Saturday, September 30, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball

The hype for this years basketball class has begun as collectors are ripping packs to find Lonzo Balls and Markelle Fultzs among others before the rookies hit the court to either drive their values up or decrease them. It's always the best time to buy before a season starts I say. (ex:Aaron Judge)

This is my very first break of the new class and I was pretty excited to see if I could land the next potential star. I will let you guys decide on that in comments from my pulls.

Anyways, here is my break:

In every box of 2017 Panini Contenders Draft Picks basketball, you will find 6 packs per box of 18 cards each. There will be on autograph per pack as well and one parallel per box. Boxes are running pretty high right now at just under $200 per.

I found the base set interesting and surprising in this product as I didn't see the early previews for it. Normally for a Draft Picks product Panini puts players in their NCAA uniforms but this time, there went pro. First time I have seen this from them. I like it.

The base set is only 50 cards deep so a box should cover most of your needs.

This years product also promises one parallel find per box. Mine was a pretty solid Building Block Tickets #'d 10/10 of Kevin Durant.
Other parallels you could find include,
- Draft Ticket /99
- Cracked Ice Ticket /23
- Diamond Ticket /15
- Fame Ticket /5
- Championship Ticket /1
- College Ticket and Season Ticket
- Printing Plates /1

Each pack of cards breaks down to 11 base and 6 inserts along with one autograph. You should find two inserts per pack of the following,

Legacy. Takes a players photo in college and in pros.

School Colors, rookies in their college uni's.

Game Day Tickets also has rookies in their college uni's.

No surprise to me that rookies were still in college uniforms knowing it's a draft pick product. You can look for RPS tickets and International ones.

Here were my 6 pulls.

Wesley Iwundu

Thomas Bryant

Edmond Sumner (terrible auto)

Jordan Bell

Tyler Lydon

This final one of Bam is on-card.  You can look for on-card autographs from all of the upper-tier rookies from the 2017 NBA Draft as well as three separate on-card variations! I haven't seen a report yet on which ones were the variations so hard to judge how great of a card this actually is.

OVERALL: Well, the price is a bit steep and depending on how these guys play will depend if this box was a gain or a loss. It's too early to tell. The packs felt very redundant with the same expectations in each and it had gotten to the point by pack three where I was strictly looking for the autograph card and tossing aside the rest. I think a little bit of a mix here would help this product. Maybe go back to 24 packs with 5 cards per and don't put in the six inserts every pack and instead spread them out.

I was very happy to see the NBA players in their pro uni's as I am not a collegiate type of collector, but I am not sure about those that are collegiate collectors will feel about this. I do enjoy products that mix pros and college and it especially works in an early release.

In the end, Contenders is Contenders. It's one of Panini's most popular products and one that always holds it's value and popularity in those who seek rookie autographs. The product is a gamble, but could be worth a dice roll here.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Panini America for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add more cards to my Player Of The Day promotion. Follow Panini America on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Letting It Raine(s)

Recently, Collecting Cutch held a guessing contest on when Cutch would hit his 200th HR. I chose a date too far out to win the main prize, Bob Gibson autograph, but I did win the random for the second place prize for being a pimp. 

Well, for pimping his contest.

Here are the winnings from that contest.
Some Yanks for the PC.

A wicked cool pre-rookie Tino Martinez I didn't have. Love it!

The Grandy Man!

Odell. When he is on his A-game still the best WR in the game.

New Andre Williams for that PC.

And the main second place prize, a sharp looking Tim Raines autograph. I didn't have a Raines auto til now.

Of course it wouldn't be a Cutch mail day without a Cutch. I actually don't have this one so I will put that in my player PC pile of him.
A big thanks goes out to Collecting Cutch for the mail day. Much appreciated!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

2017 Player Of The Day Fans Visit Their Shops

Here is the gallery of participants who have visited their LCS, made a purchase and took a picture with the Player Of The Day sign in view or Player Of The Day packs in hand.

These entries are for the 2017 Sport Card Collectors Main Promo Updated Contest!!

The Top 3 who are randomed, win a big ole box of goods!
 Grady M.
Nick Frank

Grady M

 Grady M.

 Nick Frank 

Nick Frank 

Nick Frank

Tracy L
Tracy L

 Tracy L

Tracy L

Tracy L
 Ben Hong


Jacob Smith And Son

Jacob Smith and Son

Tracy L

Tracy L.

Entry Count So Far
Grady M. 3 entry
Nick Frank 4 entry
Tracy L 7 Entry
Ben Hong 1 entry
Jacob Smith 2 Entry
Mike McMannis 1 Entry
Nate 1 Entry

Another Breakdown

I am a bit behind on mail day postings this week so time to play catch up.

Today's is from another trade I made with Baseball Card Breakdown blog.

Up first, Odell who finally looked like himself on Sunday. I hope he will be the difference maker going forward and change this teams outcome.

I think David Wilson may have been a game changer had it not been for the injury. Eli looked sharp and he will need to this week vs Tampa to help get this team a win. Seeing this Spx card makes me miss the product again.

This was my favorite Hot Rookies designs because of the color scheme. Nassib is not longer a Giant, but did just get a contract from the Jaguars.

I really liked these inserts as well. Throwback to the old Score insert. These have a ton of parallels.

Wow! What a great looking custom by Gavin! Two record breaking rookies on one card. Fleer '90 also had one of those designs we will always remember. Nice touch to my Judge PC.

And to end the mail day, he found a new Jeter for my PC with 3 other of my favorite Yankees on it as well.

A thanks goes out to Gavin for another great mail day. I have set some stuff aside for you again and hopefully will get it mailed out down the road.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dr. Strange And Gang

I have mentioned before in the past how a lot of my trades begin. It always starts out with one card or two I really want, then it blossoms to so much more. Once again, this was the case in my latest trade with @APetrelak.

First up, some NY Rangers he tossed in for me. I really dig the UD Ice.

Some Young Guns and rookie cards I am always willing to add. My hockey rookie PC the last few years has been sparse, this should help fill in a bit more.

This was not only a rookie, but a sick looking parallel I was into.

Up next, I have been needing a Carmelo rookie, now I have one. Gotta find myself a D.Wade next. And a Benchwarmer addition. No reason for it, just because.

My first Pinnacle Mint hockey coin. I know many think this was a crazy idea, but I liked it.

Unopened pack for my new series coming up in January.

Some shiny soccer adds.

This was a really cool card. A Marvel Gems Crystal Clear card. It's printed on a very thick acetate. Nice addition to my non sports PC.

Speaking of nice additions to my Non Sport PC, this card is the one that started this trade. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. Great design as well.
A big thanks goes out to Alec again for the mail day. I hope we can make more trades down the road.