Tuesday, November 24, 2020


I feel like I was the only one in the card community who didn't have a chance to open a single pack of Panini Mosaic football or basketball. There was never any available retail and I outright refuse to pay the outrageous prices that flippers charge.

Or my own father actually who found a few hanger boxes. He knew he could make money off from them and wouldn't trade them to me this time. However, I crack up on the inside when he calls me and discusses cards and tells me about Mosiack. 

He's older, so I don't correct him that its Mosaic.

In my box of goodies from Grady M, I was finally able to get a taste of Mosiack, I mean Mosaic basketball.

With cards that look this cool, I can see why collectors are drawn to this.

More green including Jimmy Butler who turned his career back around in Miami.

I was honestly really drawn in by this Old School Moses Malone. The stained glass in the background is really outstanding against the silver blocks.

There is still more to come from this outstanding box of goodies. 

What are your thoughts on Mosiackk, Mosaic? Did you open any?

Monday, November 23, 2020

Bumping Into The Wrong Setting

I despise new technology.

One simple hit of the wrong button can make everything come crashing down or messed up.

Today's photos for example in this post. I hit something on my camera that made these pictures expand the bottom and top showcasing off the background I use to take them on and making them look really odd.

In order to get today's post up without further delay, I had to post these as is. But, I will tell you one thing, my OCD is eating me alive right now.

AT LEAST the trade I made to acquire these cards was much easier than taking the pictures of them.

@Hamscards saw my post about having an extra Buster Posey Topps rookie and asked what I needed for it. Not sure how we got to the cards we got to in exchange for it, but it worked for me.

I was able to add three more MJ's to my collection, bringing me up to roughly 125 different cards.

Shaq and 90's shiny, that's all it takes for me.

And even a bonus at the end in this Big Pippen.

Thanks to Ham's Cards for the trade!

(update: since typing this up I have figured out the camera button I hit by mistake after many tries of doing so. Pictures will be back to normal after this)

Have any of you made any trades recently and what did you get?

Sunday, November 22, 2020


First off, has anyone else noticed the lack of views for this month so far or is it just me? Mine are almost cut in half which is depressing for all of the work I put into this blog. I am hopeful for a better December or who knows what I will decide when it comes to the new year.

Secondly, if you don't read Cards Over Coffee, follow that blog, subscribe to that blog you will be missing out on some pretty big news about myself today. Which is why I continuously tell you guys to go follow that blog. I don't plan on ending that one anytime soon and who knows what the future of my blogging holds.

So don't miss out on my exciting news and go check out Cards Over Coffee today!! Subscribe, follow and add to your blogrolls would be excellent as well.

Here is a direct link to my big news


Giants Cardboard:Bye Week Blues

Bye Week. The most boring part of the NFL season.

This is a week the Giants need to rest up and get a little healthier to finish out the rest of the season which will be a long stretch with teams like Baltimore, Seattle and Cleveland on the rise.

At the point of typing this, the Giants are 2-7 playing the first place Eagles for a battle of first place. I am roughly a week ahead on blogging.


I didn't think the transfer from Eli Manning to Daniel Jones would go so rough, I expected an easy transfer. But, it's hard to live up to a legend and for me the recent play of Daniel Jones makes me miss Eli more. I still think Dan's the man, but, they have got to work on a few things with him.

Evan Engram has dropped so many key passes this season, the biggest was against the Eagles in which the Giants would have won the game if he had, but he is still a stud specimen and needs to work on catching a tad more.

One guy I miss as much as Eli is Saquon. This offensive line is finally coming together and having a weapon like Saquon would take some pressure off from Jones and maybe he would have a little better numbers.

Leonard Williams has played well so far this season, he wants a big pay day at the end of the season. Not sure yet if the Giants are the ones who give it to him.

The Giants D-Line overall with Dexter Lawrence is taking a step in the right direction, I think another year under this defensive coordinator would be good

I am not sure how the rest of the season will play out or the Giants chances at winning the NFC East, literally their only shot into the playoffs, but I have seen a lot of growth out of this team and with this coaching staff and a few more pieces they could be back to winning Giants football.

The cards seen today came via Sport Card Collectors Daily reader Grady M as I continue to dig through and post more stuff from that box.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

These Are Fun


I haven't opened much in terms of product in 2020, the biggest reason being the pandemic with crazy flippers and not doing reviews because of it, so when I get to see newer products its because of others.

I am very 50/50 on how I feel about products like Topps Archives when a companies take old designs and bring them back by putting newer players on them.

This years 2020 Archives was no different. It included Topps base card designs of 1955,1974 and 2002.

The one thing though that set this years apart from past years, is a subset known as Nickname Poster Cards.

When I found these in my box of goodies from Sport Card Collector reader Grady M, I was hooked. This is the kind of creativity I have been waiting for from Topps.

And calling them Poster cards is perfect.

I can picture going to a movie theater and seeing a movie poster hung up with the words, The Conductor starring Chris Sale.

Or one that says, Big Papi. One man's mission to over slug Fenway.

This is just a couple of the 14 card subset. Once again, a subset is a set within a base set. I just wanted to be clear these are not inserts.

Grady sent along a good portion of the subset and I was completely infatuated with them.

There are a few missing from the set and I hope to finish up the missing pieces. I want to get these updated on here soon.

Panini does a nickname parallel for their Donruss baseball but are not even close to as cool as these. I think this would make a great insert set and maybe a chromed version or foil would bring these even more to the next level.

I will say though, these seem like an odd fit for this product or at least part of the base set that built upon Topps history. As far as I know, I could definitely be wrong, I don't know of any nickname cards in 1955,1974 or 2002 Topps base sets.

