Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reminiscing 90's:1993 Goosebumps Night Of The Living Dummy

Key notes for October 31st 1993:
October 31st was a Sunday
Bill Clinton was President
Most Popular Movie released in October of 1992 was The Nightmare Before Christmas
Most Popular Book around this time was The Bridges Of Madison County by James Waller
Billboard Hot 100 number-one single on October 24th 1992 was Dream Lover by Mariah Carey
SPORTS US wins Nichirei International LPGA Golf Tournamen
Few other notes.... River Phoenix dies at age 23, it's Halloween, and  I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) by Meat Loaf was the number one song in the UK.

I read a bunch of the Goosebumps series in the 90's. This is one of the original releases and not the updated cover ones. I will post a few of these in this new segment.

1993 Goosebumps Night Of The Living Dummy

I was always a fan of living dolls I guess you could say. Puppet Master, Child's Play and Slappy.


These are the opposite of dummies. These are some of the most dominant players of the 90's.

Well, despite being dominant, I guess you could put Clemens in the dummy section. #cheater
The cards featured in today's post I acquired from eBay and from my buddy Tim Yount.

I know I could have gone either way with the dummy part of this, but I decided to keep it positive. However, if you were to choose a dummy of the 90's, who would that be? This can be a celeb, sports player, team, etc.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Prize Selection For Player Of The Day Kids Promo

Here are the available prizes for the Player Of The Day Kids Promo I have going on. Each kid can pick ONE item (there are 4 sections of 2 packs a piece of POD. Each 2 packs counts for ONE item) from this post once the random has been made and the order has been set. Bonus cards not shown may be included for those cards not packed up yet. Which ones those are, I will keep as a secret as it will make it more fun that way.

Rajion Neal Auto

2 Pack Of Player Of The Day 2015

2 Pack Of Player Of The Day 2015

2 Pack Of Player Of The Day 2015

2 Pack Of Player Of The Day 2015

T.J. Clemmings autograph

Derron Smith parallel autograph 

Michael Sam Extra Points Autograph 

Connor Shaw Hot Rookies Auto 

Cody Prewitt Prizm autograph 

Jon Lester jersey card 

0 Right Now As Contest Just Began. 

0 Right Now As Contest Just Began

If more kids than what I have for prizes above enter, I will add even more!!!! I have pretty high hopes for this contest.

CONTEST ALERT!!!! Player Of The Day Contest FINALE! All About The Kids WINNING!

Kids are the future of the hobby so I try to include them in as many contests as I can. This one is probably one of my best ideas for them yet.

In my opinion, any kid in the hobby is win. So I have decided any kid in my contest is a winner.
The rules and entry are simple.
  1. As always the only rule, contest is open to U.S. Residents ONLY. Shipping costs are crazy. Sorry for this inconvenience. Anyone who doesn't follow this rule will be disqualified from prizes.
  2. Send a CREATIVE pic of your child or children or a child enjoying Panini cards (seeing some Player Of The Day ones would be great). You may also include a sign that involves Player Of The Day. PLEASE ALSO INCLUDE A NAME YOU WOULD LIKE FOR YOUR PICTURE OR FOR THE CHILD for me to use in my post and winner announcement.
  3. Post the picture to my Facebook wall on SCC POD Promo 2015 or email it to me at with the subject, POD Kids
  4. All photos will be included in another blog post
  5. You will have til November 6th 2015 to get the pictures to me. Kids will be randomed on November 7th for prize choosing order.
  6. Prizes will be done Panini Rewards style! Meaning, kids get to choose their prize from a list of them in order of where they fall on a list.
  7. Kids will be randomed for prize choosing. The kid up to the top of the list is first choice, last on the list get what remains from the prize choices. The more kids that enter, the more choices.
  9. I always need to throw in this small print due to scams in the past with people claiming prizes never arrived.Prizes will be shipped PWE. Sport Card Collectors blog or it's writer/owner WILL NOT BE held responsible for LOST, STOLEN OR DAMAGED cards. I will ship as safe as I can, then it's up to USPS to get the cards to you safely.
  10. Once entered you agree to all rules above.
In years past for the kids contest I usually have Panini vote on the pictures. This year I wanted to simplify it and let everyone win something instead of only three.

