Friday, October 23, 2015

My First Game Used NY Ranger Piece

Part 2 of my Steiner Sports order gives us a NY Rangers piece. I don't really watch hockey anymore, haven't in years, but I do keep a close eye on the Rangers and still collect items (mostly cards) of them.

One hockey item I have always wanted was game used net. I always wanted to pull a hockey card with it but have been completely unsuccessful with that option. So when searching the Steiner Sports website and coming across this beautiful piece for $9.99, I couldn't turn it away.

The netting has marks on it. Even cooler! I was also thinking how great of a card this would make with the relic being in a shadowbox.

Here is a certificate of authenticity from Steiner that was included on the plaque.
For a free $25 gift card, I thought I scored pretty well. I think the main point of the gift card was to lure in new customers which to me was a brilliant idea. I was amazed by the amount of items they offer and some of those items were at very reasonable prices such as the two I picked up. They may have attracted me for future business.

How many of you got in on this deal? How many of you bought something from Steiner Sports before? What did you buy? Do you own anything with game used hockey net?

As always, thoughts are welcomed on my mail days!

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