Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Forever Young

We have finally reached my finale of my trade with 90's Niche Football Card blog (or have we as I pulled out some Hampton's I am posting at a later date) It was a big trade between us ending up in many new card additions. We decided to end the trade where it was and keep what we were accumulating more of for future trades which I have already begun finding a ton for him in my sorting project.

But, I am sure to be posting that one later on when we complete it. So for today, let's finish this latest one on a good note.

As you all know, I am a big 90's collector and over the past couple of years I have been nailing down rookie cards of players I watched growing up. Rice, Ripken, McGwire, Bonds, Sosa, Marino, Montana, Smith, Sanders, among many others including today's guy, Steve Young.


I am very happy to nail down this one off my want list. I need to do some research to see who I am missing in my want list update. But, Young has been on it for awhile. I will admit it's a bit funky seeing him in a Buc's uni. It's like making that trade for you favorite player to put on your favorite team in Madden. i do that all of the time.

Thanks again to 90's Niche Football Card blog for this top notch trade and I look forward to our next! Hopefully soon.

If you visit his blog and have any of the cards he needs, I strongly suggest trading with him. Great trader and person.


  1. Love that 1986 set...great RC of Young

  2. Great card. Gotta wonder just how much better his stats would have been had he become the starter in his mid 20's, instead of his early 30's. Then again... he might not have lasted as long either. He was one of the greatest quarterbacks of his era.