck, adopts Gosalyn and battles Taurus Bulba. I won't go into any further details for now.....

I have further post plans with these tapes down the road so stay tuned for that.

A big thanks to Jon for the treasure trove of awesomeness and trip back in time. Great stuff that I will enjoy and treasure forever.

And yes for those wondering, of course I still have a VHS player.

Two actually in case one goes down.


  1. It's always good to have a back-up VCR... I just so happen have a "few" myself ;)

    All of these have been gotten in the last few months, and all were watched and enjoyed, but I knew that it might be a number of years before I'd watch them again, so why not try and find them a new home -- a home where they might be a little bit more appreciated, and there was only one such home that I could think of.

    By the by, I hope you didn't throw away those two pieces of cardboard that were taped together, because there was some treasure sandwiched between those as well.

    1. I thought the treasure was underneath! Well,good thing I never throw anything away! I will have to uncover that treasure today

  2. Generous Jon strikes again! Very cool time travel treasure. I grew up with a lot of those shows myself-especially Ducktales WOO HOO! and Dinosaurs. Please tell me you didn't watch Rush back then, lol.

    I've saved almost all of my VHS tapes and I still have a VCR somewhere. Haven't been in the mood to pop in a old tape but I did watch an ALF marathon with my daughter a couple weeks ago.

    1. I was five or six but gotta admit I at least left Rush on and found him funny for some reason or another. Had no idea why. Definitely not something I would watch now haha

  3. Anyone else feel like pouring a bowl of cereal for some reason?

  4. great fun! Jon does have one of the best blog names out there! He's a clever one!

  5. Oooh, Dinosaurs! Love that show. "The Mating Dance" is a classic.

    1. I don't remember it well, time to watch for a reminder!

  6. Fire at will!
    Do not fire at Will, he is my first mate!
    Fire at the Sea Duck!

    All time great line, these are awesome!