Saturday, March 25, 2023

Trending This Week In My Hobby Week 3


Week 3 kicks us off with a lot of movement as some fell out of the Top 10 and others moved in. Let's check it out.

I consider the Top 5 the most sought after currently.
  1. 90's Inserts 
  2. NY Giants Cards 
  3. Non Sport Cards
  4. Set finishing ˄˄˄
  5. Eli Manning Cards ˄˄˄
  6. 1993-94 Stadium Club Beam Team
  7. Kerry Collins Cards ˄˄˄
  8. Allan Houston Cards ˄˄˄
  9. Michael Jordan Cards ˄˄˄
  10. Jasson Dominguez Cards↓↓↓
This week nostalgia and the NFL offseason is driving my hobby. And out of nowhere the GOAT of basketball is appearing on my list. I have added a couple of cards recently including a HUGE one of the legend. So if you have any cards from my list today and want to trade, especially PWE trade, just drop me an email at or comment below!

I am certain some of these will move up and down before next week and maybe even off the list.

In comments today, tell me what is trending in your collecting and what you are seeking the most this week.

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