Monday, October 26, 2015

Baseball Card Mystery Finest Theater: Part 1

The joy of Mystery Finest. Who is that player hiding behind this sheet of black? Is the best player featured on out of the four on the back of the card or the worse? The only way to tell is to peel and here on Baseball Card Mystery Finest Theater I will do just that.

Recently, I picked up a five card unpeeled lot of Mystery Finest cards on eBay for less than $10. I thought it would make a fun series to unpeel them one at a time and have you guys join in on the fun.

Here is how this is going to work. In the next few weeks or so, maybe before, I will put up a card like this:

Then put up the back of the card which is this:
I want you guys to tell me for fun which player I will unpeel. A few days later, I will unpeel it and reveal who it was on the blog to see if you are right. I hope there will be a lot of participation as I think it will be fun to see your guesses.

Other offerings from these five cards will be....

Make sure you come back for your guesses and each unveil!


  1. Well, I've been a Braves fan since birth, and a Ripken fan since I started paying attention to the game, so I'm gonna hafta pick that top card.


  2. With that first card (Braves/O's) I love Ripken, but I'm guessing it will be Palmeiro who is revealed. UGH.