Friday, October 9, 2015

Epic Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Part 2: Griffey Explosion!!

Part 2 of my MONSTER trade mail day with Project Pedro blog focuses on The Kid and a lot of him!


Overall there was roughly 80 new Griffey's to report, I will update my numbers soon as well,  but just like the Hampton's, I can't post them all. So once again, here is a quick highlight reel of some of my favorites.

Some cool inserts here. Both shiny and attractive.

Some much needed Griffey in a White Sox uniform. I don't have many of him in a White Sox uni and I think some of us forget that he even played there.


I am usually not a fan of artsy type products, but UD was the bomb and Masterpieces were done right. 

This is probably one of my most favorite Griffey base cards of all time, yes this is the parallel, but look at the picture telling the story. Simply wonderful.

And I will finish with Flair. Yes, pun intended. No matter the design, Flair always brought it.
These will be a tremendous boost to my Griffey collection. I know I will never get them all as 15,000+ with all of the 1/1's for anyone is impossible, but I can try my best.

Part 3 of this trade coming up tomorrow. You will want to stay tuned for the 4 sub-parts of Part 3! 

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