Friday, December 2, 2016

Insert Cards Here Please

So we continue my trade recap with 90's Niche Football Card blog today with some NY Giants inserts with many numbered ones.

Some nice additions here including Paul Perkins and the infamous Ron Dayne who at the time I was excited the Giants drafted til he actually hit the field for them.

Eli Manning inserts. Rookie insert top left, Topps Tek parallel and a slick Donruss inserts.

Up next, gotta do the salsa to these inserts and parallels. Cruz has made some big plays when they are needed but also some drops. I sadly don't see him being on the team next year as Sterling Shepard continues to grow and the development of Roger Lewis Jr.

Odell! Some new Beckham's for my PC. This guy continues to be one of the leagues best.I really like the Prizm insert for design and shinyness.

We finish this up with a /10 Adams insert. I am glad he is finally getting a chance to be on the field.
Day 2 is over. We will take a break from the Giants tomorrow and show off a few Yankee cards instead and then will pick up more steam on the Giants after that.

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