Thursday, March 23, 2023

A Big Cup Of Giants

Isn't this such a cool mug? This came as a part of my gift at Christmas time from the legendary Wes formerly Area 61 and JBF blogger.

So far I haven't used the mug for it's actual purpose of holding my favorite coffee beverage but instead it has been displayed on my bookshelf with binders. I think it suits the shelf more.

While I am showing off this unique mug, I thought I would also show off my latest NY Giants card adds.

When news broke of the Daniel Jones long term deal, I knew I would be welcoming back my boy Saquon as well. I had to celebrate right? So I scored this relic card-color match for less than $5 of him

Then went on to snag this really cool looking card I hadn't seen before for under $2.

Solid deals for two great looking cards.

And speaking of good deals, when you can land a Top 5 pick autograph of a player who looks to be a dominating defensive player for $7 you take it.

I wished it had been in a Giants uniform but happy with what I got still. This is my second Kayvon autograph with both being in Oregon colors.

Thoughts on my mug and latest Giants adds welcomed in comments.

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