Good luck to everyone that enters and I really hope to see a HUGE turnout on this one!


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:


Which fall TV shows would you like to see trading cards made of? Why?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Have You Seen The Up-To-Date Stats?

Here are my main PC's and how they are broken down. I know recently I have posted about my 100th Hampton and 700th Griffey and I must say those are not accurate. Those are older posts that I am just catching up with. This post is currently as fresh as can be.

So for those who don't know, I used to keep these up to date on the right hand side of the blog. Not sure how many of you actually paid attention or not. But, now I keep them up-to-date under my MAIN PC'S tab you can locate at the top of the blog in case you want to keep up :)

In the meantime, here is where I stand as of 10/29/2015.

"The Kid" Ken Griffey Jr

OTHER ODD MEMORABILIA CARDS: 6 (CLASS RING, PANINI FATHER'S DAY, Topps Coin/Stamp, Topps Display Card Plate, Santa Hat, Bench )

Other Things to Note:
1997 Pinnacle Inside Can, 1998 Pinnacle Inside Can, 1997 Screenplays tin, 1997 Screenplays tin SE, 1999 UD Retro Lunchbox with Ted Williams

Rueben Randle


Andre Williams

OTHER ODD MEMORABILIA CARDS: 1 Printing Plate Patch Card

Rodney Hampton

2015 Yard Sale Autograph Pickups Part 5:El Duque

My last pickup from the yard sale was an autograph I have always wanted since his days with the Yankees. Mr Orlando Hernandez or as the rest of us Yankee fans know his as, El Duque.

The dude was dominant and when he got that high leg kick going, you know hitters were in fear.

Even though he wasn't the top player in the group of autographs I picked up, this was my favorite piece.

First up, I like the photo. Great pose and even though not a Yankee uni, you gotta love the classic Expos look. Secondly, he has a great looking auto. Third, I got it for $5. A steal in my opinion.

Now that you have seen all five of my pickups, which one is your favorite and which one did you consider to be a steal?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ken Griffey Jr. # 700

I have long since passed the 700 cards threshold of my Ken Griffey Jr PC, but what I didn't do was post my 700th card that I had to make sure was an important one.

And boy in my mind did I make it a sweet purchase. Not only was it a Griffey card, but it's a piece of Yankee history as well.

Griffey hit his 361st career home run at Yankee Stadium in 1999 and on this card is a stadium seat to commemorate it. I always struggled when Griffey played my team as picking a side could be challenging. I usually went with, "let Ken hit multiple home runs but give the Yanks the win." Only way I could see the best of both worlds.

Here is a picture of the seat they used. So cool! Wished companies did this still.
I am already looking forward to trying to search something cool down for card #800. It most likely won't be an autographed card, but I promise it will keep your interest and mine.

Here's to #800!

Thoughts on Griffey #700 are appreciated :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rodney Hampton #100

I have long since passed the 100 cards threshold of my Rodney Hampton PC, but what I didn't do was post my 100th card that I had to make sure was an important one.

So here it was, card #100. A 2013 Topps Archives Fan Favorites autograph. This also marks my third autograph of Hampton.
The next goal is trying to figure out how to top this with card number 200? Hmmmmmm let me ponder....or take suggestions. What do you guys think?

Monday, October 26, 2015

CONTEST! ANOTHER CHANCE To Win 2 Player Of The Day Packs!

