Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Patchtastic Strata Randle Mail Day!

Other than Chrome, one of my favorite Topps sets is Topps Strata. Well, I can't say I like the whole product like I do with Chrome, but I do like the Clear Cut autographed relics a lot.

And one player I didn't have one for yet in my PC was Rueben Randle. Mostly because I didn't want to pay the $10 most were charging for a single color jersey version. The patches were much more. Once again, Randle hasn't proven he is a star and in my opinion they were charging like he was or is going to be.

This is Randles third season and he only has shown a few bright spots so I felt those prices were a bit steep even though I really wanted to add this card to my Randle PC.

So just for fun, I bid on a very reasonable priced Strata Randle auto/patch card, yes i went for the patch, assuming it would go for high like the others..........


And to my surprise, I was the ONLY bid. So my patience paid off and this great looking Randle made its way to my PC for $7.99. Now that's a price I was more willing to pay especially for the patch version.

As a topic to go along with this post, have you guys waited for a card you really wanted because you didn't want to pay what they were asking? Or did you buy it no matter what? And if you waited, has it paid off for you yet?

Your thoughts are always encouraged!

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