Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Kerry's Cardboard:1996 Action Packed Longest Yard

Fun inserts comes to mind when I am putting together my Kerry Collins collection.

Sure, there are plenty of base cards I could chase for cheaper, but I want to tackle the fun stuff first.

For example, 1996 Action Packed Longest Yard.

These shiny embossed background cards that fell 1:24 packs draws your eyes right in. Absolutely love it and love the football background.

Back Of The Card.

These are the type of Kerry Collins cards that make me smile even not in a Giants uniform. 

I will be posting another pickup soon from this set soon.

Thoughts on today's insert add welcomed in comments.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Not Usually A Leaf Fan...

I am not usually a Leaf fan....but I do love their non-sport cards.

Their sports cards are okay, I don't care for the missing logos and sometimes even the missing player faces which gets replaced with a jersey of the player. Those are ugly.

However, with their ugly there is some beauty from Leaf.

Like this 2023 Pro Set Leaf Gold Refractor of Jessica Alba.

Stunning card in more than one way both front and back. These cards were an online exclusive on the Leaf website and are numbered to 199. I was fortunate to have this one sent to me by a follower on Twitter.

Actually owning this in hand now makes me really want the Chevy Chase version for my PC. Maybe some day.

Thoughts on Leaf products welcomed below!

Monday, August 14, 2023

Another Step Closer

My collecting focus has been much better than it used to be. 

I have been able to finish up some sets, knock down some want list cards and keep with my main PC's of NY Giants and Non-Sports.

Which is a huge improvement from where I was. I think not having much money has helped me put my focus on things that matter most to my collection.
My recent mail day was this 1996 Topps Turf Warriors Dan Marino which brings me another step closer to this set. I have for the most part knocked down all of the key players in the set now.

It's a fun set with a felt background and player in the forefront. These fell 1:36 packs in 1996 Topps.

But, finding the other needs hasn't been easy so far.

I am hopeful I can complete this still, but it may take some patience.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

TV Week

In the 90's, cards were offered in all forms.

They were in cereals, they were on boxes, they were food issued, in newspapers and were even free in magazines.

It makes me wished I had hoarded my magazines and not tossed them.

But, can't go back in time yet.

*come on DeLorean*

Recently when searching for Seinfeld cards, I discovered TV Week-the magazine that talked about your favorite TV shows and had guides to I believe-offered cards in their weekly magazine. Not sure if it was every week the cards appeared or how they even were included, but they were because I have proof!

Upon my research, I found out that Seinfeld has one but that was way out of reach for me with most running up in the $70 range. It's probably considered the rookie card of Seinfeld since it came before the 2011 Topps American Pie release.

So, I looked at a few other shows I wanted instead that were more in my range.
Like Home Improvement. Absolutely died laughing at this show every week. Tim Allen did a great job with his character along with the supporting cast.

And how cool is this to see a fan mail address, wonder what it would get me now if I wrote to it....

I was hoping once Last Man Standing ended that Tim would revive this show again but so far, nothing.

The next show my parents wouldn't let me watch, for some reason horror was okay but not Rosanne.
So, when I got older, I began watching it and really enjoyed it.

I even enjoyed the revival of the show when they brought it back on ABC, it felt like it never left and it was fun how they included "today's times" into it, until they fired Rosanne for a few comments made. I didn't watch a single minute of The Conners. 

Other than the Seinfeld one, I would love to add The Simpsons and The Nanny ones. Maybe someday.

Thoughts on these cards and if you have any in your collection welcomed below in comments.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Two New Toomers!

I don't think any of my other PC's have grown quite as fast as my Amani Toomer one has teh last few months. I have been adding some cool, cheap numbered cards for now.

I still haven't moved up a lot on TCDB in terms of Toomer stats, but also have a few more to add as well. It will take a long time before I can be in the top running.

Here are two of my lastest adds,
I love nothing more than a relic card that spells out a name or team name. On top of that, GAME USED!! This Fabric Of The Game Team Name is numbered to 99.

The Next Card is from 2000 Fleer Focus. Kind of a boring parallel in comparison to others at the time.

Draft Position cards are numbered to 204 or at least the Toomer is.

A couple more pickups are on their way including one in a trade. Thoughts on these adds welcomed in comments.

Friday, August 11, 2023


I am sure a lot of my non-Giant fan, Patriot fans or non-football fan readers are sick to death of me talking about the two NY Giants Super Bowl wins of recent, but I can't help it. Those were two of the greatest sport moments in my life.

In 2015, Topps celebrated Presidential Celebrations at the White House by putting in a case hit insert. I had never heard of these before until my Twitter friend @clrshonuff told me about them.

When I saw the checklist, I noticed that the Giants had two cards on the checklist, both are from the two Super Bowls I keep talking about.

The cards feature the head coach and the president at the time along with the players in the background.
This is Super Bowl 42 with George Bush. I actually picked this one up for $1.

And then this one, the tougher of the two, landing at $12, was my latest add a couple months ago.

Thanks again to Chris for the heads up on these.

Thoughts on these adds or thoughts on these types of inserts welcomed in comments.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Rookie Cards?