Well, I had such a good response on the last round of Player Of The Day packs that I want to give away a couple more! So if you didn't win the first time or wanna win again, here is the contest! 
  1. Must be a U.S. Resident or have a U.S. address to enter. All entries not following under this rule will be disqualified.  
  2. Go to the Panini Player Of The Day website you can find HERE, click on the link with the story with the title,  Check out the story of 2013 Panini NFLPOD Grand Prize winner Aaron Kellington who is now a hobby shop owner thanks to NFLPOD and give your thoughts about this in the comments below. As simple as that!
  3. Contest ends on November 1st 2015 by 11:59pm and a winner will be announced on November 2nd 2015.
  4. 1 random winner will be selected from all entries. 
  5. Prizes are provided by Panini and Panini POD.
  6. SMALL PRINT: Some prizes may be shipped PWE. They will be shipped safely. Sport Card Collectors and it's owner won't be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages once they exit my hands. I will ship out the prizes the safest way I can. It's up to the USPS to help those prizes arrive. (I have had to add this part to all of my contests now due to a scammer I had)
Good Luck and may the 7x Random ever be in your favor! 

Baseball Card Mystery Finest Theater: Part 1

The joy of Mystery Finest. Who is that player hiding behind this sheet of black? Is the best player featured on out of the four on the back of the card or the worse? The only way to tell is to peel and here on Baseball Card Mystery Finest Theater I will do just that.

Recently, I picked up a five card unpeeled lot of Mystery Finest cards on eBay for less than $10. I thought it would make a fun series to unpeel them one at a time and have you guys join in on the fun.

Here is how this is going to work. In the next few weeks or so, maybe before, I will put up a card like this:

Then put up the back of the card which is this:
I want you guys to tell me for fun which player I will unpeel. A few days later, I will unpeel it and reveal who it was on the blog to see if you are right. I hope there will be a lot of participation as I think it will be fun to see your guesses.

Other offerings from these five cards will be....

Make sure you come back for your guesses and each unveil!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

WINNER Of The Two Player Of The Day Packs!


In the first round of giving away a couple Player Of The Day packs, yes, I said first round, we had 20 entries and over 300+ views on the contest. I also appreciate all of you who took a second out to vote for your favorite segment here on the blog and for the key words you gave on Player Of The Day.

Now it's time for a winner......

There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. @JGfan24ever
  2. tony Ragsdale
  3. Matthew Chrisman
  4. Christopher James
  5. Thomas Young
  6. Tracy LeVeaux
  7. Jon
  8. Daniel Dubay
  9. @EEFFL
  10. @fitchjr1
  12. defgav
  13. Rob Tillisch
  14. Travis Leflar
  16. the bowl cut kid
  17. Jeff Jones
  18. Barry
  19. Scott N.
  20. skunkman
Timestamp: 2015-10-25 10:12:10 UTC, IP:
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats goes out to @JGfan24ever!! Please email me your address to with the subject line POD Packs. You will have 7 days from today to claim your prize.

As for the rest of you, stay tuned as I have another chance coming up to WIN more packs! If the Giants win today over the Cowboys those chances get even better!

So in the meantime, go ahead and enter this contest. Everyone who enters this one doesn't go home empty handed as everyone WILL win something!

THIS vs THAT Battle 6

Time for Part 6! The 5th battle pinned 1994 Flair against 2013-2014 Flair basketball and it was a close race with Flair sneaking out with the one point victory! Let's see if Flair can take it home three times in a row.

So here is the lowdown on this NEW fun card game!

I thought it would be fun to do a BATTLE OF THE..... CAAAAAAAAARDS (picture a deep voice and drawn out ending). If any of you watch SportsCenter, you would know they have a segment called the Best Of The Best where they pin two of the best plays against one another. One play may have been from previous days in a row against a new one. The goal is to narrow down the best. Well, I want to do a Best Of The Best card version but mine is called This vs That.

Here is how this is going to work.

