Sunday, March 26, 2023

Rodney's Cardboard: Lots Of Plates

Hello and welcome back to a NEW Rodney's Cardboard.

Today, instead of posting these all individually like I had planned to that way I can stretch out this segment some, I decided to just post them all at once.

Not all of the new Rodney's, just the Printing Plates.

90's Printing Plates aren't easy to come by, but there is a seller on eBay who has a bunch, 11 to be exact more that I don't have of the legendary Rodney.

There was more than that he had until my buddy and former blogger Wes dropped a Christmas bomb on me and acquired a few others the seller had.

I already showed one of those off a few weeks ago but here are the rest of them. These feature some back plates and some front ones as well.


And that's all of them! All one of ones and all are mine now. For one of these upcoming Rodney's Cardboard posts I should post all of the plates I have.

Thanks again to Wes for this very generous gift.

Thoughts on my latest adds welcomed in comments!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Trending This Week In My Hobby Week 3


Week 3 kicks us off with a lot of movement as some fell out of the Top 10 and others moved in. Let's check it out.

I consider the Top 5 the most sought after currently.
  1. 90's Inserts 
  2. NY Giants Cards 
  3. Non Sport Cards
  4. Set finishing ˄˄˄
  5. Eli Manning Cards ˄˄˄
  6. 1993-94 Stadium Club Beam Team
  7. Kerry Collins Cards ˄˄˄
  8. Allan Houston Cards ˄˄˄
  9. Michael Jordan Cards ˄˄˄
  10. Jasson Dominguez Cards↓↓↓
This week nostalgia and the NFL offseason is driving my hobby. And out of nowhere the GOAT of basketball is appearing on my list. I have added a couple of cards recently including a HUGE one of the legend. So if you have any cards from my list today and want to trade, especially PWE trade, just drop me an email at or comment below!

I am certain some of these will move up and down before next week and maybe even off the list.

In comments today, tell me what is trending in your collecting and what you are seeking the most this week.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 58:1993-1994 Stadium Club Beam Team Basketball

Let's talk about sets baby
Let's talk about sets with me
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about sets (1993-1994)
Let's talk about sets (Stadium Club)
Let's talk about sets (Uh huh)
Let's talk about sets....

It's been almost two years since we have had sets to talk about. Must be a married thing :)

But, let's finally sit down and talk about sets today.

In 1993-1994 Stadium Club basketball random inserted Beam Team inserts into packs. I didn't know how much I liked the cards until I landed an MJ for dirt cheap from a Yard Sale 10 years ago. From there, I wanted to set build.

With the big piece in hand, MJ, already, the rest of the set I wouldn't think would take too much of an effort to complete. Except it has and has taken me too long. I was hoping for some quick sets but it appears this one is more delicate than I expected.


Alonzo is my latest add to the 27-card set chase.

Here are my needs,
1993-1994 Stadium Club Beam Team

If any of you have any collecting dust I will take them or if you would like to do a PWE trade I am good with that too. Just drop a comment or an email to

I hope to hear from you and hope you sets life is doing well.

Thoughts on this set welcomed in comments.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

A Big Cup Of Giants

Isn't this such a cool mug? This came as a part of my gift at Christmas time from the legendary Wes formerly Area 61 and JBF blogger.

So far I haven't used the mug for it's actual purpose of holding my favorite coffee beverage but instead it has been displayed on my bookshelf with binders. I think it suits the shelf more.

While I am showing off this unique mug, I thought I would also show off my latest NY Giants card adds.

When news broke of the Daniel Jones long term deal, I knew I would be welcoming back my boy Saquon as well. I had to celebrate right? So I scored this relic card-color match for less than $5 of him

Then went on to snag this really cool looking card I hadn't seen before for under $2.

Solid deals for two great looking cards.

And speaking of good deals, when you can land a Top 5 pick autograph of a player who looks to be a dominating defensive player for $7 you take it.

I wished it had been in a Giants uniform but happy with what I got still. This is my second Kayvon autograph with both being in Oregon colors.

Thoughts on my mug and latest Giants adds welcomed in comments.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Trending This Week In My Hobby Week 2

Week 2 kicks us off with some movement. Some fell out of the Top 10 and others moved in. Let's check it out.

