Monday, December 12, 2016

The Giants Shepard

So we end my Giants end of my trade recap with 90's Niche Football Card blog today as I will finish up the last two parts of trade the next couple days.

Today, we focus on Giants rookie stud WR, Sterling Shepard.

Shepard has proven he was worthy of his early picking in the draft as he has had some great games this year. He developed pretty quickly into the Giants number 2 WR on the team moving past veteran Victor Cruz. He has moved up so much that it's actually tough to pickup any of his rookie autographs without paying first round money. Luckily this trade happened.

Up first, two new additions.

A really nice auto card here, very shiny and my first autograph of him in a Giants uniform.

And just like with Perkins, a nice Unparalleled pickup. My first auto/jersey of him.

These were probably my most impressive pickups of the trade even though all of the trade was really nice. I still have more to show the next two days of things on my want list I finally can cross off.

Stay tuned!

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