  1. I will put a post up such as this one and you will have one week to vote on one card or the other by telling me in comments which one you like more. 
  2. There will be one card from the 90's, one card from the 2000's. 
  3. There will be a variety of sports versing one another. This contest isn't to pin sport vs sport. 
  4. Voting is based upon the OVERALL card and looking at things such as design, creativity, photography and eye appeal. Don't judge a card because it's an autograph or jersey card vs a base card. This "contest" is to see which card is OVERALL better and not just because it's signed or has someone's memorabilia. Same goes for the inserts vs the base. I will try my best to make them the fairest I see possible.
  5. After a week of voting, the card with the most votes moves on to face another card. 
  6. A card that loses cannot be brought back nor can its design.Example is if I use the 1993-1994 Stadium Club hockey card design, I cannot use the 1994 Stadium Club football card design later on as they are most likely the same thing. The designs on the cards must be different.
  7. I will keep a tally on which cards have won and how many times they have won at the top of the next weeks post.
I am not sure when I will end the overall "contest", maybe by the end of the year, let's see how many voters show up first. But, the goal is to see which card ends up being the best and which era gets more wins.

Now let's move onto the next round of This vs That!

90's vs 2000's
90's 4 Wins
2000's 1 Wins

1993-1994 Stadium Club First Day Issue        2
1994 Flair                                                           2
2014 Topps Fire                                                  1

1994 Flair                                                         



2015 Prestige Football

Put your vote in below in comments on which card you like best, OVERALL.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

World Series Finalists And Contest Announced!

Now that the stage is set for the World Series between the Royals and Mets, let's take a look at who remains in the running for prizes in my World Series Contest I took entries for in March.

The bowl cut kidMarch 22, 2015 at 3:20 PM.
Alex Gordon

JupiterhillMarch 31, 2015 at 4:00 PM. Salvador Perez

BarryMarch 21, 2015 at 4:34 PMMy pick, Yoenis Cespedes

Jeff HoyleMarch 22, 2015 at 12:09 PM. David Wright

Now onto how to win it all. It's simple, the player who hits the most Home Runs in the Series wins the prize lot! If there is a tie, the person who has the player on the winning World Series team wins. If that doesn't work, an all out random on will be ran.

Good luck to those who remain.

Reminiscing 90's:1992 TMNT Mona Lisa

Welcome! I have been waiting on this new series for months!!! Everyone knows my love of the 90's and now I get to share that passion on here and take you back a little. 

What is this new series all about? Well....
I get the year from the toy and the day the post is published. The cards I could have done by the year of the toy, but I decided to use the theme of the toy instead due to the fact a lot of the featured toys will be early 90's and I prefer a good mix.I must also note that not all will specifically be "toys"but will be items of remembrance as well, hence the theme.

I hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as I do posting them!

Key notes for October 24th 1992:
October 24th 1992 was a Saturday
George H.W.Bush was President
Most Popular Movie released in October of 1992 was The Lover
Most Popular Book around this time was Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King
Billboard Hot 100 number-one single on October 24th 1992 was End Of The Road by Boyz II Men
SPORTS Toronto Blue Jays beat Atlanta Braves, 4 games to 2, in 88th World Series

This is an incomplete piece that I recently found for FREE at a Yard Sale. She is missing her tail and accessories. Still a classic to this TMNT fan.

1992 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Playmates Mona Lisa.
Mona Lisa was mostly associated with Raphael on the TMNT cartoon.

Speaking of Turtles, let's keep this theme green. These 1996 Pacific Gridiron Gems fit the bill.

These over-sized cards all had a great photos with green foil that took up a third of the card. The sides of the card also appeared to be blurred out focusing on the "Gem" player on the card.

I had a few of these kicking around, but these ones were acquired from my blogging buddy JBF.

My favorite of the group, Kerry Collins. Always was a fan of his. I was excited when he became a NY Giant later on.
It was a sad day when Pacific no longer created cards. They always brought something great to the table but at least we have the 90's to reminisce about them.

What memories do you have of 1992, TMNT or these Pacific trading cards?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Excitement Builds!

