Sunday, February 2, 2020

REVIEW:2019 Donruss Optic Football Box 2

Well box 1 wasn't great, let's see if Box 2 can top it!

Every box of 2019 Optic football has 20 packs of 4 cards. There is one autograph and 10 parallels per box. Boxes are running close to $150 right now.

Rated Rookies. Looks like most boxes only come with 6 Rated Rookies per box. I didn't land any of the huge names such as Murray, Jones or Haskins. Will be tough to tackle a base set without top rookies. Hopefully someone has some for trade.

There's not a lot of inserts per box, which isn't a bad thing, but they look pretty cool I think. They should have added parallels to these since it's this type of product. That part was a bit disappointing.

Power Formulas. There are 15 to collect in this series

 1999 Tribute has 15 cards to collect

 Elite Series veterans and rookies. There are 30 in the veterans version and 22 for the rookies.

There is no shortage of parallels in this chrome-type product. They fall 1:2 packs as well.
Here is an overall look at the parallels

BASE PARALLELS: Holo, White Sparkle, Aqua /299, Orange /199, Blue /150, Red /99, Orange Scope /79, Purple /50, Black Pandora /25, Purple Stars FOTL /25, Gold /10, Green /5, Gold Vinyl 1/1.
ROOKIE/RATED ROOKIE PARALLELS: Holo, Bronze, Green Velocity, Pink, Red/Yellow, White Sparkle, Aqua /299, Orange /199, Blue /150, Red /99, Orange Scope /79, Purple /50, Black Pandora /25, Purple Stars FOTL /25, Gold /10, Green /5, Gold Vinyl 1/1.

Holo silver

Aqua /299

Blue /150

Orange /199

Red /99

Purple /50

Well, not the greatest hit ever. but, fits my theme of Optic breaks.

Other hits not found in my box but could be in yours includes,
  • Rookie Patch Autographs
  • Rookie Dual Autographs
  • Rookie Triple Autographs
  • 1998 Tribute Autographs
  • 1999 Tribute Autographs
  • Dynamic Patch Autographs
  • Elite Series Autographs
  • Elite Series Rookies Autographs
  • Fans of the Game Autographs
  • Legendary Patch Autographs
  • Power Formulas Autographs
  • Rookie Kings Autographs
  • Donruss Threads
  • Rookie Phenoms
OVERALL THOUGHTS: Well, I love the look of the product and my wife agrees. She helped break this box and was especially fond of the parallels. I do feel the box price is definitely a tad high for the return but there are also plenty of great hits to find as well.

This may be the first product I put a base set together of in 5 years of newer stuff. Will update that if I come to a decision to do so.

You can Google a checklist to see the overall look at the product. I can't seem to locate one on their website to link you to.

Please thank the WONDERFUL people at Panini America for providing me with this box to review for some upcoming giveaways. Here are many places you can find Panini America: official site, blog, Twitter, and Facebook.  

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