I consider the Top 5 the most sought after currently.
  1. 90's Inserts ˄˄˄
  2. NY Giants Cards ˄˄˄
  3. Non Sport Cards
  4. 1995 Skybox Impact Countdown To Impact ˄˄˄
  5. Jasson Dominguez Cards↓↓↓
  6. 2023 Topps Aces↓↓↓
  7. 1993-94 Stadium Club Beam Team
  8. 2020 Donruss Football Rookie Sweaters Joe Burrow Dual, Jordan Love Dual ˄˄˄
  9. 2021 Donruss Football Rookie Sweaters ˄˄˄
  10. 2022 Donruss Football Rookie Sweaters ˄˄˄
This week nostalgia is driving high, probably because my birthday is tomorrow and I am getting older so thinking back on some good times is where I am at. The sweater cards I really need to finish up the set chases for.

I am certain some of these will move up and down before next week and maybe even off the list.

In comments today, tell me what is trending in your collecting and what you are seeking the most this week.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Zenith Put The Eli in Eli

I don't what it is about Spellbound or cards with lettering, but I love to collect them.

I did the Elite Spellbound Saquon a couple of years ago, but have had my eye on finishing up the Eli from 2005 Zenith Spellbound for a while now.

I finally landed the E

And the L for a decent price to finish up the trio.

However, what I didn't realize was that my I was a gold parallel until the other two arrived. So yes, it's finished but not really now. I will need to replace the I with a base one in order to satisfy my hobby OCD.

Thoughts on if you collect Spellbound cards and spell out the names welcomed in comments.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Quite Frankly, I Just Collect These Baseball Guys Now

I don't collect a lot of baseball cards or watch a lot anymore, but, that doesn't mean I don't add some on occasion. I have pretty much narrowed my baseball collecting to Aaron Judge, Derek Jeter, Jasson Dominguez, 90s inserts and Ken Griffey Jr and I am happy with that. I could use some narrowing in my collection.

Don't ask me about my football list. It's like Santa's good and bad list of kids long.

My recent trade with @TLFrankKing helped me haul in a few cards for those PC's.

Aaron Judge 1987 rookie insert.

1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter

2020 Bowman Chrome 1st Bowman Mojo Refractor of Jasson Dominguez

And of course, the figure at the top of Judge. All really cool adds and that figure is so unique.

Thanks again to Frank for the trade and hope you enjoyed your end as much as I enjoyed mine.

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments!

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Only Wanted One, But Ended Up With Two

We all know that Crystal didn't play for the Yankees, but in 2008 he got to celebrate his 60th birthday in style by signing a minor league contract for the Yankees so he could get one at-bat with the team in a spring training game against the Pirates. This was something Derek Jeter suggested for the long time Yankee fan to do to celebrate the big day. Crystal chopped at one pitch but ended up striking out in the end. It was still a very memorable moment for him and is the first time I have ever heard of an experience for a celebrity like this to do.

To celebrate the moment, Tristar put out an Sp card of him in their 2008 Projections product. Crystal was card number 400 in the set.
I originally just wanted the one base card, which finally I landed for $2 after waiting patiently for a couple of years, but I also landed the parallel.

The graded Reflectives parallel of the card was had for less than $10. I couldn't let it go for that price to someone else especially when it looks even better than the base.

Now with two of the cards from the product, it really makes me want to get the autograph version to. Not that I can afford to, but maybe I will luck out some day and find a cheap copy if I am patient enough.

Thoughts on the card and your favorite Billy Crystal movie is welcomed in comments!

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Season

The NFL season may be over, but the memories of it have not.

This was the best NY Giants season I have witnessed in many, many years so I went on a Panini Instant spree to showcase some of the highlights.

The season started off in Nashville again the Tennessee Titans. This was the game that set the pace for the season. The Giants were down by 10 at halftime and looked like the same ole team I had seen the past 6 seasons where they open up with a loss. 

But whatever coach Daboll said at halftime changed the game. The Giants got a late touchdown to trail by only one in the game before gambling on a two-point conversion on a shovel pass to Saquon and winning the game at the end.

The wins kept coming from there.

They shocked the Ravens at home, sadly a game I couldn't watch due to where I live so the Patriots played on TV.

But a lot of rookies stepped up including Wan'Dale Robingson who got his first NFL touchdown. Which I am guessing more will come next year when he is healthy.

Speaking of rookies stepping up, Kayvon Thibodeaux may not have had the huge sack numbers but he had a huge impact on their season. 

