Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Only Wanted One, But Ended Up With Two

We all know that Crystal didn't play for the Yankees, but in 2008 he got to celebrate his 60th birthday in style by signing a minor league contract for the Yankees so he could get one at-bat with the team in a spring training game against the Pirates. This was something Derek Jeter suggested for the long time Yankee fan to do to celebrate the big day. Crystal chopped at one pitch but ended up striking out in the end. It was still a very memorable moment for him and is the first time I have ever heard of an experience for a celebrity like this to do.

To celebrate the moment, Tristar put out an Sp card of him in their 2008 Projections product. Crystal was card number 400 in the set.
I originally just wanted the one base card, which finally I landed for $2 after waiting patiently for a couple of years, but I also landed the parallel.

The graded Reflectives parallel of the card was had for less than $10. I couldn't let it go for that price to someone else especially when it looks even better than the base.

Now with two of the cards from the product, it really makes me want to get the autograph version to. Not that I can afford to, but maybe I will luck out some day and find a cheap copy if I am patient enough.

Thoughts on the card and your favorite Billy Crystal movie is welcomed in comments!

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  1. I love Billy Crystal, even if he is a Yankee fan! I guess I'd have to go with When Harry Met Sally..., with an honorable mention to The Princess Bride which is a truly great film but Crystal is only a small part of it. Loved him on Soap. My wife and I got to see his 700 Sundays show on Broadway and it was a fabulous experience. I knew he took an at-bat in spring training but didn't know anyone made a card of it.