Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995 Collectors Choice Baseball 2-Pack Break

Collectors Choice is my next break in the trade I made with @batcavelv. We are closing in on the finale of my trade breaks. This is the second to last one. I come across base cards in my collection from Collectors Choice, but you simply don't appreciate its simple greatness til you open a pack 20 years later.

In every pack of 1995 Collectors Choice, you will find 12 cards per pack. These will consist of rookies, veterans and one silver signature parallel.

As with most Upper Deck products, photography takes the stage on the base cards. High resolution photography in this base set.

Look! A PC pull! Subset called What's The Call?

Here are the 1:1 silver "signature" parallels. Golds are much tougher to find at 1:35.

Oh man do I miss these!! You Crash The Games fell at 1:5 packs and if you player hits a Home Run on the date on the front of the card, you win a card set! I thought these were great especially for being such a low end card product. Upper Deck needs to bring these back....and get a taste of the MLB again.
Overall, can't go wrong there. PC card, 3 inserts in 2 packs and some incredible base. I can't complain. Collectors Choice is even better to me 20 years later.

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  1. I thought crash the game were the coolest thing ever as a kid it's what got me checking box scores daily.