He went on to score a strip-sack fumble against Washington, a game they desperately needed to move up in the Wild Card Standings, and started the momentum that led to a Giants win.

Then came the Daniel Jones show in what was a win and in situation against the Colts. The Giants win the game and they clinch their first playoff spot since 2016. 

Jones led the Giants with 4 touchdown and a 38-10 win over Indy in that game.  A game he commanded and won for them. I think this was the game where Jones showed he was worthy of another contract with the Giants.

Then came the Wild Card game against Minnesota. Everyone counted them out on the road but they shut out the noise.

Saquon had 2 rushing touchdowns including the game sealing one in the 4th quarter.


WR Isaiah Hodgins looked unstoppable going for over 100 yards and scoring a touchdown that helped set up the Giants win early on in the game. This was a guy they grabbed off the practice squad remember and this is also his first card in a Giants uniform.


And finally, there was Jones who showed why he was worth the 160 million they gave him throwing for over 300 yards and 78 more on the ground. He looked like a Top QB in that game and picked apart Minnesota all game long. It was a version of the usual turnover prone QB we hadn't seen before.

I won't talk about the Divisional Round game against the Eagles as they were completely outmatched as they should have been all season, but I will say overall the future is bright and I can't wait to see what's in store for next season.

Thoughts on my collection welcomed in comments. Also if you buy any of the on-demand cards.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Who Did It Better?

Last week I mentioned how I was chasing the 2023 Topps Aces set and how much I liked the design. However, I think a lot of us forget that Select had this design back in the 90's. So, a lot of re-use on it. Panini had done it most recent in a Pinnacle product and in their Donruss/Optic products before Topps jumped on board this year.

With that in mind, I am asking you, which company did their Aces insert better? Yes, I am excluding Select because nothing beats an original.



And let me know in comments which you think did it better and why. Also, try not to use the MLB logo aspect as your reasoning for not choosing Panini. I want you to think strictly design.

In my opinion, I like the Topps design slightly better due to the fact I like the shine behind the player. I think it brings out the card more.

Now your thoughts!

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 Select Black Die-Cut Autograph 1/1

Let's get to a new Rodney's Cardboard since the last one I posted was way back in January.

I also figured lets get to a biggie to draw your attention back.

I had two cards left for my 2020 Select autograph chase, both 1/1's. One was a base 1/1 and then there was a die-cut version 1/1. I wasn't ever sure they would pop up especially since the products are getting older and probably sitting in warehouses somewhere with my Rodney's inside of them.

Luckily one of them finally popped up, the die-cut version and my buddy Wes, who many know across the blogosphere as JBF sent me this one for Christmas with his bomb of a package.
For a 1/1, I would say it definitely does well with eye appeal.

Back of the card gives the usual lame duck Panini back with the one of one written at the bottom.

Thanks again to my buddy Wes for sending this my way.

There are still more Rodney's to show off from my Christmas package from Wes and there may be some more 1/1 help in that group.

Thoughts on this card is welcomed in comments.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Trending This Week In My Hobby Week 1

Since I collect so much, there is always a main focus I have on a weekly basis. Sometimes these focuses go on for weeks and sometimes they are short lived.

Which is why I created the Trending This Week In My Hobby segment. This will keep you updated on what I am currently seeking the most and which things are falling out of my interest.

This week will kick off the first one, so there won't be any dying off trends yet. Let's see what I am currently seeking and what's hot in my collecting.

I consider the Top 5 the most sought after currently.
  1. Jasson Dominguez Cards
  2. 2022 Panini Instant NY Giants Cards
  3. Non Sport Cards
  4. NY Giants Cards
  5. 2023 Topps Aces
  6. 90's Inserts
  7. 1993-94 Stadium Club Beam Team
  8. 2022 Score Kenny Golladay Parallels
  9. Victor Cruz Cards
  10. 2021 Donruss Football Rookie Sweaters
And that does it for the first week. Jasson Dominguez cards being added was a big part of my week for my new player collection. I have also really been into adding celebratory Giants cards from the 2022 season since it was such a success.

I am certain some of these will move up and down before next week and maybe even off the list.

In comments today, tell me what is trending in your collecting and what you are seeking the most this week.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Topps Aces

This year's Topps came out hot with some great looking inserts. Something I haven't seen since the 90's. Well, besides the use of the 1988 inserts that I have no use for.

One of my favorite inserts from Series 1 was the All Aces inserts. I am not usually one to want pitcher cards, even from my own team, but these look great and so great that I want to chase the set.

I finally got my first one in hand this week when I did a Twitter trade with @matth3wbrigg5 who needed help for his Series 1 set and I had some for him.

With Cole being the only one down so far, here is what remains,

AA-1 Nolan Ryan - Texas Rangers
AA-2 Bob Gibson - St. Louis Cardinals
AA-3 Greg Maddux - Atlanta Braves
AA-4 Randy Johnson - Arizona Diamondbacks
AA-5 Pedro Martinez - Boston Red Sox
AA-6 Justin Verlander - Houston Astros
AA-7 Clayton Kershaw - Los Angeles Dodgers
AA-8 Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
AA-9 Gerrit Cole - New York Yankees
AA-10 Corbin Burnes - Milwaukee Brewers
AA-11 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels
AA-12 Shane McClanahan - Tampa Bay Rays
AA-13 Carlos Rodon - San Francisco Giants
AA-14 Sonny Gray - Minnesota Twins
AA-15 Shane Bieber - Cleveland Guardians
AA-16 Aaron Nola - Philadelphia Phillies
AA-17 Sandy Alcantara - Miami Marlins
AA-18 Joe Musgrove - San Diego Padres
AA-19 Alek Manoah - Toronto Blue Jays
AA-20 Max Fried - Atlanta Braves
AA-21 Stephen Strasburg - Washington Nationals
AA-22 Dylan Cease - Chicago White Sox
AA-23 Luis Castillo - Seattle Mariners
AA-24 Julio UrĂ­as - Los Angeles Dodgers
AA-25 Max Scherzer - New York Mets

I will update this as I go along but if any of you have any for pwe trade, hit me up please!

Thoughts on this insert set is welcomed in comments.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

It's All About The Money!

Since the Covid Pandemic, it feels like the hobby is basically all about the money. Flip this, buy this prospect, sell this, etc, etc, etc.

So, I think it only makes sense that a card company produce a card with money in it.

Decision Trading Cards is known for their unique political cards since 2016 , though I do believe there was a 90's release as well. The product includes autographs, gem cards, and more including cards with actual money in them.

Politics and Money...hmmm....

As soon as I saw the money cards, I thought how cool it would be to actually own one. I think Wes, JBF blog, must have been keeping track of my Want Lists.
Because a Russ Vought one from the 2020 Decision product arrived at my house at Christmas.  It's just as cool as I imagined it would be.

Back of the card tells you that the money used for the card contains actual shredded U.S. Currency from the Federal Reserve. Interesting.

The checklist for the Money Cards includes all forms of government officials from past and now and even a couple of celebrities. For my card, Vought was the former director for the Office Of Management and Budget from 2020-2021.

Thanks again to Wes for the card. I can now cross this off the want lists.

Thoughts on these Money Cards welcomed in comments.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Not A Hockey Card Collector, But....

Normally, when you think of hockey card collectors, you don't think of me.

But there are moments I have where I break down and buy some hockey and there is usually a good reasonable explanation behind it.

So when I saw the latest Metal Universe product release, I had to try some. Despite my wife giving me "the look" when I stuck a box of hockey cards at the register.
You know the one.

I still stuck with it despite it and opened up the $30 blaster box that came with 5 packs of 7 cards.

Nostalgia still is the driving force of my hobby.

The base card design is the typical metal look and I like that Upper Deck stuck with the basics.

Each pack that I opened came with a Blue Spectrum parallel. These typically fall 1:2 packs.

I am not complaining about getting one in every pack though. I really like the look of these.
When it comes to the nostalgia I mentioned above, It was brought with the 1:4 pack finds of the 1997-98 throwback inserts.

Amped Up insert falls 1:10 packs.

Skybox Premium Prospects fall 1:4 packs. I have no idea if this is a good player or not. 

I also pulled the Sapphire Parallel that falls 1:6 packs (once again not sure how good this player is).

And my final cool card of the box was Big Man On Ice. This was actually my first insert pull of the box and falls 1:8 packs. As a by-far-distant NY Rangers fan, I know this name.

There wasn't a lot of value in the break, but it certainly was a lot of fun and I would love to do it again if I can find the funds and try to avoid getting the look again.

Thoughts on my break welcomed in comments.