As you all know, I have been busy trying to catch up on older posts on here. By the end of this month, I will finally have that accomplished. However, tomorrow I decided it was time to throw something new into the rotation and it's something that I hope will be a Saturday post standby depending on the turnout in views on it. I have been waiting months on this one.

Tomorrow I would like you to welcome Reminiscing 90's to the Sport Card Collectors segment family.

Since I recently switched away from posting 90's cards with my blog being so backed up with posts, I have been thinking of a way to add it back into the rotation. The once existed 90's Flashback needed a face lift so I thought maybe I should do more than just posting a card. What if I added a non card item....some info on that year....a different theme of item and card....hmmmmmmm....that's how Reminiscing 90's was born. It's a combination of a little bit of everything from the 90's.

So stay tuned for tomorrow, I know I am excited about this new segment and hope others will be as well to keep it in the rotation. As my saying goes, 90's fans and collectors should rejoice!

My First Game Used NY Ranger Piece

Part 2 of my Steiner Sports order gives us a NY Rangers piece. I don't really watch hockey anymore, haven't in years, but I do keep a close eye on the Rangers and still collect items (mostly cards) of them.

One hockey item I have always wanted was game used net. I always wanted to pull a hockey card with it but have been completely unsuccessful with that option. So when searching the Steiner Sports website and coming across this beautiful piece for $9.99, I couldn't turn it away.

The netting has marks on it. Even cooler! I was also thinking how great of a card this would make with the relic being in a shadowbox.

Here is a certificate of authenticity from Steiner that was included on the plaque.
For a free $25 gift card, I thought I scored pretty well. I think the main point of the gift card was to lure in new customers which to me was a brilliant idea. I was amazed by the amount of items they offer and some of those items were at very reasonable prices such as the two I picked up. They may have attracted me for future business.

How many of you got in on this deal? How many of you bought something from Steiner Sports before? What did you buy? Do you own anything with game used hockey net?

As always, thoughts are welcomed on my mail days!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

2015 Player Of The Day Shop Visits And How You Can Win!!!

So far after a couple of weeks, I sadly only have three main prizes, three entrants, and each have two entries.

However, I have extra prizes to give away as well including jersey cards, autographs and POD packs for those who don't finish in the Top 3 spots. You also must remember that it only takes one entry to win the whole shebang! I have seen it before on here and you can't get that one chance IF YOU DON'T ENTER!!

PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM EXTENDING THE DEADLINE ON THIS CONTEST FOR ALMOST ANOTHER WEEK!!!!!! The contest will now end on November 3rd 2015. Winners will be picked and announced on November 4h 2015 on here!

 Grady M's Entries


Tracy L's Entries


Mr.Blu1976 Entries 


How do you participate in this MAIN CONTEST? Well, here are the details.
  2. Go to your local participating Player Of The Day card shop. You can find your participating shop, HERE.
  3. Take a photo of you and your purchase in front of the Player Of The Day sign
  4. Post that picture to my Facebook page wall, SCC POD Promo 2015.
  5. I will then share your picture to the wall for others to see and on this post as well. 
  6. This post serves as your entry total post too!
  7. You can go to your shop as many times as you want. Every time you visit counts for ONE entry. At the end of the promotion, Oct. 31st 2015 NOVEMBER 7TH 2015 I will random everyone and their entries who visited the shop for the Top Three prizes and some bonus ones if we have more than three people participating (I hope so)
  8. Winners will be announced on Nov 8TH 2015 on the Facebook page so make sure you like that page to see if you were a winner.
Here are the TOP THREE PRIZES to score.
Jamie Collins Bobble, POD Packs, Panini POD shirt, Panini shirt, Patrick Peterson /50 Player Of The Day auto
POD Packs, POD Shirt and a POD auto of Terrence West 5x7 photo
POD shirt and POD Packs
Good luck to everyone who enters between NOW and the NEW deadline!!