Rookie cards are a driving force in the hobby. It's what most collectors seek including this blogger. 

I like to have at least one of each player's rookie card.

But that doesn't just go for sport cards for me, it goes for non-sports as well.

How does one define a rookie card for non-sport though? Well, it's really hard and requires a lot of research.

Most non-sport rookies, like with some sports not named baseball, is their first appearance on a card or on a Panini Sticker. So any film, TV show or something called a Top Trump counts.

Top Trump? Is that a nickname for a former president?

I had no idea what a Top Trump was until I did a little background check on them. Come to find out it's a card game that's been around since 1978. These games cover TV, movies, books, boats, and even musicians which is where I found today's rookie card.
Rhianna is not only a chart topper, but she is also a billionaire businesswoman. 

Here is the back of the card or front? Hmm..the other side of the card? Let's leave it at that.

I have made a list of other Top Trump rookie cards that I need and hope to add someday under my wants list. Most are singers that have some meaning to me. Rhianna is simply a star and has a few hits I enjoy, I also remember a few times joking around with the umbrella song with my wife.

Thoughts on my addition and if you have ever heard of these cards before welcomed in comments.

If you are curious who is on my list of other needs, here is that list,
2015 Top Trumps Katy Perry
2015 Top Trumps Taylor Swift
2015 Top Trumps Miley Cyrus
2003 Top Trumps Avril
2003 Top Trumps Beyoncé
2003 Top Trumps Eminem
2019 Top Trumps Jennifer Lawrence

If you have any of these, please let me know!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Grady's Giants

A few times every year I get sent a huge box of inserts, parallels and team cards from Blog Reader Grady M. Grady has been a good friend of this blog, Twitter and my Facebook page for many, many years.

He recently sent me another box of goodies that covered all of the areas I mentioned above, but for today, I am just tackling the NY Giants portion of the box.

First up, a LT Green Prizm Parallel.

Next is a Daniel Bellinger Prizm silver rookie. This is my first Bellinger Prizm card. I think this guy has a lot of potential and with Waller alongside him, they could make quite the dangerous duo.

I like Prizm and Optic Parallels, but there is just something about Select that may put it above those two products. I think it's because Select uses actual photography in the backgrounds.

Watch out NFL, a second year healthy version of this guy could be very scary.

Mosaic Green? I hate telling the differences in Mosaic but love the looks. This is my boy Daniel Bellinger again.

Glad to keep you a Giant Barkley Green Elite Parallel.

This is just the beginning show off of this really fun box of goodies. There is plenty more to come so stay tuned for that.

Thoughts on today's cards welcomed in comments.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023


This past offseason, the NY Giants saw a weakness and they fixed it.

Not only did the G-Men bring in a plethora of WR's and offensive weapons for Daniel Jones, but they even drafted a couple. One that has really shown a lot of bright spots so far in training camp has been 3rd round WR Jalin Hyatt from Tennessee.

With my budget tight, I haven't really bought much of anything for newer football which has slowed my collection of new Giants rookies for my collection.

Usually by now, I have a decent sized collection, but what you are about to see is all I have.

Thanks to a local friend I was able to add these three Hyatts to my Giants PC. Really wished I could add an autograph, but not at the current prices. These will have to do.

I can't wait to see this new Giants group of weapons hit the field. Hopefully they can tear it up and put up some points. I think if they do, this guy could have a major impact with it.

Thoughts on my latest adds, Jalin Hyatt or your teams' draft picks welcomed in comments.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Groovy Baby!

Austin Powers is a movie that has plenty of memorable moments, quotable humorous lines and a movie series that will always stand the test of time.

And now I have a piece of that movie in my collection.

I recently grabbed this 2008 Upper Deck A Piece Of Hollywood featuring a swatch of Austin Powers pants worn by Mike Myers from the movie for my non-sport PC.

Back of the card is the certification and pants that the swatch had been taken from.

I really like these relic cards and own quite a few in my collection. I have been wanting to add this one for quite some time and finally found a reasonable one.

Thoughts on my latest add welcomed in comments. Also, let me know if you enjoyed the Austin Powers movies and what your favorite one is from the group is.

Hope you have a great Saturday!

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Don't Judge Me...Again

Just like my blogging, especially on here, there is a lot of come and go.

One of those perfect examples is my Aaron Judge PC.

Back in 2017, I was all in on the hard slugging hitter. I traded a ton of stuff away to acquire autographs, numbered rookies, inserts, etc. That carried over into 2018 then started to die off in 2019, 2020, and in 2021 where I unloaded all but five cards of my PC which had close to 200 cards.

I simply lost interest and it didn't help that he kept getting hurt. He was the one player that kept my baseball interest going (since Ken Griffey Jr retired) but with so many injuries, I stopped watching since he wasn't playing, and I decided that my collection belonged better in someone else's collection so I can get stuff that belonged better in mine.

Then came this past week. I felt that urge again to collect Judge. Was it because he was finally coming back from yet another injury or was it because I was in a stalemate with other parts of my collection. Either way, I dug what I had out again to see and even added a couple.

Here is what I discovered,

This is all I have besides a Bowman rookie, a Bowman Chrome Mini rookie, and two autographs.

