Saturday, October 17, 2015

Swinging Deep, Very Deep, With Griffey Jr Pickups!

A few days ago I showed you Griffey #600, what I didn't show you was the even bigger number of adds since #568. That's right, I added another big whopping 118 cards bringing my Griffey total up to 686 where it currently stands.

Since 118 cards would be impossible to post all of on here, I am just going to show you a few of my favorites along the way. All of these were acquired from separate eBay lots that I got for dirt cheap!

I also have a post going up tomorrow with all of the relic cards I picked up as well in this 118 card total addition. So in the meantime you get to enjoy some base/inserts.

First up, some shiny Fleer Ultra goodness!

Shiny continues to be the theme here with this Topps card

Certified unpeeled! Glad to see other collectors keep their peel offs, on.

This Flair design to me is still one of the best looking base card ones in the 90's.

And to finish it out, you gotta appreciate the efforts put forth by Pinnacle in the 90's. This shows "The Kid" side of Ken. Great photo.
This closes the gap a little to 700 and makes me just 14 cards away. Hopefully soon enough I will be there and find another special card to share for Griffey #700.

Wish me luck as I continue to add to #MissionGriffey and make sure to come back tomorrow to see my new relic additions.