Thursday, November 1, 2018

Spreading The Awareness

I can't believe we are in November already. Most of the leaves around me have fallen and we have already seen on and off snow. Not much has accumulated yet, fortunately, but there has been enough to alarm me that it's coming. The temps have also went from 80's to barely touching 40's and that's on a warm day. Fall is turning over to winter day by day.

I would have felt like October never existed if it hadn't been for Collecting Cutch blog. Every October he hosts a Breast Cancer Awareness month with posts full of pink cards and pretty ladies displaying what the awareness is all about. I had to check out his posts daily of course.

I appreciate the work that he puts in on the blog for the month to raise awareness for this great cause. My Mother In Law had Breast Cancer a few years ago and luckily survived chemo and radiation treatments. She is doing great today but many don't survive or feel great after. Cancer is a very ugly disease.

For commenting and joining in on his posts, Cutch recently passed along some cards for my support. It to me wasn't even about the cards, it was more about supporting his cause. But, cards are a bonus here.

Like a calling card with any of his packages, he always graciously tosses in some Cutch cards. Surprisingly I didn't have any of these.

He also surprised me with a couple of NY Giants items I didn't have either.

This small set of 2011 Topps NFL Crucial Catch Giants cards. I have never seen these before. Pretty cool. They came in a sealed pack and I plan on keeping them that way.

And then this amazing Odell Beckham Jr featuring a pink towel swatch. Once again, it's the crucial catch campaign. You can also tell this by the Breast Cancer awareness symbol in the corner and the fact that Odell is making a "catch"
Thank you for the prizes Cutch and for your awareness every October.

If you haven't checked out his blog and what I am talking about, go HERE and look at every post in October. You will have a good time.


  1. Is that part of a wristband? Towel? Whatever it is... that Beckham is sweet.

  2. I'm already having #SaveTheBoobies withdrawals.

    Seriously...what he does is amazing.

    Although no one in my family has had Breast Cancer, both my Mom and Mother In Law had, and passed away from Cancer, and it sucks.

    Good to know your Mom in Law is doing well.

    Good job!

  3. Glad you liked everything and really happy to hear that your mother in law is doing well despite not knowing the difference between the football and baseball Giants.

    Did the card come with the tape residue or is that the top loader scanned? If the package got damaged during shipping, let me know and I will replace its contents.