See something I need or don't have? Let me know! I am currently trading for some Judges and hopefully this time I will keep adding.

In comments today, let me know if you have a player or part of your collection that you have gone back and forth on and what was that?

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Trending This Week In My Hobby Week 4

This segment hasn't been posted since March, so a lot has changed since then. In order to continue where I left off, I will post this as Week 4.

And since there has been such a big gap in time since the last post, there will be a ton of movement so I wanted to post the last list and compare it to the new one.

This was the list back in March,
  1. 90's Inserts
  2. NY Giants Cards
  3. Non Sport Cards
  4. Set finishing ˄˄˄
  5. Eli Manning Cards ˄˄˄
  6. 1993-94 Stadium Club Beam Team
  7. Kerry Collins Cards ˄˄˄
  8. Allan Houston Cards ˄˄˄
  9. Michael Jordan Cards ˄˄˄
  10. Jasson Dominguez Cards
Here are the Top 10 most sought after for me right now in order.
  1. 2022 Upper Deck Marvel Allure Parallels, Autographs
  2. Non Sport Cards
  3. NY Giants (especially 2023 class)
  4. 90's Inserts 
  5. Guardians Of The Galaxy Relic Cards
  6. Missing Prizm Rookie Cards
  7. Marvel Relic/Autograph Cards
  8. Set Completing
  9. Eli Manning Cards
  10. Kerry Collins Cards
A lot has changed so much since March, a lot of non-sport added and more sports dropping out. I think that's simply how my collection is transforming. Not to mention, I fell in love with the newer Marvel movies especially Guardians Of The Galaxy. I plan to show off my collection so far of Marvel cards at some point.

I am certain some of these will move up and down before next week and maybe even off the list. Guess we will see.

In comments today, tell me what is trending in your collecting and what you are seeking the most this week.

Friday, August 4, 2023

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 60: 1991 Pro Set MusiCards

60 times we have had the sets talk on here now. I hope all 60 were as good for you as they were for me.

Today, I put my focus on a set I have been wanting to finish for years but have pushed off to the side for way too long.

It's a set that I knew I had most of, but knew I was missing a few pieces. What I didn't know was that there was an entire second series I have no cards of so I will be wanting those as well.

Everyone who knows me knows how much music means to me, especially music of the 80's and 90's. When I discovered the 1991 Pro Set MusiCards I knew I would have to chase the set. The checklist was loaded with singers I grew up listening to, so it was an easy connect the dots situation.

(there are a few ladies here I would have the sets talk with)

Here is what remains of my needs to finally finish up the Series 1 at least. Still need all of the Series 2 cards.

Any and all help on this one is welcomed! You can message me on Twitter at @collec_sport or email me at if you have any help for me.

Thanks again for checking out today's post and hope I hear from you about any set help for me.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Not A Croc

When the Croc writes on Crocodile Sports Cards about giving you free cereal issued baseball cards, he isn't lying.

It is not a Croc.
I got this 1993 Post Collectors Series in the mail yesterday with no plans of opening it. I own a couple cards, literally two, from the set already but when I get sealed sets, I usually keep them that way.

I don't want it to get ruined.

I have always liked food issued cards, and the food they came with of course. Wished they would bring them back now especially with the popularity of cards.

Thanks again to Crocodile Sports Cards for the mail day and latest set to my set collection.

If you haven't checked out his blog yet, do so above by following the link I added.

Let me know in comments if you keep sets like this sealed or what you do with them.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

It's All Been Fire Recently

The last two months of this blog's stats are hard to ignore. I thought maybe the big 75,000+ view month in June was a fluke until July brought in another huge monthly total of 68,000 + views.

Being someone who loves numbers, these have drawn me back to this blog for some new posts in August. I will be curious if this month can hold up to the past two months and wonder how new posts would do here.

So, let's kick off a new month with a new post with some new cards.

These are all separate mail days I got and for different reasons.
I have been trying to add Prizm rookie cards to my collection and have a list of needs I have been narrowing down the last few months. It started out as roughly 10 needs and now I have narrowed it down to 2 needs. I need a 2020 Prizm Jalen Hurts rookie and a 2022 Prizm Sam Howell rookie. Of course, I would welcome two other guys in Burrow and Herbert but I don't imagine I can touch those guys so I never added them to my list.

I haven't added a new card to my Rueben Randle PC in a while and was able to acquire this quad relic pretty cheap. I think a lot of people forget how great of a back that Doug Martin was.

My Kerry Collins PC has been growing steadily this summer so when adding a low numbered parallel for cheap is in the cards, see what I did there, you add it.

This 2002 Fleer Premium Super Rubies is numbered to 100.

Next card, a low numbered GAME WORN relic from 2012 Certified of Amani Toomer. Every Toomer add helps me to try and move up on TCDB.

And my final add, I have a small PC of Jasson Dominguez and have always liked Panini Unleashed inserts, when they added Dominguez to the 2023 lineup, I had to have one.

A bunch of fire mail days in what has been a fire couple of months on this blog. A great way to kick off a new month of new posts.

In comments, let me know your thoughts on my latest additions and if you are excited to see new posts on here!