Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sport Card Collectors Blogger Player Of The Day Promo Main Contest

Every year when I have hosted this contest, I have always had a MAIN CONTEST to my promotion.
This year is no different.

How do you participate in the MAIN CONTEST? Well, here are the details.
  1. Go to your local participating Player Of The Day card shop. You can find your participating shop, HERE.
  2. Take a photo of you and your purchase in front of the Player Of The Day sign
  3. Post that picture to my Facebook page wall, SCC POD Promo 2015.
  4. I will then share your picture to the wall for others to see. I have already shared some on there so check those out if you are curious.
  5. You can go to your shop as many times as you want. Every time you visit counts for ONE entry. At the end of the promotion, Oct. 31st 2015, I will random everyone and their entries who visited the shop for the Top Three prizes and some bonus ones if we have more than three people participating (I hope so)
  6. Winners will be announced on Nov 1st 2015 on the Facebook page so make sure you like that page to see if you were a winner.
Here are the TOP THREE PRIZES to score.
Jamie Collins Bobble, POD Packs, Panini POD shirt, Panini shirt, Patrick Peterson /50 Player Of The Day auto

POD Packs, POD Shirt and a POD auto of Terrence West 5x7 photo

POD shirt and POD Packs

Good luck to everyone who enters between NOW and the end of the month! 

For those of you who don't have a shop nearby, I have other contests for you coming up so stay tuned for those.

Also, I decided to host the contest on here after all. So look for all other future contests on here. 

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