Friday, November 30, 2018

Nuttin But The Hits:2018 Panini Prizm Football Blaster Box

With Topps no longer in the football business, I must turn my sights to Prizm to replace the empty feeling in my heart left by the departure of Topps Chrome.

I try to get some every year in some form or another. This year football cards have meant even more to me with the Giants having the best rookie in the draft so I NEEDED to get his Prizm cards. So I went blaster box in my first break. Not sure if there will be more breaks of it or not depending on my finances, but I at least opened one.

Let's see how I did.
2018 Panini Prizm boxes come with 6 packs  of four cards. You will find one hit either an autograph or memorabilia card. I guarantee you that 9 times out of 10 you will find a memorabilia card. That's just how retail works.

I knocked down two Giants right off the back with Odell and Shepard.

But, failed to find the Saquon I desperately seeked. Kerryon Johnson was a nice find however. He has played well for the poor Lions. I remember another running back who did as well....

Instant Impact Dante Pettis. Very colorful!

These parallels are insane! So cool looking. Wished I had gotten Saquon or a Giant, but I did okay especially finding a Zeke. I know a Cowboys fan who may enjoy that.

And my hit, as a KNEW it would be, a Prizm jersey card. this one of KeKe Coutee who has looked good at times for the Texans.
So there you have it. I came Saquon-less in my break but I think overall it was fun and that's what matters most. I will say it didn't take me long after this break to seek out a Prizm Saquon and find one. That post to come at a later date.

Your thoughts on my break are welcomed below!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Uploading Sideways

I have had a few issues with blogger before with pictures but they usually straighten themselves out. However, this time, things fell flat.

For some reason or another, I recently tried to upload my first mail day from Auction Ink to my blog to show off and even though the picture was straight on my desktop, it wanted to stay sideways on the upload.

And yes I am pretty old fashioned taking pictures on my phone, editing them there, emailing them to myself, downloading them to my desktop,  using an older desktop to host the pictures then upload them to here. I have never once used a scanner despite taking a class back in high school on how to.

I uploaded three different times. No, I don't have three of these cards just one. I tried it three different ways but for some reason or another the picture wouldn't straighten out. So here is another card knocked off the want list. You can either turn sideways or flip your phones in the right direction to see it.

1983 Donruss Ryne Sanberg rookie card if you can't.

I hope this doesn't happen again or I may have to find a new way to upload pictures on here. As it is already, I don't have the blogger app with my "new to me" phone so I can't edit the photos directly.

A big thanks goes out to Auction Ink for the want list help. If you haven't yet, check them out HERE.

How do you bloggers upload your photos? Scan? My way? Another way? Let me know in comments!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Twitter Trading Is The Way To Go!

I know most across the blogosphere aren't really fans of trading on Twitter, but I find it really effective when I do trade. I have pulled off so many great ones with many big cards included in these trades. My secret, use established collectors that have a good background from others you trust. It's that simple.

When I recently was suggested to trade some STL Cardinals with @jnarbles from my buddy @Jake1725, I knew I was going to be in good hands and was I ever.

In exchange, I landed some great Yankee cards. Normally I don't do a lot of Yankees anymore as I prefer to stick with the NY Giants unless they are Judge, Jeter or Gleyber, but I found some other stuff I enjoyed.

Like this Nick Solak parallel. It fits in with the other Solaks I have. I know he is no longer a Yankee from what I hear, but still is a prospect who hits. That's enough for me.

Stanton pink refractor and Bernie Tek gold /50

Two cards I already had but didn't mind another copy of,

More parallels. Three of Frazier who I hope the Yankees keep. Sheffield who they just traded away to the Mariners and an A-Roid.

This was pretty cool. I at the time didn't know it was /10 til I got it in hand.

Judge! All Rise baby! Freshman insert, Topps Chrome rookie refractor (I think I might have but not sure), awesome Out Of this World insert and one of the best Judge rookies in Archives.

Another Judge!

I didn't just get Yankees in this trade, also grabbed an Acuna Heritage Chrome parallel.

Trevor Story autograph. I just wanted one.

Keston Hiura autograph. I like to gamble on prospects.

One autograph I was super happy to add in Lindor.

My first Clint Frazier auto from Clearly Authentic. Glad to have one finally and can take it off from my want list.

And the big card of the trade, my third Gleyber Torres autograph. This one from 2018 Bowman Tek.
Huge thanks to @jnarbles for the trade. Hope, hope we can do this again! Great trader and packed these cards beyond safe! Strongly recommend trading with him.

As I said earlier in this article, Twitter trading has really done well for me in finding the right trusting trading partners. So for those of you who don't want to try or risk it or maybe from this trade you are struck a tad curious now, just give me a comment or message through email or Twitter and I can hook you up with a few names that are very trusted. I am sure you have seen many of them being used multiple times on here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Cards On FOOTBALL Cards

On Twitter, I saw a tweet from Cards on Cards that he had discovered some football card finds from Goodwill and was looking to move them.

I see that as an opportunity knowing how much I love collecting football cards.

So I checked out his post and noticed that the cards fell right into my liking with most of it being 90's parallels and inserts. So we had a discussion and pulled off a trade.

My mail day arrived a few days ago so let's take a look at what I landed.

Some NY Giants. I know I normally wait to post these for Sunday's, but I am a bit backed up on that already so I am posting them now to get myself caught up. Here are some Topps Gold parallels.

