Thursday, October 22, 2015

Derek Jeter Made Me Buy Dirt

A few months ago, Steiner Sports was running a promotion if you signed up for their newsletter, they would give you a $25 gift card for free. At first I questioned it, but all I had to do was enter my email. What was there to lose? That answer, nothing. So a few days later, I received the gift card in my email and started my search on what to buy.

One of the cool things I came upon was game used dirt from Derek Jeter's last game at Yankee Stadium that was scooped up and placed in a capsule..

Yes, I know it's dirt and yes I know I can get dirt outside and yes I know it's dirt. Wait, did I repeat myself?? Believe me, I second guessed it. But The Captain walked on this dirt for the final time. That's right. One of the greatest Yankees may had stepped, sweated, stopped a grounder on this dirt within this tiny capsule. It was only a matter of seconds when I added this $9.99 item to my cart. I also liked that it had MLB certification.

This is just Part 1 of the mail day, Part 2 of my Steiner Sports order showcases tomorrow. Different sport, different game used. Stay tuned!

Do you own any game used dirt? Thoughts on this item?

1 comment:

  1. No game used dirt other than jersey cards that had blemishes. I never say never about buying anything sports related.