What do you guys think of these? Cool? Nah? Ugly as sin? Mind blowing?

Friday, November 20, 2020


I may not have left you with a surprise on who the final player was to be featured in my massive mail day from reader Grady M, but I didn't tell you that it would be the next day's post either.


Even though I don't outright chase him like I did in the 90's, Ken still remains my biggest PC and a player I will take cards of I don't have still. Most of my newest adds of Ken come from Shane from Project Pedro blog and Grady.

There weren't too many adds to the Griffey PC with this mail day, but three is three and I will still need to do a much needed number count update on my Griffey collection.

Plenty more to show off from this mail day from Grady. So stay tuned!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Ever Feel Like You Are Being Watched?

I have tried to look away...but I can't. They keep looking at me. I keep waiting for their eyes to follow my every move when I am in my card room.
These cards are simply....creepy. 

I get what Panini was trying to do with these with mocking T206, but they didn't quite turn out the way they should have. Every one of these cards is either spooky or a Caption This card moment waiting to happen.

Is this Aaron Judge or a gangster from the 1920's? Maybe a model?

It appears George got into the "good stuff"

Nolan appears he has seen a ghost or the Otahni card watching him.

And finally, Jose Aluve is about to join up with Marv and rob some kid who is Home Alone. Probably looking for their trashcans.

These inserts are from 2020 Diamond Kings and are rightly named DK206. There are 20 cards to chase for the set and each features similar pictures to these. The checklist is mix of legends and players of today. So if you're looking for a good time or a blog post to use as a Caption This, these work perfectly.

These cards came from my mail day from SCC reader Grady M. So thank him for today's post if it made you giggle at all....or frightened.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

More Gleybers

It's time to showcase my next player in my latest installment of that massive mail day from Sport Card Collector reader Grady M mail day. Today we feature who I consider the cornerstone future star of the Yankees in Gleyber Torres.

Gleyber's cards don't get a whole lot of respect or value in that matter, despite a kid who has put up decent numbers in his short career so far.

Yes, 2020 was a way down year for him but who didn't have a bit of an off year? Also the injury bug hit him some as well. But, his first two years in the league he put up 24 and 38 home runs respectively and I expect big things in 2021 barring no set backs from injuries or Covid getting in the way of a full season again.

I have collected Gleyber since his rookie year, mainly because he was the one guy I kept pulling so it only made sense.

I don't have an updated number on him yet, but hopefully soon I will have it ready on the blog.


Power Producers with Judge and Torres. Both Players I collect so had to pick which one to give the card to and I chose Torres.

Aficionado from Diamond Kings. I don't care for their base design but these inserts and subsets are sharp.

Me without coffee, me with coffee

Golden Gleyber Of Fire

Oooooh shiny!

Power Zone is exactly what Gleyber has.

Only one more player to feature in this short series of mail days from my loaded box of goodies. The final player has the biggest amount of cards in my collection and if that doesn't give it away, it's Ken Griffey Jr. Sorry for the lack of surprise element there.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Giants Cardboard: Mosaic Adds!

The Giants season as I am typing this is 1-7 and the ship and chances for playoffs is sailing away. Though, they are not completely out. It really depends on their game vs Washington today. Yes, this is a week in advance.

Despite the Giants seemingly depressing record, it all hasn't been that bad. It appears the Giants have the right coaches in place for the future. The defense this year hasn't been the embarassement it had been the last few years. The Oline is very slowly coming together and it appears give this team a year or two and a new GM they will finally turn things around.

If I was to sum up the season til now I would say heartbreaking. Outside of the loss to the 49ers, the Giants have been in every game and they have come down to the last quarter for most where the Giants either get penalized, turnover or get calls against them as this year the refs have it out for them. Either way, I am feeling good about the future. Just hoping that Daniel Jones can grasp the playbook a little more and stop turning the ball over. TUCK THE BALL IN WHEN A SACK IS COMING AND TAKE THE SACK. Or if you are going to throw it away before you get sacked, THROW THE BALL OUT OF BOUNDS. He has so many similarities to Eli, as that was something he used to do, but the right coach/scheme can get a lot out of Jones if you look at last year. 

I still have faith in him.

Since today the Giants face the first place Eagles, a team they should have beaten the first time, I thought I would show off my latest adds in this new segment. This will be a filler segment until new Rodney Hamptons come in.

My first Giants mail day comes from @NCSportcards when he sent me a RAK.


My first Giants cards out of 2020 Absolute.

My first Slayton out of Mosaic

My first Daniel Jones out of Mosaic

If you don't see a common trend here I will point it out, I didn't see a single pack of Mosaic whether it was football or basketball. Didn't even see it in Chronicles baseball.

Thomas has had an up and down season so far. I hope he gets better over time.

The defense has played well so far, add McKinney in here at some point and it could really take off

And my final Giants Mosaic Got Game of Saquon.
Thanks again to @NCsportscards for the RAK!
My next mail day was apart of a trade with @acc2107. This is only part of the trade, once again, you will have to wait until I kick off the Christmas season on here.

Until then, let's see what I got.

That's right...more Giants Mosaic.

I don't know the parallels well in this product other than seeing how purty they are. Since I never opened any, I figured I didn't need to study the product like I do with others.

I will call this green. I am sure its wrong

Orange flames. Who knows? But, looks super cool.

And finally, a Green Eli. I can see why so many like this product.

Thanks to Adam for the trade.

Speaking of him, I also won a contest for a blaster box of 2020 Donruss Holiday from him. That will be shown off when my Christmas season kicks off and be the very first post for it.

This is just the beginning of Giants Cardboard. More to come!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday.