Friday, October 2, 2015

Giant PACKtastic Trade Mail Day!

I am not sure how many trades I have done now with Tracy, @batcavelv, on Twitter now. But it's been a few. And by now we pretty much have a feeling what the other wants. He knows when he goes to his local LCS, that the search for 90's packs is on. He knows also if he comes across any deals for NY Giants, where they go. And I know any Rockies or pretty much baseball in general I come across is his. In the end, it always works out for the best for both of us.

This trade was no different. I sent him what I thought he would like and he did the same. Isn't that what a trade is??

So for me, a good portion of my wants were the 90's packs and he definitely chose some great ones. I really miss this stuff. Cards just aren't the same anymore.

Here were the key cards I found within. A new Hampton for the PC, a Joey Galloway and Ty Law rookie and some star players.

There were also a few inserts, a Curtis Martin rookie along with two Electric Silver parallels. The Upper Deck products by far took the show here.

Tracy also sent along some G-men!

A Nicks I didn't have. I am really hoping the Giants will sign him back. He has great hands and chemistry with Eli.

My first Shane Vereen Giants card. This is a red parallel /25. He has been by far the best addition to the team this year.

And now some relics. My first Sinorice Moss one. I wished he could have turned out as good as his brother.

Ron Dixon. I don't believe I have his relic either. This one is numbered and comes from one of my favorite football products in Invincible.

And finally, a sweet Eli relic! I bELIeve in Eli! 
A very solid trade mail day in my opinion.  I was very pleased with the outcome and look forward to trading with him again in the future. Which might not be too far as away as I have begun setting stuff aside already.

A thanks goes out again to Tracy for the trade.

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