Saturday, February 15, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:2001 Upper Deck Collectibles Super Bowl XXXV

In his second season with the Giants, Kerry Collins put up good numbers in the 2000 season leading the Giants to a 12-4 record and a trip to the Super Bowl to play against the Ravens.

However, Giants actually going to the Super Bowl vs actually playing in it were two different things.

Collins put up by far the worst numbers of his career and the third worst Super Bowl rating for a QB as the Ravens defense dominated and shut him down to completing only 15 of 39 passes for 112 yards and four interceptions. The Giants played awful and lost 34-7.

To commemorate the Super Bowl, Upper Deck created a 21 card set featuring both of the teams featured in the game. A set I didn't know existed til recently when I stumbled up on the Collins.

Not too shabby of a design.

Card back shows Collins as card 12 in the boxed set

The Super Bowl play really hung over Collins who lost a record 23 fumbles in 2001 with the Giants.


  1. Big fan of these Kerry Collins cardboard showoffs.

  2. Did the Ravens play in this game?!?! Think they did if my memory is still working think we might have even won the game.......

    1. shhhhh you. That wasn't even a game. Best part was the halftime show

  3. 23 fumbles? Dang. That was a rough season.