Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Just A Tease

Recently I was Wes'd by the great Wes of the Area 40 blog.

Packed inside of this massive box was plastic case upon plastic case get it. There were cards that brought back childhood memories, knocked off some cards from the want lists, and some surprised the Chex Mix outta me.

Just take an outside tease look at this monstrosity...

I plan on breaking down every case in here so you can be apart of the journey I went on. It will hopefully bring you the joy it brought me.

I won't start things today but I will show off a really cool bonus item that was sitting on top of the items within. This 23K Gold Ken Griffey Jr card I didn't have for my PC. This was the outside packaging,

Inside was this,

The back,

Stay tuned for lots more on this amazing mail day.

Oh, and so I don't completely disappoint all of you for clicking on to see just a box of boxes and a single card, here was a pretty sweet addition acquire via trade for my PC. I normally don't want Leaf items because they are unlicensed, but I have been needing a Ripken auto for a long time now and I settled. At least it crosses another one off the list but I still have a ways to go.

I really like Cal's signature.

More mail day posts to come. After going through a long debate whether I would post mail days on here or on Twitter only, I decided to bring them back here. I am all caught up on mail days and I went through a lot of writer's block. In order not to miss a day, I will need to keep mail day posts rolling here at least until I get far being. It appears though I won't be falling too far behind with my incoming mail days becoming less and less.

Thoughts on today's additions and tease are welcomed below!


  1. Sweet Griffey. Love oddball stuff like that. And congratulations on adding the Ripken to your collection.