Sunday, December 11, 2016

Perks Of This Trade

So we continue my trade recap with 90's Niche Football Card blog and we are closing in on the end of the NY Giants portion of this mail day with today's and tomorrow's the finishing touches.

Today, I am showcasing some Paul Perkins additions. This guy has shown he has some talent, but I think the Giants oline holds him back a bit. If they can improve the oline, I think this guy could be a spark plug in that offense.

Here is is Rated Rookie from Donruss

A sweet looking /50 Certified autograph. These are my first signed cards of him in a Giants uni.

A really slick looking card from Unparalleld. That product was pretty interesting all around but I think their memorabilia autographed rookies looked really nice.

And to finish this up, a really nice auto?patch

Some great additions of a player I think can be the Giants future at RB. 

Tomorrow I will show off some cards of a rookie WR who is already showing what he can do on the field.

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