Sunday, March 12, 2023

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 Select Black Die-Cut Autograph 1/1

Let's get to a new Rodney's Cardboard since the last one I posted was way back in January.

I also figured lets get to a biggie to draw your attention back.

I had two cards left for my 2020 Select autograph chase, both 1/1's. One was a base 1/1 and then there was a die-cut version 1/1. I wasn't ever sure they would pop up especially since the products are getting older and probably sitting in warehouses somewhere with my Rodney's inside of them.

Luckily one of them finally popped up, the die-cut version and my buddy Wes, who many know across the blogosphere as JBF sent me this one for Christmas with his bomb of a package.
For a 1/1, I would say it definitely does well with eye appeal.

Back of the card gives the usual lame duck Panini back with the one of one written at the bottom.

Thanks again to my buddy Wes for sending this my way.

There are still more Rodney's to show off from my Christmas package from Wes and there may be some more 1/1 help in that group.

Thoughts on this card is welcomed in comments.

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