Sunday, October 18, 2015

Record Attendance!!

Wow is all I can.

On an average day, Sport Card Collectors averages 300-400 views. My highest views in one day was 1813 views, then it was 4,067 views that I set back in June, and yesterday it set a new all-time high at 4,203!!!! That is absolutely mind-blowing and exciting to receive that in just ONE day! I hope to see more days like this in the future as of recently the views had dropped.

A big thanks goes out to all that have visited this blog and especially to those who come back on a daily basis. This year has been what I think is the best of the best on here if you were to ask me. Not sure if you guys feel the same. I am finally very happy with my layout and segments after three years of tweaking it. And tweaking I did.

Stay tuned for more new posts ahead.

Thanks again and God bless!

PS: If you have a second, literally a second, please VOTE for your favorite segment here on Sport Card Collectors. You can find the voting at the top of the right hand on the blog. If on a mobile device, choose to view the blog in the web version.


  1. Congratulations. I am lucky to get 200 a day on Cardboard History. Yours was one of the first I started reading which led me to start my own eventually.

  2. Wow. That's awesome! I'm with Billy. I probably average somewhere around 125 to 200 per post.