Thursday, October 8, 2015


This series is all about you, the readers. My opinion is mum on every subject, however, you guys have the open mic per say on here. So without further ado, here is today' topic:

There was an interesting topic going on yesterday between a few collectors and I wanted to get others take on the subject (those collectors can chime in too), would you pay for a digital card? If so, what's the most you have or would pay for one? Do you also consider these cards valuable? And do you think they are the future? And do you feel digital cards are equal to cardboard cards?

You can answer just one question or them all. Just looking for your overall thoughts especially on the buying digital card part.

Please leave "clean" answers and don't try to start cause trouble. We are all one in this hobby no matter what you collect.


  1. 1. No.

    2. $0

    3. Valuable in terms of money? No. Valuable in the sense that people are collecting something digital? Yes.

    4. I think there's a place for them in our hobby's future, but if the day they replace cardboard... is the day I'll reconsider my place in this hobby.

    I think Topps should reward digital card collectors. For example... if you collect a complete digital set... you can redeem it for a limited edition cardboard version. If they did that... I'd probably dive into it.

  2. Digital cards mean nothing to me. If I see one that looks cool, I can just right-click save-as and have the jpg for free. I must admit I don't have a smartphone. Perhaps in the future when I eventually get a smartphone, I'll mess around on Bunt as a mindless distraction for killing time. But for now, definitely not for me.

  3. 1. NO.
    2. $0 - I would NEVER intentionally or knowingly Pay for a digital card.
    3. NO not valuable.
    4. Not the future.
    5. No Never equal.

    To me "digital" cards are nothing more than a computer image file. Just one of a zillion computer files that could accidentally get deleted or get corrupted due to some computer mishap. It is like buying a color PHOTO of a card from an Ebay seller. A huge waste of money and not a "true" card.

    As defgav said if I really really want one I can just "right-click and save-as".