Tuesday, February 11, 2020

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2020 Topps Series 1 Baseball

It's here, it's finally here!

That's the chants from all baseball fans when football season ends, they know the newest Topps Series 1 release is just around the corner. And their favorite sport as well is coming up.

Topps Series 1 this year was out of order when it comes to releases as Topps Archives Signature took it's spot as the first release of the year. For me, that felt odd but it was quickly ignored as the site of the Pete Alonso covered box made its appearance.

I don't normally do well with hobby box breaks of this product, but this year is a new year. Let's hope for something good.

It's time to rip!

 Every hobby box of 2020 Topps Series 1 baseball comes with 24 packs of 14 cards. So you get a lot of cards in a box break. There is one hit per box either an autograph or relic card and boxes currently are running about $70 per.

One of my favorite additions to these are the silver packs, something I couldn't get before when they were only a hobby shop exclusive since I don't have one. It was also the very first pack I ripped. Sometimes I save it for last hoping for some boom.

Here's my rip

Vlad Jr

 The Kep

 Kris Bryant...will he remain a cubbie?


Darn, was hoping for a Griffey Jr. Overall these silver pack cards have 50 cards in the set to collect including autographs and I believe parallels.

Up next, let's see how my first pack of 2020 Topps turned out......
All base, (Actually, my first three packs were all base) but hey, one is that Trout guy so I will take that. Mike was voted by fans as the victor in Card #1 in the base set.

This years base card design once again goes borderless and many weren't happy when they first saw it. I didn't mind the design that much but it does remind me of Bowman quite a bit and I am still not bothered by it. I do think a lot of collectors changed their mind on the design once it was in hand as I have seen a lot of love towards it on social media.

There are 350 cards in the Series 1 base set. There are plenty of veterans

 (card back)

Rookies including lots of the big names, I never landed that guy from the Reds everyone is talking about. But he is in here.

And plenty of subsets,

Plenty of subsets as I said. I am always a big fan of the team cards, Topps does a great job with photo selection on those.

And speaking of photos in this years Series 1, they are probably some of the best I have ever seen for it. Here are a few of my favorites,
 This Bryce Harper is the most talked about base card in the set and you can see why

 I have always liked wall catches

Big hits and cheering, it's what baseball is all about to me. There are plenty others I could have shown, but these were top three to me.

 Once again Topps comes in hot with Sp parallels with seventy-stinkin'-five of them.

Here's the CMP codes to break 'em down the easiest
  • Base Cards end 269
  • Advanced Stat Parallels end 283
  • SP Variations end 284
  • SSP Variations end 285
  • SSSP Variations end 578
 Here's the CMP codes located at the bottom. This is the JD with an 84

Base card of Trout has the 69

Lots of parallels to be found in Series 1 but at much harder rates than usual.

Overall look at the parallels,
Yellow (Walgreens), Purple (Meijer), Rainbow, Gold /2020, Advanced Stat /300, Vintage /99, Independence /76, Black /69 , Mother's Day Hot Pink /50, Father's Day Blue /50, Memorial Day Camp /25, Platinum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
Gold. These are hard to spot so be sure to have your eyes checked before doing so. You only get two per box when they used to be four.

 Rainbow Foil. 1:10 on these

A good handful of inserts to be found in Series 1 but once again I am not overly impressed by them. I have grown tiresome of the reprinted cards in classic designs. I would like to see some new creativity brought to the insert line. Add more foil, come up with creative lines or maybe instead of 75 Sp's cut those back and do an insert line called Topp Photography and just show the best photos that way. Make the Sp's be legendary players only.

Just a thought. Let's check out my inserts.
Homerun Challenge in which I have yet to enter one of these. I usually give them away which I will be giving this one away as well on Twitter. There are 30 of these in all.

Topps Choice set brings back those classic designs... there are 25 cards in all to collect

 100 cards in all for the Decades best. I love the Griffey card and design. Nice PC find

And the least intriguing insert to me is this one. I prefer not having these at all as an insert, wished they were a bonus flyer type of thing. But, if they have to be, just reprint the card instead of taking a picture of it. There are 10 of these to collect.

 1985 Topps cards....100 cards to collect including some parallels

I got this blue one of Tigers Jake Rogers. I think I know of a Tigers collector who would like this don't you Dennis?

Well, it says one autograph or relic but honestly, 9 times out of 10 it's going to be a relic and here is one,

 Austin Riley

However, there is some tremendous pulls to be found and you can possibly find them in your box. Here's what you may find,

  • 1985 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary Autographs
  • Baseball Stars Autographs
  • Baseball Stars Dual Autographs
  • Decade of Dominance Autographs
  • Decades' Best Autographs
  • Decade's Next Autographs
  • Player Highlight Autographs - Rhys Hoskins
  • Player Highlight Autographs - Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
  • Postseason Performance Autographs
  • Topps Choice Autographs
  • World Series Champion Autographs
  • Cut Signatures
  • Major League Material Autograph
  • Postseason Performance Autograph Relics
  • Topps Reverence Autograph Patch
  • World Series Champion Autograph Relics
  • Global Game Medallion Autograph Manufactured Relics
  • Jumbo Jersey Sleeve Patch Autograph Manufactured Relics
  • Rookie Card Retrospective RC Logo Medallion Autograph Manufactured Relics
  • 1985 Topps Baseball Relics
  • In The Name Relics
  • Major League Material Relics
  • Postseason Performance Relic
  • World Series Champion Relic
  • Global Game Medallion Manufactured Relics
  • Jumbo Jersey Sleeve Patch Manufactured Relics
  • Rookie Card Retrospective RC Logo Medallion Manufactured Relics
Before I close out this post, I wanted to also mention that there seems to be some chipping on these cards. I had quite a few packs with some corner issues. So keep that in mind when busting packs to be very careful.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I always enjoy the first rip of Topps flagship. That thought that baseball season is right around the corner, and hopefully some green grass with all the white out my window and more base cards for the baseball card season makes it exciting.
I also enjoy collecting the newest rookie class which appears to be a good one and also collecting players in their new uniforms. You also add in a few Griffeys to find and all is good. 

One thing I will say is when I buy Series 1,2 or Update I always stick with retail blaster boxes. I always land a relic hit in my hobby breaks so for me the cost of a $70 hobby box to land a relic vs buying a retail blaster for $20 and land a relic seems more logical to me. I can even get three blaster relics and one hanger box for the cost of a hobby box. It's just my thinking.

It's a good product overall and if you have always bought Series one, this year won't disappoint.

Thanks to Topps for providing me this box to review and to giveaway some of the cards on Twitter. You can check out Topps website HERE. And find them on FACEBOOK  and TWITTER as well! Don't forget to give them a follow on each!