Monday, February 24, 2020

Clearing My Mind,Blogs And PC

If you haven't noticed in the past month and a half, I have put in a least-than-satisfactory effort on here in terms of blogging. If I was in graded school, I would have gotten a LS or 1 on my report card.

There was a lot of Sets Talk and Caption This posts and a bunch of other crud I just threw in as day fillers to pass the time. I should had just left the days blank.

I was in a massive blogpression.

The stats fell, the comments weren't there, I felt it was becoming too sponsored on here and I was in a writers block with no direction and simply just didn't want to look at this blog. I couldn't however just let the blog fall by the wayside either, so I plugged in some filler posts until I could figure out what to do.

A month and a half later of letting my mind rest, I found myself thinking it was time for a return. A return by creating a new blog called Diary Of A Collector. I thought by starting a new blog I could spark myself to continue on blogging which it did, but it sparked me back to here. Not there.

I am not sure why a weeks worth of posts on there got me motivated to come back here, but it did. And to me, that's what really matters. I needed to be back on here, this is my baby and my baby needed to be tended to.

So as of this weekend, I am back on here. Back to where I started and feel good about going forward. I have overcome that bump in the road and will have new, better content moving forward. Even though you will see the occasional Caption This just to use up my drafts.

As for Diary Of A Collector, sorry for those of you I sent over there to follow it (and for Jon who was helping me out by spreading the word) as I have officially deleted it. I have also deleted two other blogs that have been sitting stale for awhile in Snagging Cardboard (my Giants PC one that lost its appeal once Odell left) and Now That's Some High Quality Cardboard so I can just put my focus onto here.

It's sort of that new start I was looking for you could say.

While I also have your attention, I should also update my PC on here. And yes, I have added some basketball PC players now.

(RED MEANS NEW PC from my last update)
Ken Griffey Jr
Aaron Judge
Gleyber Torres

NY Giants (any and all)
Eli Manning
Rodney Hampton
Kerry Collins

Other small side PC's
Fred Taylor
Jake Plummer
Mark Brunell
Terrell Davis

Michael Jordan
RJ Barrett
  • Rookie Cards From Any Sport Of Anyone
  • Celebrity Hits and Autographs
  • 1995-1999 inserts
  • All of my sets that need help filling. 
  • I do have a Want List of rookie cards and autographs I need, but those are under my specific want list.
There you have it folks. A bit more condensed down then it used to be. So if you can help me in any of those areas, drop me an email or DM on Twitter and we can work something out!

There were a lot of ups and downs to start the year when it comes to blogging and it doesn't mean there won't be more down the road, but right now I am in a good place when it comes to being back on here. I guess what I needed was that short vacation from burnout.

Stay tuned for some fun posts and incredible mail days.

(I should also mention I am also going to start to up my Twitter ante by posting some content on there that is fun but un-needed on here such as Caption This, Guess That Autograph, etc so make sure to follow me there!)


  1. Glanced at your lists and found that I can most likely kill all your 2015 Score football needs. Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo dot com - linked at The Collective Mind blog.

  2. Lets finally get a trade done, email me your address.

  3. Hopefully you are truly over the funk now, as you're much too important for us to lose :)

    1. Thanks Jon for the kind words, I appreciate that!

  4. Burnout is legit. I go through it at least once every couple of years. Glad you're in a good place. Best of luck on your new PC's. Jordan is a fun guy to collect. I focused on him years ago, but don't target him nearly as often as I used to. It's fun to track some of his rarer inserts though. Some of his 90's stuff sells for big $$$.

    1. I hopefully can just get past those burnout times. It's not easy