Wild Card was such a deep set. It pretty much covers most of my wants for Hamptons for the early 90's. So hard to find some of these striped parallels.

A few guys I enjoyed watching. Tyrone Wheatley had some great seasons in Oakland just not in NY. Phillipi Sparks made some big plays on defense for the G-men and even is the father of Jordin Sparks who was on American Idol. I will always take in Victor Cruz cards. Wished the guy hadn't gotten injured as he had such a bigger future ahead with the Gmen. But, I do appreciate his time there and his big Super Bowl touchdown in 46.

Another Wheatley and a Dave Brown.

Love this photo. That appealed to me immediately. Upper Deck did rookie photo shoots the right way.

That ends the Gmen, but he we are with some 90's parallels. Upper Deck Electric Silver.

1995 Classic silvers

I dig the Collectors Choice gold parallels from 1994 and who doesn't love Crash The Game inserts especially of Hall Of Famers. But, the card that really caught me was the Nemeses one on the bottom.

Gold Prism and a Cris Carter to help my set needs from 1995 Ultra awards.

1994 Ultra 2nd year standout inserts include Jason Elam who I consider one of the greatest ever to kick.

1994 Fleer Fleer All Pro Irvin and Aikman

Some draft prospects from 1994 Fleer including Mario Bates and Errict Rhett.

I found goooooooooooooold! Gold Rush inserts were some of the coolest early 90's parallels besides....

these. Nothing topped these Special Effects early on. Not even the first refractors from Finest. These are what got me hooked onto football cards. Once again, this would be another fun parallel set to build along with my many others. I just may chase it especially with six more to help me out.

A big thanks to Cards On Cards for the mail day and great trade. I hope if you come across any more football like this or NY Giants that you will remember me.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Breakin' Midwest Style!

I recently took part in a couple of breaks over at Midwest Box Breaks to see if I could land a big pull like many others have. Sadly, the dice didn't fall my way, my usual luck with breaks, but I did still score some cards so let's see what I got.

I took part in a Phoenix/Illusions football break that was also a charity break for kids. This was done draft style, meaning you weren't assigned a team but you got to choose one depending on what spot you landed in the draft.

There were 64 spots, 32 for each break, and I got to draft 60th. Ugh!! If only I had gotten one of the top two spots where I could have grabbed the NY Giants where sick /10 Saquon Barkley auto patch was pulled. Like I said, they pull nice cards.

Instead, I had to choose between the Jaguars, Raiders and Rams. I took the Jags hoping for some luck. I didn't find any however.  But, I did get some base and a couple parallels as they ship all of the base cards and inserts unless you choose to donate them to Midwest that donates them to kids.

My two parallels.

For having such a low pick in the draft, I also got one of these Panini Kickoff packs I have never opened before.

Pulled a PC card at least. That's a win in my book!

The second break I was in was a 2-box random Elite break. Once again the hobby Gods didn't give me the best spot, I got the Saints who are my Super Bowl pick, but I could only hope for a Smith autograph rookie card or a Drew Brees one. Sadly I ended up with three base cards. That's just the way breaks go for me. There were other nice hits however found in the break including a /24 Saquon Barkley parallel rookie card. Sigh.

Seeing my luck not go so well, the owner over at Midwest Box Breaks, who is a great dude, tossed in some bonuses for me.

 Evan Engram Pink Optic rookie. I need to check if this is new to my rainbow.

Wayne Gallman relic I didn't have. I like the design and layout of it.

One of the very few National Treasure cards I own. Shepard relic.

OBJ Saturday Swatches relic I have always wanted. Now I have it!

And finally, a dude I was a huge fan of last year and the key card of his I wanted in a Contenders rookie auto is now mine. Travis Rudolph still hasn't made it far despite his potential. Hoping he gets another shot.
Big thanks goes out to Ben over at Midwest Box Breaks for the bonuses and the fun breaks. I enjoyed watching them as well.

If you haven't checked them out yet, please do. Very trusted and cares about the customer. See what they have available for breaks, HERE.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Vintage Eli

Two wins in a row. 3-7. Three games out of the division. They scored close to 40 points.

There are many things about those short sentences I never thought I would say.

Another, would be Vintage Eli. It felt Eli knew his time was coming to an end and he wanted to prove he still had it and has he ever. In the 38-35 defeat of the Bucs, Eli only had one, yes one, incompletion the whole game.

That game for Eli was just as sharp as these new Eli card adds I got in my latest trade @90NicheFBCard.

Dual relic with Hakeem Nicks

Spectra shiny relic

Seasoned Pro Swatch. This beauty is numbered to 88.

Bryan also tossed along a couple other Giant young studs in Odell, who is having a career year and Sterling Shepard who has shown tons of potential.

Finally Evan Engram who finally showed up last week against the Bucs on a huge 55 yard catch late in the 4th quarter that eventually led to Saquon's third touchdown and sealed, well if you call it that, the deal for the win. Love the two color patch.
This wasn't all that was involved in this trade. There were two autographs that I will reveal only on Christmas and there is a reason for this. Wait til you see them....

Thanks goes out to Bryan for yet another great trade and NY Giants, I do believe in miracles and the biggest one you can show me is win in Philadelphia for the first time since 2013. That's a long time. But, if you all have bought into Odell's win out philosophy, let's see it. Go Big Blue!