Thursday, February 20, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor

When I go digging for Kerry Collins cards I want to add, I always look for the shiny, the most interesting ones that pop out that I need right then and there.

With Kerry's big checklist, there is plenty of those to chase. It's then the point of whether they are affordable or not.If they are with my small budget, I grab them. If they are not, well, they will sit til I can someday grab them. However, it has costed me some good ones that way.

One of my main searches is for Kerry is those beautiful 90's inserts, then I jump to anything refractors.

This week, I couldn't find anything within the budget for the 90's insert range, so I found this 2009 Bowman Chrome refractor for $1. Perfect fit for my budget.
The card front looks real sharp with the dark grainy appeal especially with the touch of rainbow.

Card back. Not a lot of stats but a nice write up makes up for that. I must also point out the word

The odds of these refractors are 4 per box. With 18 packs per box, they roughly fell 1:4 to 1:5ish.

The same day I grabbed this Collins refractor, I also grabbed another Collins refractor that will wait til next week.


  1. One of my favorite card show searches is cheap 90's inserts. But I'm a sucker for 2000's refractors too.

    1. Yeah a lot of the early 2000's stuff was pretty good to. I feel 90's inserts carried over til about 2003 or so